Kw-quiz Review Review: Is kw-quiz Legit Or Scam?

Reading a review before opting to devout time to any online earning platform is a very great decision. At least, it saves you the stress and time where you would have worked on that platform only to realize that it is scam and all your energy has gone. And in the worst case, you got scammed too.

So, in that same vein, I will be reviewing a platform known as . In this article, I will not only be sharing if is a scam or not. I will be sharing every information that I know and have gathered about, in order to help you decide if the platform is actually worth your time. So, without wasting of time, let us see some key things about .


What Is is an online earning platform that claims to pay its members for performing simple tasks on their website. Although this will be addressed later, it is important to note that the platform, is a platform that pays users to answer quizzes. The platform also operates an ads system where users also get paid for clicking ads.

How Works

Like several other platforms, let’s users carry out their registration before paying them.
The guide to carrying out your registration is discussed later in this article.


How To Earn On

Although this will be addressed later, the platform, pays their users for referrals on gold coins.
Below are the various ways to earn money on

1. Answering Quiz claims to allow users to make money on their platform by answering questions. According to recent reports, the average amount of time that it takes to complete a survey question on is actually two minutes. And for each set of questions on the platform, pays $2. That is, if you can answer 5 set of questions in about 30 minutes, you earn about $10. And the interesting thing is that a set of question lasts for about one minute. The money made here is not exactly through answering the questions rather, through the ads clicked on the website while answering the quiz questions.

2. Referrals

Just like every other platform, allows users to make money through referrals. However, unlike answering questions, pays gold coins for every referral made. The platform pays 4,000 gold coins which can be redeemed during the withdrawal and also a constant 40% commission of every earnings that their referral makes on the platform. Registration/Sign Up

Signing up on is a very simple process. Just like I had stated earlier, you need to carry out your sign up before you can make money on the platform. Below is a guide to help you carry out your registration:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Click on “sign up”
    An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Full name
    b) Username
    c) Email address
    d) Password
  3. Click on “sign up” Login/Sign In

Just like the registration, the login is a very simple process. Below are the steps involved in carrying out your account sign in:

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Click on “sign in”
    An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  3. Click on “login”.

The login details you submitted must match a registered account or else you will not be logged in. Withdrawal

All users are allowed to carryout their withdrawals, all withdrawals are made from the system within one hour during working period or 3 to four hours during the non-working period or hours.
Users can convert their gold coins into cash. Payment Method

The platform, supports quite a number of payment methods and which of course, their registered users can opt to use any of them to carry out their withdrawal.
Below are the various payment method:

  1. Western union
  2. PayPal
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Bank transfer Review

Kw-quiz Review

Like I had stated earlier, is a considerably new platform which was only founded in 2021. The truth is, it is always hard to gather people’s opinion to make a review, and in this case, the review for new platforms.

The platform has to be used for a long time and it must be popular before people can hold a valid opinion of it.
However, that will not stop me from sharing my opinion of

From my experience, the platform, is likely to be a scam. This is even obvious in its domain name as most scam platforms have that domain. Although this is not a very solid fact, as I have seen several platforms still come out as true despite the “.xyz” domain.

Besides that, I am yet to see someone that has shown a payments proof of . And this may be because the platform does not pay. In most cases, this type of platforms make money from their sells of users data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit Or Scam?

Like I states earlier, I can not really say if is not legit and therefore a scam. This is because they are quite young. But from my experience, is a scam .

Who Is The Owner Or Founder Of

It is quite unfortunate that there is no record about who owns . This is not quite surprising as most new platforms usually share this trait. Anyway, we promise to update you when the earning platform, decides to reveal their owner or founder.

Does Support All Countries

Yes, anyone from anywhere in the world can sign up on because it supports all countries.

When Was Launched?

The platform, was launched on the 9th of November, 2021.

Where Can I Share My Referral Link?

There are a lot of places that you could share your referral links; it could be your blog, social media handles, and so on.

Does Pay For Referrals?

Yes, of course pays for referrals. Like I said, they claim to pay 4000 gold coins for every referral.


As you can see, the platform, is a new platform and it is quite hard to come up with a clear review that clearly spells out if is legit or not. However, I hope that I have been able to address every key question you might have had about . Let me know what you think about

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