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Top 25 Legit Online Business in Nigeria That Pays In 2022 & How To Start

There may be a lot of different online businesses today that you might have heard; but who knows the ones that are genuine?🤷 Are all of them actually legit?

Yes, there are many online businesses that people would always introduce to you, but the truth is that most times some of the may turn out to be scam. some may waste your precious time and yielding nothing at the end, while some may even collect your hard-earned money and without yielding anything.

This is why you need to know the legit ones before venturing into the online business sphere, so that you won’t waste your precious time and resources. That is the major reason for putting up this post, to guide you towards the right path.

As one who has lived in the online space for long; I know the number of mistakes I made when I started my online journey, before I finally discovered the legit ways to make money online.  So, the essence of this article is to guide you well to know the legit and paying online business you can venture in Nigeria, so you won’t get scammed or waste you time and resources.

What Motivated Me To Write This Post?

Before I write any post, there are always some reasons and goals to achieve with the post; which is helping my audience get their problems solved. The major reason that motivated me to write this post is because of some complaints some Nigerians have been making about how they keep wasting their time and energy trying to earn money online, but at the end, no result. You can check below to see one of the complaints a Facebook user made on one of our Facebook group.👇

“I remember then when I was striving on how to make money online with PayPal in 2020, I was going through YouTube videos learning and implementing but unfortunately I’m making nothing despite the Hardwork, When I register on a site to make money, you’ll just see the money adding up in your dashboard but you can’t withdraw, I’ve gone through and registered many sites and I do as much as possible by implementing but Las Las I realized all those sites are scam and also the YouTubers are just misleading people on YouTube in the name of getting views. I don suffer for almost two years Shi shi I no get online my PayPal is always at zero.
And I know they’re still doing it up till now sometimes I just wonder how they’re getting all those scam websites from.😫 Na God go judge them for misleading people and wasting their time and resources surfing online.🤔

I After I saw this complaint, I remembered that I also went through the same hurdles before finally making my ways.

What Are Online Business?

You may actually know what online business is all about, but there may be someone who may not really know what online business means, even having read this post up to this point.

However, online business is any kind of digital business that you can do exclusively in the internet; this could be selling products, rendering service, and so on. Whether you have a physical office for the business or not, an online business is done exclusively in the internet, and may not require physical presence to proceed.

Can You Make A Living Online?

Well, the answer is Capital YES! You can make a living online. In fact, the online space is even the best place to succeed easily currently, considering the competitive nature of our society today.

As at the time of writing this article, the population of Nigeria according to Statista, is estimated at 216.7 million. This suggests the possible reason that almost every sector of offline business endeavours in Nigeria seems very fierce and highly competitive. Of course, everybody is striving to make a living. Tell me any offline business in Nigeria that is not competitive now? The offline business sphere really seems very saturated.

But the online space has remained a potential and untapped space that will never be saturated. Many people are leaving the offline space to focus on their online business. In fact, I know of a senior Nigerian lecturer in an University that quitted his lecturing job to focus on his online business. You can imagine that; lecturing job that some people may even be praying for. He quitted his lecturing job because his online business was paying him better, and would do greater if given more attention.

One thing about online business is that when you build it, it keeps generating money for you, whether you are sleeping or awake.

I’m very glad to say that if I sleep for a whole month without doing any work, my online business will still be printing money for me. It was very funny today when it started raining early in the morning; many people that have offline shops in the market were complaining that they won’t be able to make any income today, since they may not open their shops because of the rain. But I was just laughing, lying on my bed, enjoying the cool weather, while my online business still prints money for me. That’s the power of online business; whether it’s raining or not, whether you are around or not, anywhere you are at all; your online business will still be up and running.

Who Can Start Online Business?

There is no special requirements to qualify for online business in Nigeria.
In some endeavors, they would say that one have to be up to 18 years before they Qualify for the endeavour. But most online businesses discussed here are not like that.

Anyone can start these online businesses; whether a kid, teenager, youths, or even very old adults. There are many kids and teenagers today that have made unbelievable amount of wealth online. Example: according to Wikipedia, Sean Belnik started his online business around the age of 16 years, and had made over $24 million before the age of 20.

