How to make money with Wakanda Inu

How To Make Money With Wakanda Inu In 2022

Hey, are you a lover of cryptocurrency and you are looking for the best coin to make money? In this article, I’m going to be guiding you on how to make money with Wakanda Inu without any stress.

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While you might not need to have so much knowledge on cryptocurrencies and how the blockchain works to own a Wakanda Inu, you still need to understand some things before you would be able to make money with the Wakanda Inu token.

What Is Wakanda Inu?

I know know that some people have not heard or understood what Wakanda Inu is all about. So if you have been asking, “what is Wakanda Inu?” “how does Wakanda Inu work?” This article would clarity you.

Wakanda Inu is a meme project forged from the deep and warm consciousness of humanity. The current surge or bull run in the price of cryptocurrencies is probably one of the most exciting and entertaining in the blockchain market in recent times.

The rise of meme coins such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu token and the Wakanda Inu have been on a bull run. Wakanda Inu coin is Africas first and only meme coin at the moment. It seems likely that others might follow in that footsteps in the next few years.

Meme coins are usually very related to memes. These are anything that includes funny videos, pictures or text that may be from a social media standpoint.

What this means is that, meme coins are cryptocurrencies that are usually inspired by jokes, social media trends as well as moment.

The values of the token are; transparency, charity, unity and community. According to it white papers, “it is a decentralized meme token to drive growth in the industry, decentralized financed oriented activities across the world”. It also promised that Wakanda Inu will outperform every other meme token that is out there.

Wakanda Inu Symbol

Known for it unique symbol, the Wakanda Inu symbol depicts that of a dog. The symbol has a dog with a black face and with yellow and white close to it nose region. The dog is engulfed in a yellow circular background.

As earlier stated, the Wakanda Inu symbol depict an African dog basking in the glory of the Ubuntu spirit. The African dog is known as a black panther. It is known for its high energy, great stamina, incredible hearing ability, dominance and a super vision.

These are characteristics that seem to capture the essence of what it means to be successful.

The Wakanda Inu coin is abbreviated as WKD. It is probably a depiction of the black panther movie.

Wakanda Inu Symbol

Wakanda Inu Website

Though this article will provide you with every necessary information you may need about Wakanda Inu, you can still access their website at:

How Does Wakanda Inu Work

It works just like every other meme coin and shitcoins. The Wakanda Inu meme token operates on the Binance smartchain. But what distinguishes the Wakanda Inu from the rest is its values as well as the fact that it is one of the first African token.

You can use Wakanda Inu to pay for services rendered towards you as well as services you render to your clients, so far your client accepts. This is done through a process called P2P also known as peer to peer.
The Wakanda Inu coin is a really advantaged coin as it has already been listed on the Pancakeswap, Coinmarketcap, Coinbase price tracker.

The digital token gained prominence recently and it had already moved 63% up. And this might be a good opportunity for people who usually “hodl” cryptocurrencies. Hodl means “hold”. It is just a terminology in the Cryptocurrency world.

Wakanda Inu Price Today

In the world of today, cryptocurrencies has gone from being just mere coins and tokens to serve as a profitable business. The Wakanda Inu Price in naira today is N0.00009091. It is currently trading at $0.0000002354 as at the time of writing this article, though I would always update this article anytime there is price change.

It has also had a 65% growth in less than a month since it was launched. The digital token, Wakanda Inu also has a market cap of $21,182,183.04 and a fully diluted market cap at $235, 357, 589.36 according to Wakanda Inu coinmarketcap website.

Prediction is set to be massive with about $10,000,000 not yet produced by the Wakanda Inu mining process. It will be more safer and better to talk about the Wakanda Inu price prediction from two stand points; the lowest Wakanda Inu price prediction and the highest Wakanda Inu price prediction.

The predictions are all rated in dollar ($) and it might happen that our expectations may not be reached. After all, it is just a prediction and there’s not much surety it is going to unfold the way we want.

The lowest Wakanda Inu price prediction is $0.0000014811 and the highest Wakanda Inu price prediction is $0.0000018126.

