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Is Monibox Legit? Everything You Need To Know About

Is legit or scam? What should I know about before joining the platform?
Are those questions yours? You feel you should know some things about so as not to get scammed? Then do not worry. This article was made for you.

I believe a huge believer in making money online and I believe reading reviews, such as this review you are currently reading is crucial for you if you want to invest in any online platform.


You see, there have been a lot of news flying up and down, a lot of events going on which clearly justifies the fact that it is necessary to know about a platform such as before you decide to settle or invest your money in it.

Anyway, welcome to my review. In this article, I will be answering a lot of questions about platform. I mean questions such as; is monibox legit or scam?, what is and how does work? As well as how to carry out your registration or sign up and lot of others. So, without wasting of time, let us begin –

What Is

Monibox review is an online platform that allows registered users to earn money on their platform “without limit” by just completing simple task.

How Does Work? works just like every other earning platform whereby you must register on the platform before you can start earning from it.

Unlike most other platforms, does not pay users in points. Rather, it pays them in cash which they can easily withdraw without going through the whole process of going to redeem it.

Below is a quote from the official website on how the platform, works –
“Monibox was created as a community aimed at providing Nigerians a means to earn monthly income from the comfort of their homes, all you need is your smartphone and a one time registration fee of ₦3,000 to get started.”

How To Earn On

There are 5 ways to earn money on after your registration. Below are ways which users are allowed to make money on the investment platform:

1. Welcome Bonus

This is a bonus given to each new user after their registration or sign up has been completed. Just like similar platforms like fundmine, pays immediately after the sign up is completed and the users investment account is opened. The platform, pays N1500 as a welcome bonus for each user.

2. Daily Earning also allows user to make money on the platform through their daily visit. The platform affords each user with an opportunity to make money when they visit the platform. However, this is gotten only once and the earnings can not be collected more than once in 24 hours. The platform, pays N100 for daily earnings.

3. Sharing Of Sponsored Post

Another way to earn money on is through sharing of sponsored post. This involves the user sharing sponsored post from into their social media accounts

The platform pays N200 for each sponsored post that is shared from their platform by a user.

4. Referral Earnings

Just like most other platforms, allows users to make money on their platform by referring new persons. This involves the person using your referral code during their monibox registration. The person joins directly as your down line and rewards you for bringing the person to the platform. pays N2000 for every direct referral that you make on their platform.

5. Indirect Referral Earnings

Another way to earn money on is through indirect referral. In this case, the person does not register on Monibox through you, rather, they register on through someone that you referred. You are like a grandfather or mother of that person in the platform. Lol!
And pays N300 for indirect referrals. Sign Up/ How To Register On

Carrying out your sign up is important if you want to earn money from the platform. Basically, registration is quite simple and below are the steps involved in carrying out your sign up:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Click on “Get Started”
    A new page will open presenting you with an electronic form which you will have to enter your details in order for the platform to know who you are. The form will ask you to enter details such as –
    a) First name
    b) Last name
    c) Username
    d) Email address
    e) Phone number
    f) Password
    g) referral code
    h) coupon code
  3. Click on “sign up”

You can go ahead to verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your email. Sign In/ How To Login On

Just like the monibox sign up process, carrying out your login is actually a straight forward process.
Below are the steps involved in carrying out your sign in:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Click on “log in”. A new page will open presenting you with an electronic form which you will have to enter your details in order for the platform to know who you are. The form will ask you to enter details such as: (a) Username or email address. (b) Password
  1. Click on “Sign in” Withdrawal

How To Get Paid By
The platform, allows users to carry out their withdrawals at their very own convenience. platform allows users to make withdrawals into their local bank account. However, there are different withdrawal dates for earning activities.

Users are allowed to make withdrawals from their referral account, anytime they want.

As at the time of writing, there is no minimum amount needed to withdraw your monibox referral earnings.

However, unlike referral earnings, a minimum of N10,000 is needed to withdraw your non referral earnings and withdrawals are made once a month and monibox platform pays them directly into their bank account

Non referrals payment are made at the end of each month. Coupon Code

For, the coupon code is very important if you want to register on the platform. As a matter of fact, without purchasing your coupon code, you can not even sign up on

You can purchase the coupon code from a verified and a list of these vendours is made available at’s official website at
The cost of purchasing the monibox coupon code is N3000. Contact/Customer Support

You can contact by clicking “contact us” at the footer of their website. You will be shown a form which will also include a message box so you can type in your questions or anything and then send it to
Nevertheless, you can also email them at Top Earners has a list of top earners on the platform. This might help to serve as a payment proof for doubting persons. Review

As you can see, Monibox is a considerably new platform and we do not know how long it will stay or if is legit or a scam. The reason is that it is hard to judge new platforms. However, one thing is certain, the platform runs a similar operation to other mining platforms such as Goldmine.

Nevertheless, we promise to update you regarding any new development that will be relevant to this review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit Or Scam?

Just like I stated earlier, it is hard to provide an answer to a question like “is legit or scam”. The reason is that the platform is new.

Is Monibox Real Or Fake?

Currently, we do not know if is real or fake. However, we promise to update you if we happen to find any suspicious activity on the platform or any activity that will improve the platforms credibility.

Who Is The Founder Or Owner Of

Currently, no one knows who the founder or owner of is. This is not surprising as new platforms like do not reveal their owners or founder until there is a good reason to.

When Was Launched?

Although there is no clear date as to when was launched. However, my research pointed out to me that was launched somewhere between February and March, 2022.

Should I Join

Well, you can join if you have read through this review and you still like the platform.
However, I will advice that you do not place much hope in it as the platform might crash anytime. And also, do not stress yourself if you can not afford the registration fee as there are always lot of opportunities everyday.

How Is Customer Care?

Well, I have never used customer care before. So I do not really know if they are swift and available 24/7


Thank you for reading my review. As you can see, is a new platform and there is not enough information for us to conclude in this monibox review.
However, we believe that at the end of this article, you must have formed your opinion about
What do you think about the platform,

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