We are always open to accepting Guest Posts on any kind of topics that align with our website.

NOTE: ๐Ÿ‘‡

1. We don’t accept AI contents, we prefer human-written contents. If we find out that your article is written with AI, we are going to remove it from our website.

2. A Guest post submitted on our website should not be on your site or used for guest post on another website. Once we decover that, we’ll remove your post & link from our website.

Article Requirements

For your article to qualify for publication on our website, it must meet the following requirements. The article must be:

  1. Original/unique.
  2. Engaging.
  3. 0% plagiarism.
  4. SEO optimized.
  5. You must conduct keyword research and get a Keyword/topic that has at least 300 monthly search volume; and a higher ranking chance. Because the more traffic your content brings to us, the more benefit you get from your backlink.
  6. You must have a focus keyword for your topic.
  7. Content must be least 1000 words or above.
  8. Well-Proofread.
  9. Free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  10. Should be in Google Docs.

Note that we don’t accept Casino articles.

Method Of Submission

Once you are done writing your article, and you are sure everything is set right; send in your post in Google Docs, to our email at:
Once we receive your post, we are going to review it within 24 hours, and if it meets our standard; we are going to notify you informing you that your article is qualified to be published on our website.

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