So, as long as the online business is legit; age won’t be a barrier, anyone can do it without any restriction.

Requirements For Starting An Online Business In Nigeria

What are the requirements for online business in Nigeria? What are those things you need to start making money online? Well, there are no much requirements than the following:

1. Smart Phone/Computer

Yes, with just your phone or computer, you are good to go; you can printing money directly to your bank account.

Some people usually think that one must have a computer before they can make money online, but that’s not true. You must not have a computer to start making money online; with just your smart phone, you are good to go. That’s one of the reasons for this post, to guide you on how to make money with your phone in Nigeria.

2. Internet Connection

Yes, now that you have gotten your smart  phone/computer, you may also need good internet connection. You need Data Bundle and a good network connection, so you would be able to access the internet.

3. Skills/Knowledge

Why I wasted a lot of time before I started making money online was because I never learnt any Skills as of then. I started making money online after I learnt some digital skills. For you to easily make money online in Nigeria, you must have valuable things to offer. Either products, service Etc….

In our online Money making slogan, we always say; “for you to Earn, you have to Learn!”

Just like in the offline world, you cannot just start making money easily without learning a skill or a particular knowledge. Even if if it’s not about skills, every business needs some knowledge to succeed in it. Majority of people doing unskilled labour (like wheel barrow Pushers) today are mostly those that didn’t learn any skills or knowledge.

So, for you to easily make money online in Nigeria, you have to look for some high income skills to learn. You can check out some high income skills you can learn HERE.

Top 25 Online Business That Pays In Nigeria

Do you really want to start off an online business? Are you tired of wasting your time online without earning a dime? No need to worry anymore, as your online saviour has come to wipe away your tears.

Here, I’m going to expose you to only legit, tested and trusted online business in Nigeria that you can Start off right away and smile tomorrow. No more wasting your time and Data online without making money.

  • NOTE: That you would have to go and learn the necessary skills/knowledge for any of these business so you can make money easier and faster. Also, don’t be a jack of all trade – master of none. Pick one or a few of these online business and focus on them. You can do better when you have a particular focus. You won’t make anything online if you are jumping from Piller to Post.

1. Blogging

If you have been searching for how to make now in Nigeria with your phone, then I would advice you go into blogging. Blogging will always make it in the list of online business that pay daily. It has always remained a highly profitable online business, right from ages. It may be shocking to you, hearing that some people earn over $5,000 monthly from blogging. You can imagine such a huge sum of money!

To Start blogging, all you have to do is get your domain name, and a good hosting; then you are good to go, as long as you are publishing rich contents. To Start your own blog, you can send a message to us on WhatsApp: 08166581804.

Many people have been reaching out to us for a guide on how to start a successful blog, in this, we have prepared a complete guide on how you can easily setup your blog and start making cool money, even without the help of anybody. You can check the guide HERE.

2. NFTs Business

NFT is a very nice business that pays without investment.

NFT simple means Non-fungible Tokens. It is a kind of online business in the cryptocurrency world, which involves selling digital assets like art work, pictures, music, videos, and so on. These are usually bought and sold online and can be minted as cryptos.

NFTs Business has being in place for a long time, since 2014, but it started trending very highly in Nigeria recently, because of a photographer that sold a picture of an old male drummer for over N1 million. Many people now understand the potentials in NFTs Business.

NFT business
(Photographer [Corps member serving in Ibadan] gifts old male drummer 50% of N1.2 million he sold drummer’s picture on NFT Market.)

You can check out this guide on how to start NFT Business in Nigeria.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is another online business that pays directly to your bank account. To start your journey in the crypto world, sacrifice at least 1 month and enroll for the course/training from a reliable mentor. Cryptocurrency Business is very legit/legal, and only pays those that have the knowledge required.

4. YouTube Business

Another online business that pays daily with free registration, is running a YouTube channel. To start a YouTube Business, you would have to define your niche, create your YouTube channel and start uploading your videos. You can check our this guide here on how to make money on YouTube.

