Mysecondpayout re view Review: Is Mysecondpayout Legit Or Scam?

Over the last couple of years, it is not really a new thing that different online earning platforms have emerged with most of them claiming to be better and paying much more than the other. But is this really true?

Anyways, that is a story for another day. Welcome to my second payout review. I guess you are here to find out if the platform “my second payout” is actually a legit or it is just one of this real or fake earning platforms that are still sticking around. Well, you are in the right place because, in this article I will not only be revealing to you whether the platform “” is actually a scam, I will also be revealing key information that you need to know about my second payout. So, without wasting of time, let us begin.



Mysecondpayout re view

My second payout is an online platform that claims to pay its users for performing simple tasks on their platform. In other words, the platform, my second payout claims to pay its registered members to perform simple tasks online on their platform. This simple tasks may include answering questions on the website or playing games on the website.

How My Second Payout Works

Like several other earning platforms, you are required to sign up on the my second website in order to begin earning on the platform. On the my second payout registration section of this article, I have added a guide on how you can carry out your registration on the platform. In summary, the platform rewards users for performing tasks on their platform.


How To Make Money On

Just like I have stressed earlier, pays members to perform simple task on their platform. Although there a quite a number of simple tasks one can perform on this platform, below is the basic  way on how to make money on performing simple task:

1. Answering Survey Questions

Mysecondpayout allows users to make money on their platform by answering questions. According to a recent report, the average amount of time that it takes to complete a survey question on is actually two minutes. And for each set of questions on the platform, pays $2. That is, if you can answer 5 set of questions in about 30 minutes, you earn about $10. And the interesting thing is that a set of question lasts for about one minutes. Big cash right?

My Second Payout Registration/Sign up

Just like other platforms, you need to register on before earning from it.
Below are the steps involved in carrying out your registration or sign up:

  1. Visit the official My Second Payout website at
  2. Click on sign up (this can be found on the menu)
    An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Full name
    b) Username
    c) Email address
    d) Password
  3. Click on sign up

My Second Payout Login/Sign In

Like several other platforms and like the registration process, carrying out your login is a very simple process. Below are the steps involved:

  1. Visit the official my second payout website at
  2. Click on “sign in”
    An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  3. Click on “sign in”
    If the details you entered matches any My Second Payout account, you will be taken to the accounts dashboard.

My Second Payout Withdrawal

To carry out a successful withdrawal on the platform,, you must have reached the minimum withdrawal limit of $300 and have placed for your withdrawal.
Mysecondpayout Paymnt Methods

The following are the payment methods supported by

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. PayPal
  3. Western Union
  4. Cheque
  5. Money Gram

MySecondPayout Review

As you may have already guessed due to big, weird and ridiculous payment that the platform offers to users. The platform is fraudulent. The truth is, the payment is just too good to be real.
Who pays $2 for a one minutes question? The truth is, will actually ask you to pay some money to get your earnings into your accounts or they sell off your data to marketers, while at the same time, give you false hope that you are probably ton of cash somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Second Payout Legit?

No, is not a legit platform. False or fake platforms like have being around for quite a long time now and like you may have already guessed and like I stated earlier, gives you fake promises and then sell your data out to marketers

Is MySecondPayout Scam?

Big yes! My second payout is a scam. They are a very fraudulent platform. While the platform would not require money from you, the platform will certainly sell your information out.

Is My Second Payout paying

No, it is not paying. The ridiculous payment promise that they have is even to attract some persons who wants to earn more online.

Is There A Minimum As To How Much I Can Earn On My Second

No, there is no minimum as to how much you can earn on my second payout. However, you can withdraw a minimum of $300 and you can go ahead to make over $1000 if you want and if they platform will actually pay you.

Who Is The Owner Or Founder Of My Second Payout com?

No one knows the owner or founder of the platform, My second payout. This means that there is actually no visible person to be held responsible.


This is the end of review. As you may have already seen, the platform is a very cheap scam and I would advice you to stay away from it as I know that it will not pay and will only end up wasting your time and feed you with false hope. Anyway, you can still go ahead and try it out if you want to give it shot.

Anyway, which platform do you want me to review?

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  1. in my second payout I have a up to 500$ I don’t know how to withdraw, if I click a payment request submitted with not enter way. I want your help thank you

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