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Top 25 Legit Online Business in Nigeria That Pays In 2022 & How To Start

There are countless number of online business in the internet today, of which it may be difficult sometimes to identify the legit ones that pay.

In this regard, we have decided to put this guide together, to always help you to identify legit online business that pays, to avoid falling a victim of scam.

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How To Add Money To PayPal Prepaid Card [3 Best Methods]

After you have ordered for a paypal prepaid card, the money in your paypal account does not automatically start working on your paypal prepaid card. Though you may have money in your paypal account, that doesn’t mean you can access the money with your paypal prepaid card.  For you to use your paypal prepaid card […]

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How To Withdraw Money From PayPal Without Bank Account [4 Sure Ways]

One of the problems that most PayPal users actually get is withdrawing money from PayPal accounts without using their bank account. This has led them to drawing certain alternatives, which in some cases, on the long run might lead to PayPal banning their account. And there also, leading to a bad reputation for their country. […]

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How To Add Money To PayPal With Prepaid Card

There are different ways on how to fund a Paypal account, this could be through a bank account, Paypal-to-Paypal transfer, and so on. But if you have a prepaid card, it is still possible to fund your Paypal account from the prepaid card. And in this article, we shall be showing you a simple guide […]

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How To Transfer Money From PayPal To The Bank

For you to get cash from your PayPal account, you would have to move the money to the bank account linked to it. However, I will be showing you a simple guide on how to transfer money from PayPal to the bank instantly. PayPal is one of the platforms that you can use to send […]

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How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Prepaid Debit Card

When you run out of cash on your prepaid debit card, you can easily fund it through direct deposit, paycheck, or any other similar means. But what if you already have money on your Paypal account which you would love to move directly to the prepaid debit card? Would paypal allow you to do that? […]

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