Also check the video below to see how to create YouTube channel.👇

How to create YouTube channel

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another online business that pays directly to your bank account.  It involves purchasing inventory from third party and selling them online, even without having your own physical shop.  You can check out this guide on how to start dropshipping business in Nigeria.

Alternatively, there are some other similar businesses you can do in case you don’t want to go into dropshipping business. You can check out this article to see some of the dropshipping business alternatives.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s business, and getting your commission from any sale you make for the business. You can check out this guide on how to start a profitable affiliate marketing.

7. Content Writing

Another legit online business in Nigeria that you can try out, is content writing. This involves different kinds of writing, including Website content writing, blog content writing, copywriting, and so on.

To do well in this field, you really need to learn at least, some basis of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As a content writer, you can be writing for individuals, agencies, or even companies. There are really a lot of potentials in that field.

8. SEO Service

SEO has always being one of the most lucrative online business in Nigeria, and would always be making waves, as long as digital marketing exists. One thing about SEO is that it doesn’t cost must to learn, but the service costs very high. There are even many free courses and videos on SEO that you can pick up to learn, and start printing money, rendering the service.

9. Social Media Marketing

If you are the type that loves social media like Tiktok, Facebook, etc, and always active; then why not start social media marketing? It involves using the social media to market companies’ products or even your own products. If you have many active followers on social media, I think this online business idea would be great!

10. Selling Digital Products

Searching for how to make money online in Nigeria without paying a dime, then why not create some digital products and sell online. If you have good knowledge in any field, you can create a guide as course, eBook, videos, and so on; and start selling them online to people that need the knowledge.

11. Online Teaching

You may not have to spend anything to start teaching online, and making your money. There are many legit platforms where you can teach those courses you are good at, and make money online.

There are many sites for online tutoring job in Nigeria, where you can teach students online and make money. For example is one of best online tutoring job with massive number of students willing to pay for lecturers.

12. Online Coaching

Online coaching is another online business in Nigeria that you can try out. If you are have gained enough experience on any digital skills, you can organize online coaching classes where you charge participants some fee to teach them.

13. E-commerce Business

E-commerce Business involves buying and selling of goods in the internet; in which payment for the goods are also made online. One interesting thing about e-commerce Business is that you can operate it from anywhere, and customers can buy your goods from anywhere; and they get their orders shipped to their location or country. Most times, you may not really need to have your own personal products to run an e-commerce store.

14. Graphics Design

Graphics Design is another potential Skills you can use to earn money online in Nigeria. With Corel draw, Photoshop, or any other related software Skills, you can start designing nice graphics for clients online. You can sell your graphics design Skills on fiverr, Upwork, and so on.

15. App Development

This is one of the best digital Skills you can turn into a lucrative business; but it’s quite unfortunate that only a few people always want to learn it. If you learn this Skill very well and you are good in it; a single project you will handle online can pay you millions of Naira.

16. Social Media Management

If you are good in public relation or customer relationship, then you can start managing social media accounts of big business persons, celebrities, brands, entities, agencies, or even companies. All you have to do is get the knowledge of social media management, how to engage with the public. Then you can look out for those  individuals or brands that don’t have time to manage their social media handles; they are always looking for social media managers to handle their accounts.

17. Sell Social Media Pages

If you are good in building audience on social media, then why not start selling social media accounts? There are people that are always looking for active social media accounts that have much quality followers, to buy.

18. Website Design/Development

Website Design is another lucrative Skills you can turn into an online business in Nigeria. A single project you can handle here can pay you millions of Naira.

19. Become A Social Media Influencer

If you are good in engaging with the public on social media, then you can build your influence. If you have much Quality followers, you would be surprised at how much brands will always pay you to advertise on your page.

20. Publish on Amazon KDP

If you are a good writer, then you can turn your pen into a money making machine. You can start writing and publishing books on Amazon. This could be any kind of books: novel, educational, romance, and so on.

