How to make money on wpp91

2 Easiest Ways To Make Money On

Everyday, new platforms are introduced to Nigerians. Wpp91 is one of such platforms. Being introduced for the sole purpose of helping Nigerians earn money online. This article is meant to give you the best guide on how to make money on wpp91 without any stress.

What Is WPP91? is one of the latest platforms to make money online in Nigeria. According to them, they pay their users or members for helping online shoppers get sales. Online shoppers are people who purchase goods directly from the seller over the internet without getting it from an intermediary. The platform WPP91, refers to it as completing orders. And your pay for each order is actually based on the WPP91 plan or package you subscribed for.

How Does WPP91 Work?

The platform, has been receiving criticism by people based on how it works. Still, the platform has been working for a while now. Basically, this is how wpp91 works; they get you to register a free account, that is, there is no charges. After registering, you would have to upgrade your account by selecting and choosing from any of their Wpp91 packages and plans which you will actually pay for. You will be able to earn money on only if you upgrade your account .

How to make money on wpp91
Wpp91 tasks

Currently, their VIP level ends at VIP 6 where they give users a maximum of 300 orders to be carried out, meanwhile you will be paid N200 for each order you carry out. However, this will be explained in depth under the “Wpp91 plan or package” section. You can use the Wpp91 app to register or carry out your login without even visiting the website.

Wpp91 Plan or Package

The platform, investment has about 6 VIP sections. It ranges from VIP 1 to VIP 6. However, according to the latest update on wpp91 website, the investment platform, WPP91 will make VIP level 7 and VIP level 9 available as time goes on. So, each of the VIP package has its own investment amount. However, that is not the topic of our discussion. The company, WPp91 has not made that public yet.
Below are the various WPp91 plans available:

1. VIP 1

N100 per order
Daily task is ten

2. VIP 2

N100 per order
Daily task is twenty

3. VIP 3

N125 per order
Daily task is forty

4. VIP 4

N150 per order
Daily task is one hundred

5. VIP 5

N200 per order
Daily task is one hundred and fifty

6. VIP 6

N300 per order
Daily task is two hundred

How to make money on wpp91
wpp91 packages

How To Make Money On Wpp91

There are basically two ways to make money on Wpp91. There are:

1. Wpp91 referral

Wpp91 investment, like other platforms has a referral program. This means that you get a certain commission when you refer someone to the platform and the person gets any of that Wpp91 packages. You will actually get a bonus by the platform. However, it is necessary that the person registers on Wpp91 using your referral link or else the platform will have no evidence that the person was actually referred by you.

2. Wpp91 Daily Task

There is so much known about the Wpp91 referral. However, in this section, I will be discussing the Wpp91 daily activities. rewards you based on what you laboured for. That is the number of tasks you were able to carry out or the number of orders you were able to fill. Just as seen, the minimum wpp91 pays for an order is N100 for each order and that is the VIP 1. While the maximum is N300 for VIP 6. All this can be carried out on the Wpp91 app or wpp91 website.

How To Register on Wpp91

While there is no stress in carrying out your Wpp91 register, below are the key things you will be required to complete your Wpp91 registration.

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Enter your details such as: (a) full name, (b) email address, (c) phone number, (d) username, (e) password.

After filling the online form, you can send the data to the Wpp91 server by clicking the sign up button. An one time password (OTP) will be sent to your email or phone number which will be asked before you can move on the the Wpp91 login.

Wpp91 Login

Just like when carrying out the Wpp91 registration, the Wpp91 login requires a similar procedure.

  1. Visit the official website at or download the Wpp91 app from the play store. From there, you will be required to enter the some details in the Wpp91 login form.
  2. Enter your Username
  3. Enter your Password
  4. Click the sign in and you will be directed to your wpp91 dashboard.

Please note, the information you filled in when signing in to your Wpp91 account should be the same information you when you signed up on Wpp91.

Wpp91 Withdrawal

Quite unique and different from other similar platforms, the Wpp91 withdrawal can be done even with a minimum of N1000 in your Wpp91 account.

How to make money on wpp91
Wpp91 Withdrawal

Payments are made directly to your Nigerian bank account.
You are to provide them with your bank name and account number.

Wpp91 Review

Similar to other platforms, Wpp91 does not have a good business model. Considering the fact that it was created not up to 3 months ago and its domain name not up to a hundred years, It has not yet had much reviews from Nigerians. So, we will advice you invest a sum you can risk or lose if the platform goes out.
But we promise to update this post as soon as we gather more testimonies about wpp91. This is why you need to bookmark this page so you would always visit back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wpp91 legit?

Like i said earlier, it is too early to judge if it is legeor not. But then, the platform is currently trying it best to stay legit. However, you still need to be careful.

Is Wpp91 Scam?

There has been no bad records about wpp91. So currently, I would say that wpp91 is not a scam.

Is Wpp91 Paying?

Yes, it claims to pay its members for their services. This services include orders that were filled, as well as referrals.

When Will Wpp91 Crash?

As at the time of writing this post, wpp91 is still working, and has not crashed. However we are going to update you if there is any new development on wpp91.


This article includes the two easiest ways to make money on Wpp91. Study them before the platform crashes. And also, we are not advising anyone on how to invest and what to invest in. However, if you feel that Wpp91 is for you, then you can go all in.


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