How to make money on zapsurveys
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4 Easiest Ways To Make Money On

Making money online has become something very important as it is the easiest way to be self-employed. One of the ways to earn money easily online is taking surveys on Zapsurveys for cashbacks with a threshold of $25.

What is Zap survey?

How to make money on zapsurveys

Zap Survey is a limited liability company based in Georgia. They pay users for installing the app, registering, and using it for surveys. They assure their users of privacy, which means that all the information you provide would be kept private and not released to anyone. This keeps users safe from hackers and thieves.

How To Get Money From Zap Survey

On Zap surveys, a 40% cash back is added to your Zap surveys account balance for every item you purchase.

How to make money on zapsurveys

There is a threshold of $25 in your account, and once you hit the threshold, you can make withdrawals using Paypal, Amazon eGift Card, Visa eGift Card and other gift card platforms. You can earn through this method multiple times.

How To Earn Gift Cards On Zap Survey

Earning Gift cards on Zap survey is just the same as earning money. The difference is that you are using the gift card method to withdraw your money. The gift cards can be redeemed in Nigeria and you will get your money.

How Does Zap Survey Pay?

There is an earning meter on your dashboard that always displays how much is left before you reach your threshold. When you click your threshold, you can cash out with various payment options available.

How Does Zap Surveys Work? is a company that gets paid by companies for reviews. Many companies want to know what users think about them while some want to know your opinions about certain things.

4 Easiest Ways To Earn On Zap Survey

There may be many ways people earn on, but I’m going to show you 4 easiest ways you can earn from the platform even if you are a newbie:

  • Paid Surveys
  • Referrals
  • Shopping
  • Scanning

Paid Surveys

Surveys are of different types on Zap Surveys, and the rewards for each task vary too. On, the kind of surveys that you get depends on your location. Rewards for surveys vary between $0.30 and $100. 

How to make money on zapsurveys

2. Referrals

You earn cash reward of $0.45 for every successful downline you refer to (A downline is someone you referred to a platform). Your downline will also receive $0.75 in their wallet. 

3. Earn Cash Back when You Shop

For every item you shop for, you earn a %40 cashback which is added to your wallet balance immediately.

4. Earn Cash When You Scan

You can make cool money on by scanning receipts and items for brands that are promoted by Zap survey and earn in dollars.

Types of Surveys On Zap Surveys 

Logging on to your zap survey dashboard will display the available survey tasks you can select from. The surveys are grouped into three categories, three companies precisely:

  • Surveys From Inbrain company.
  • Surveys from Peanutlab company
  • Surveys from Research Tab company

You can choose from the 3 groups and the range of survey tasks available in order to reach your $25 withdrawal threshold.

How does Zap Surveys Collect Information?

When registering on Zap Survey, your details will be required, and that is just the beginning of data collection. On surveys, your nationality, your opinions about many things, and several other data types will be required.

Examples of data you may be required to provide are Age, postal address, email address, telephone number, nationality and so on. Any means through which people can contact you may also be required but all these will be kept private and not shared to the public, to keep all users safe.

Note: Zap Survey doesn`t allow any user who is less than 18 to participate in the survey tasks.

How To Join Zap Surveys 

For Nigerians, there is a bit of problem here. The Zap Survey platform is not designed for Nigerians and some other African countries.

For Americans and all European countries, it is pretty easy signing up on Zap Survey.

I will start from the procedure to sign up as a foreigner before I explain how to register as a Nigerian. 

How To Register On Zap Surveys As A Non-African

Registering on as a Non-African, here is the procedure:

  • The first thing to do is to download Zap survey app. You can check their website for the link to download the app. The Zap Survey app works on both Android and IOS systems.
  • After downloading the app, open it and click on register. Fill in your details and register. Your first survey will earn you $6.25.

How to Register on Zap Surveys In Nigeria

The trick to register an account and earn on Zap survey as a Nigerian is by using VPN (Virtual Private Network). Here is the procedure:

  • Start by downloading any available VPN. Some working VPN apps like Windscribe VPN, Nord VPN, and IPVanish are some of the popular ones available.
  • Open the VPN and connect.
  • Change your address to USA.
  • Download the Zap survey app. You may use the zap surveys website to get the link to download the app. The Zap Survey app works on both Android and IOS systems.
  • After downloading the app, open it and click on register.
  • Fill in your details and register.

Your will earn $6.25 from your first survey.

Anytime you want to open the app, make sure to be connected to your VPN and the location should be set to USA as you did during registration.

How To Withdraw On Zap Surveys 

Withdrawing your money on zap surveys takes an easy process and does not encounter failures, unlike online scams that would claim a withdrawal failure. Once you reach the threshold of $25, you can withdraw your money via paypal or egift card platforms.

You can get your payment through twelve payment methods. If you don`t have a working paypal account, you can get the giftcards and redeem them here in Nigeria. 

What Is The Best Survey To Earn On Zap Surveys?

The best company to take surveys for is INBrain Company especially as a Nigerian. This is because others won`t work for you.

For every amount of money you earn, Zap Survey donates a little percent of it.


The key to earning on Zap Survey is consistency. You can use this as a kind of side hustle to make money as a Nigerian or non-Nigerian.


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