Wakanda Inu Presale

As an African born project, digital meme token, Wakanda Inu had managed to raise over 2000 BNB (approximately $1.2 million) just 24 hours after it went viral. Originally listed for sale on Pancakeswap, the largest exchange on the Binance smart chain (BSC). But sadly, the Wakanda Inu had ended some time ago along with its benefit.

However, during the Wakanda Inu presale, if you had invested 0.1 to 1 BNB on the digital token, you would have had a 20X profit in less than 3 month and would be probably on a vacation to Dubai or hanging out depending on the capital you would have invested.

How To Buy Wakanda Inu

Some cryptocurrencies make massive movement that are easily observable and some might also disturb the balance of the others just like Bitcoin. Some cryptocurrencies grew from being less than a dollar to being $600 in less than two weeks as the token company made away with the investors money.

This crypto was the squid game, and the media failed to let the public if it was named after the popular Netflix show, squid game. Although that seems to be the case since it was a meme coin.

Due to the squid game scam, you should be careful on what and how you invest. However, it is important there’s no way on how to get Wakanda Inu without buying them.

Some airdrops may rise but most of them are usually fake and you might usually get scammed on the long run.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Wakanda Inu

There are few factors one should consider before buying Wakanda Inu coin in Nigeria and here is a few of them:

  • Wakanda Inu coinmarketcap
  • Wakanda Inu price
  • Wakanda Inu price predictions

However, most of these have been addressed in the other section.

Where To Buy Wakanda Inu

You can buy Wakanda Inu on trust wallet and on Roqqu. However, many Binance hodlers prefer buying the Wakanda Inu on Binance. You can also get the token through the Wakanda Inu mining. This might be a tedious and time consuming task.

How To Buy Wakanda Inu On Roqqu, Binace

To buy your Wakanda Inu on Binance or roqqu, you will need to create an account with them. As well as have the account verified.

Below is a list of things that will be needed to open an account on Binance:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Password

You will be asked to verify using either your Bank verification number (BVN) or any government issued ID for proof of identity. A utility bill or an account statement is also needed to serve as a proof of residence.

How To Buy Wakanda Inu On Trust Wallet

The instructions on the previous section may not be necessary when you want to get Wakanda Inu on trust wallet. Here, you will only be given some set of words in an order which will serve as your code or password for the next time you log in the app.

How To Make Money With Wakanda Inu

I know you may have been so curious to know how to make money on Wakanda Inu. Just as stated earlier, there are easy and stress-free ways to make money with Wakanda Inu, and these may include:

  • Hodling Wakanda Inu
  • Charging Wakanda Inu for a service.

The most popular way of making money on cryptocurrency is hodling, and making money with Wakanda Inu is no exception to this.

Wakanda Inu Review

Since the emergence of Wakanda Inu, there have been some very good reviews on the token and combined with the fact that it has a really solid team behind it.

More people are beginning to queue into the Wakanda Inu, and most of them have revealed relevant information on how to make money with Wakanda Inu.

In summary, there is no negative review yet concerning Wakanda Inu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wakanda Inu Scam?

This is a complex question. Firstly, most tokens usually turn out to be scams on the long run. This is probably because just anyone can make them including con men and hackers.

Tokens rely on another blockchain and are very different from coins.

Is Wakanda Inu legit?

Well, it probably is. The truth is, at the moment no one can answer with certainty, questions like; “Is Wakanda Inu scam” or ” Is Wakanda Inu legit” because they are still new and have not had any flaws yet.

However, it was reported that there’s a holder of the token that currently holds 4% of it and that should be a cause for alarm or concern. But apart from that, the token is good

Is Wakanda Inu A Good Investment?

Yes, it is. I have met a few crypto enthusiasts who have pledged to hold the coin for a long term. That would be a very long time but is still real and might show how good for an investment the meme token is.

Investing is the only way on how to make money with Wakanda Inu.


We recommend that you should do your check or study before investing on any thing in the financial market and thus includes the Wakanda Inu.
This articles merely aimed at providing you with information’s concerning Wakanda Inu and guiding you on how to make money with Wakanda Inu.


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