21. Sell Your Photos Online

Do you know you can sell pictures of your feet or legs online and make cool money? It is a very nice online business that pays without investment. Not only picture of your feet that you can sell, you can sell pictures of any part of your body or even your whole body online and make cool money. All you have to do is to look out for those online platforms that supports photo selling business. Some of them are: Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, Crestock and so on.

22. Domain Flipping

This is another smart online business you can run even without much Skills. It’s all about buying domain name of websites, keeping them, and selling them at higher prices.

23. Writing On Opera

Since the inception of Opera News Hub in 2019, the truth that the platform has put smile on the faces of many writers. It may sound very surprising to you that some writers earn up to N500, 000 writing on opera news hub.  You too can give it a trail; with just your smart phone, you can start making money online in Nigeria without paying money to start.

How to register on Opera News Hub

24. Writing On Scooper

I would say that Scooper News Hub is a brother to opera news hub. They are both news companies that pay writers to write for them. Depending on your level on Scooper, the platform pays between $0.6 to $1.6 for any article you Publish on the platform.

How to register on Scooper News Hub

25. Write On People’s Blogs

Yes, there is no doubt that blogging is very hard and stressful. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot run a blog.

However, if you don’t have the time or you don’t feel like running your personal Blog, then you can still make money writing for other people’s blogs. For you to succeed in this field, you would have to learn some basis of SEO.

How To Identify Online Business That Pays in Nigeria

Online Business That Pays in Nigeria
Online business

The presence of many fake online business in the internet today has really made it very difficult to identify online business in Nigeria that really pays. This may not really be a problem for online business that has being in existence for long, and has been proven beyond doubt to be a legit online business. But for a new online business, there is always need to verify its authenticity before going into it, to avoid being scammed of your money, time, and efforts.

On daily basis, countless number of online business keep coming up in the internet. There may not really be anything wrong trying out a new online business, since some of them may actually be a legit online business. But the problem has  always being on how to identify among them, the particular online business that pays; the ones that are not just there to scam people.

Having studied so many fake online business, we have been able to identify some common features that they always share in common. Hence, it is very sure that these features would really help to identify the legit online business that pays.

1. Their Promises

One of the best ways to know an online that pays, is the kind of promises it makes to the customers. A legit online business that pays would never make promises that are unrealistic.

Many fake online business in Nigeria today have always depended on these unrealistic promises to lure their victims. I know most of all these Ponzi schemes that would always promise customers to double or even triple their investment within few hours.

Despite that their promises are always palpably unrealistic, man people still fall in their traps, because they have failed to understand that a legit online business that pays would never make such unrelated promises.

2. Website

A legit online business that pays always have a standard and professional looking website, which you can easily figure out by mere looking at the website.

There are some important features in the website that can easily suggest that the website is professional.

3. SSL Certificate

SLL is an acronym for “Secure Sockets Layer.” If a website has this certificate, it means the website is protected, and the information of the website visitors is well protected and can not be revealed to to any server.

SSL is always represented with a padlock icon usually located at the top left hand side of your web browser whenever you visit any website.

If this padlock icon is green in colour, then it means that the website is protected. You can also click the padlock icon: if the website is protected, it would tell you that your connection is secure; but if the website is not protected, it would tell you that your connection is not secure.

4. Contents

Any online business that pays would always have high quality contents in their website; contents that are well educative, informative, and free from grammatical errors.

Unlike some fake online business in Nigeria, legit ones would never copy contents from other websites; rather they always make out their time to create quality consumable contents that are related to the products or services they offer.

5. Pop-ups

Legit online business that pays regulate the kind of adverts they run on their website. Whenever you visit the website of any online business in Nigeria and you start being distracted by many annoying and unnecessary pop-ups, then know that such many not be a legit online business.

Remember that some fake online business in Nigeria may still have a very professional website, so having a professional looking website may not really be a guarantee for knowing online business that pays in Nigeria, that’s why you need more analysis to be able to identify the real online business that pays.

6. Contact Information

Any legit online business in Nigeria would always have their contact details in their website. These could be their phone number, email, or even their physical address.

