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Mercari Instant Pay: What It’s All About & How To Set It Up

Are you hearing about Mercari Instant Pay for the first time or you don’t know much about it? We are hear to guide you in this article; we are going to explain everything you need to know about Mercari Instant Pay, how to set up, how to use it to receive Payment, etc.

How Mercari Instant Pay Came About

Mercari has grown to be a very popular Market place for selling used or handmade items. It is one of the platforms that sellers find easy to list items; it is very easy to list and sell items on Mercari, compared to most other platforms.

However, one of the challenges that some sellers were facing, was delay in receiving payment. This means that they can easily sell items and accumulate earnings on Mercari, but when they request for payment through the traditional Automated Clearing House (ACH), their earnings usually take 3 to 4 business days to arrive. Meanwhile, it is always certain that sellers will receive their earnings whenever they request for payment, just that it may take few days to drop.

Though there may be nothing wrong in waiting for just 3 to 5 days to receive earnings, some sellers who may be in need of urgent cash to sort out urgent needs, were not too comfortable with the little delay in payment. They needed a way to access their earnings at a spot, anytime they are in need of cash. 

Such sellers never hesitated, they kept sending in their complaints to Mercari, explaining how dissatisfied they are with the few days delay in receiving their earnings. Mercari being so considerate about their customers, took note of the sellers complaints and devised a new means to solve their problem. That was what lead to developing the Mercari Instant Pay.

What Is Mercari Instant Pay?

Mercari Instant Pay

I know the story above, about how Mercari Instant Pay came about, must have given you insight about what the service is all about. But let’s still throw more light.

Mercari Instant Pay is a service developed by Mercari, which let’s Mercari sellers to receive their earnings instantly, within 30 minutes or less. It means with the Mercari Instant Pay, sellers no more have to wait for days before getting their payments. In a nut shell, Mercari Instant Pay is a service launched by Mercari to help sellers to sell and get paid instantly.

However, sellers would always have the option to select between the instant pay and the old traditional direct deposit, anytime they are applying for withdrawal. So sellers will receive instant payment of their earnings only if they select the “instant payment” option while making their withdrawal request. 

Mercari Instant Pay

Also, sellers would have to set up Mercari Instant pay, before they can use it. Don’t worry, we are going to show you how to set up Mercari Instant Pay, later in this post.

When Was Mercari Instant Pay Launched?

Mercari Instant Pay was launched in August 2019, in collaboration with Visa Direct and their payments provider. And Since then, many sellers have reported success in the use of the service. Sellers who want to access their earnings instantly, no more have any problem doing that.

Requirements To Set Up Mercari Instant Pay

Mercari Instant Pay is not a strict service, and as such has just few requirements to set up.

  • Mercari mobile app.
  • You must have a Mercari account.
  • You should be a seller on Mercari.
  • Means of Identification (Any Government-issued I.D Card). This is always required during the set up.
  • Debit card.

How To Set Up Mercari Instant Pay

Now that you have known few things required to set Mercari Instant Pay, let’s now know how to set it up.

  • Open your Mercari mobile app (Instant Pay currently available only on Mercari mobile app).
  • Login to your Mercari seller account.
  • Click on your Mercari profile to go to your profile page.
  • Click on balance.
  • Click on transfer. This will show you two transfer options: Direct Deposit (old way) and Instant Pay.
  • Select Instant Pay.
  • Complete any other process that may be requested from you.
  • Upload your I.D Card (this could be: Passport, Driver License or any other supported Identity Card). You must verify your I.D before you can use Mercari Instant Pay.
  • Take a selfie/photo of yourself, showing your face very clearly.
  • Click on submit once you are done with everything.

Mercari will now review and verify your identity if you are qualified. 

It usually takes Mercari about 48 hours or less, to review and verify I.D for Instant Pay set up.

How Do You Get Paid Instantly On Mercari?

The only way to get paid instantly on Mercari, is through the Mercari Instant Pay. If you want to withdraw your earnings and get paid instantly, then you would have to set up and use the instant pay option while applying for withdrawal.

Cashing out your earnings on Mercari through the Mercari instant pay is simple, almost the same process as what we have described earlier. Just follow the guide below: 👇

  • Open your Mercari mobile app.
  • Login to your Mercari seller account.
  • Click on your Mercari profile to go to your profile page.
  • Click on balance.
  • Click on transfer. This will show you two transfer options: Direct Deposit (old way) and Instant Pay.
  • Select Instant Pay.
  • Complete any other process that may be requested from you.

How Long Does It Take For Mercari Money To Transfer?

It takes just 30 minutes or less, for Mercari money to transfer through the instant pay. But may take up to 3 to 4 days to tranfer through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit.

How Long Does It Take To Unlock Instant Pay On Mercari?

It takes about 24 to 48 hours or less, to unlock instant pay on Mercari. Once you have submitted your I.D for Verification, it usually takes Mercari about 48 hours or less to review and verify your identity, if everything is right. Once your identity is verified, you can now start using the Mercari Instant Pay.

What Is Mercari I.D Check?

Mercari I.D check is the process of Mercari, reviewing and verifying the identity of sellers, both for the purpose of using Instant Pay and also to assign a level of trust to sellers, so that buyers can feel safe to transact with sellers.

Once your I.D has been verified as a seller, Mercari will place an icon next to your name indicating that you are verified. When buyers see this icon of verification on a seller, they feel safe sealing any deal with the seller.

Mercari Instant Pay Withdrawal Threshold

The minimum amount you can withdraw on Mercari Instant Pay at a go is about $5 or above. However, the maximum amount you can withdraw in a month on Mercari Instant Pay, is $500. That’s $500 per month; once you have withdrawn up to $500 through Mercari Instant Pay, you would have to wait till the next month before you can make another withdrawal.

Mercari Instant Pay Withdrawal Fee

Mercari Instant pay charges a processing fee of $2, for every withdrawal you make through instant pay. 

Cashing $100 and Cashing $10 on Mercari Instant Pay, go at the same fee of $2. So it may be nice you cash higher amount so you spend less on withdrawal fee, since the fee is at flat rate.


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