How to create avatar on picrew icon maker

Picrew Icon Maker: How To Create Cartoon Avatar On (Video)

Do you want to learn how to use picrew icon maker effectively? Do you want to learn how to use picrew icon maker to create very nice cartoon avatar without any stress? Then you are in the right place, as I’m going to guide you properly in this article.

What Is The Picrew App?

Picrew icon maker is a platform or website that was developed for the sole purpose of making Cartoon Avatar. So if you have been asking How do I create an icon online? then picrew is there for you.

Aesthetic Picrew icon maker was developed in 2017 by two staff of a popular Japanese company, TetraChroma Inc; but was officially released in 2018.

Within the few years in market, Picrew icon maker has become so popular that it’s now one of the most recognized places for making Cartoons, especially for social media wizards.

I could remember during the picrew challenge, when picrew icon maker trended on Tiktok in 2021. Then, tiktok users were using picrew icon maker to make funny cartoon of their friends. This probably brought picrew maker to more limelight, and made it more popular than it was.


On picrew icon maker, you can make very beautiful and funny cartoon avatar of any kind; and customize your Cartoons anyway you want it to be. But the problem is that most people don’t know how to use the picrew icon maker to get the best out of it. And that is the purpose of this post; to guide you very well on how to use to create any avatar of your choice.

How To Use Picrew To Create Cartoon Avatar

It is always a fun using Aesthetic Picrew icon maker; seeing your imagination turn a reality.

In this section, I’m going to show you how you can use this picrew to create your own avatar without any stress.

How to create avatar on picrew icon maker
Picrew Avatar

A video guide is also included; so, you can either read the theoretical guide or you watch the video guide.

To use the Picrew icon maker, follow the guide below:

  1. Visit the picrew website at
  2. Once you load the website, you will see that the language is in Japanese, but it also has option for English translation. Note for you to be able to see the option to translate to English, you must have to add google translate to your chrome or computer.
  3. To translate to English, just click on “English” at the down right corner of the website.
  4. Now that you have opened the picrew website, you can select any of the already made icons and edit them to your taste.
  5. You can even search for anything you want to create. For example: you can search for Picrew icon maker chibi; picrew icon maker two persons; picrew icon maker boy; picrew icon maker girl; picrew girl maker full body; etc… Your search is going to bring related icons for you to edit.

Note that it is not only human cartoons that you can create on picrew; you can also create cartoons of objects like table, house, and so on.

  1. Select the icon you want to edit
  2. Use the available picrew customizing tools to edit your avatar.
  3. After the whole work, click on “completed”. Once this is done, your work is now ready for download.
  4. Download your icon. You can right-click or click and hold the icon to download it.

On picrew, there is also an option for users to contribute their own avatar maker illustrations through a picrew creator; but you would be required to create a picrew creator’s account, either using your email or your social media account.

So if you have been asking How do I make a Picrew of myself? I believe you have been clarified.

You can watch the video below 👇

What Can I Use The Picrew Cartoons For?

The picrew cartoons are artistical works, and as such can be used for artistical reasons. You may decide to use it for your social media profile picture, to catch fun with your friends, or for any reason at all. You can even use the picrew icon maker to test your creativity and improve in your designing skills.

However, the policy of Picrew icon maker is that you should not use their icon for any commercial purpose.

Can I Use Picrew as A PFP?

Yes, you can use picrew avatar as a profile picture (PFP) on any social media handle. However, Picrew policy said you should not use their avatar for any commercial purpose.

Is Picrew Copyright Free?

No, picrew icon maker is not copyright free. The picrew policy said you should not use their avatar for any commercial purpose.

How Do I Translate Picrew To English?

One challenge to non Japanese origins is that the picrew icon maker is programed in Japanese language. But it is still possible to Translate to English.

The picrew website has option to translate to English. Just open the picrew website and click on “English” at the down right corner of the website.

I believe by now, you can create a nice and funny Cartoon Avatar on Please do well to share your cartoon designs on the comment section below.🙏

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