But a fake online business would never want to display their real contact details, and this is why you need to very the contact details before venturing into any online business in Nigeria, especially the new ones.

7. How They Make Income

A legit online business would always have a way through which they make their income to pay their customers.

Unlike those Ponzi schemes that rub Peter to pay Paul; real online business that pays can never rub Peter to pay Paul. They don’t depend on new member registration to generate income, they must have a genuine means through which they make their money.

If an online platform asks you to register with N10,000 and get N20,000 after 5 hours; why not ask yourself how would they generate the N20,000 to pay you.

When ever you get stuck to any new online business in Nigeria, the first thing you should do is to go to their “About” page and read how they operate. If you read and analyze this very well, then you would actually discern if it’s truly an online business that pays or not.

8. How You Will Earn

It may actually be true that online business has turned to be one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria, but it would really be wise to let you know that to make legit income online is not really easy as you may think.

I cannot contradict the fact that online business is really a lucrative business, but I still suggest that you should not allow this to deceive you; you Should not misunderstand what a lucrative business really means.

For you to earn online, there must be some tasks expected from you; there must be some efforts you would have to put in before unlocking your income.

It is only in online investments that you may not really need such efforts than your money, to earn online. But almost every other online business in Nigeria would always demand some works from you.

So, whenever you get stuck to a new online business, try to analyze the task you are required to do inorder to earn income. If they have started promising that you would earn millions without doing anything, then there may be some indications that it’s a scam.

9. People’s Review

Search online to see what others people are saying about that business; or you may even ask your friends around if they know anything about the online business.

Know that in most cases, some of these fake online business in Nigeria would pay some people to write a good review about them online. This is why you should not depend on a single review to make your judgement, you should get reviews from different people before make your judgement.

10. Your Mind

That an online business is still new does not mean that it’s fake. A new online business can still be a very legit one, and may even be better than some of the existing ones.

Most times an online business in Nigeria may be too new that few or no body has known anything about the business.

In this case, if you have studied this particular new online business and it’s still proving to be legit, then there is need to sleep over the issue.

Don’t be in hurry to jump into any new  online business that has not been verified. Go back and meditate over the business, I believe you would not be mislead if you allow your mind to speak to you concerning the business.

I remember in 2019 when Opera
News Hub was launched; then Opera News Hub was seriously looking for writers/freelancers and promised to pay writers monthly based on their articles.

Being a new online business in Nigeria, many people were skeptical whether t was a legit online business or not. They didn’t want to waste their time and energy writing for the platform, and not gaining anything at the end.

Some of our readers came to us to ask if opera news hub was legit, it was actually unfortunate that there was no review yet about the platform.

Then we kindly advised them to follow their mind, since there was no way to know if it’s actually an online business that pays or not.

They later decided to give it a trial, and fortunately, opera news hub later turned to be one of the best online business in Nigeria today.

So, this means that sometimes you may really need to try some new online business first before you could be able to know whether it pays or not.

But if you still don’t know any online business that pays in Nigeria, then I will still reveal some to you in the section below.

There are really countless number of legit online business that pays in Nigeria today, I just decided to list only 10 out of them because I had already written a very comprehensive article about these online business that pays, and how to get started.

The article covers over 25 different online business that you can do here in Nigeria, and be making your money even while at home.

So, if you are interested in starting any of them, then the article below has provided the best guide you need to start making your money from the online business.


online business has been known to be one of the most lucrative business in this digital age. There are several online business in Nigeria today; but the problem has always being on how to really identify the legit ones that pay, in order to avoid waste of time and resources.

Despite many fake online business in Nigeria today, I can still assure you that there are still some legit ones out there.

Many people are really making unbelievable amount of money online today, don’t allow the phobia of fake online business in Nigeria to scare you from always trying out some new online business you meet.

New online business are still coming up everyday; that they are new may not really mean that they are not legit. There may still be some legit ones among them.

All you would always have to do is to study and analyze any new online business you want to try before going into it; and we believe the guide provided in the article would really help you to identify any online business that pays.


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