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5 Easiest Ways To Make Money On tunegaga.com

One of the newest platform in town is Tunegaga. With Tunegaga, you might even be compelled to start thinking that making money is so simple as you will be paid well from basic things you might have thought you will not even make a dime from.

Well, this article is meant to help you understand a lot of things including how tunegaga.com works and how you can use the Tunegaga app to start making cool money.

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What Is Tunegaga?

About tunegaga.com
Are you a fan of YouTube? You love watching videos? You are talented when it comes to referring people to a particular platform? Well, you can do that on Tunegaga and get paid handsomely.

Tunegaga is an online earning platform that claims to pay it users for watching video ads, liking music, making referrals and other stuffs.

According to the tunegaga website:πŸ‘‡

β€œTuneGaga is a platform that PAYS YOU real money (not points) for watching ads! Tunegaga pays you for your attention when you watch video ads that are targeted to you and your interests with a focus on the Music industry. Its quick and easy to sign up and start earning money right away.”


How Does Tunegaga Work?

Like several other platforms, tunegaga.com is available across almost all the countries in the world. Countries such as Nigeria, United States of America and a host of others.

Earning on tunegaga.com is really easy. After you create an account, you will be sent an activation code on your email, you watch a short video on Tunegaga Tv and then get paid ₦164.00 to ₦327.99 depending on the plan you subscribed for. You can even choose to work on the Tunegaga Free Plan.

Tunegaga Plans

As a registered Tunegaga member or someone who wishes to join Tunegaga, there are several plans you can choose from, and each Tunegaga plan comes with a different package and price. For example, a Tunegaga user who is registered under the platinum plan is very different from from a Tunegaga user who is under the standard plan. They have different earning opportunities and different price for each task. Although, they earn money for doing the same thing.
Below is the list of Tunegaga plans available.

1. Free Trial

On the tunegaga free plan/free trial, you pay N0.00 and it last for only 14 days.

You earn ₦164.00 Per video you view. Get a chance to watch 3 Paid videos daily, which worth N491.99.
No Extra Referrals Income
Weekly Earnings – N3,443.92
Account has a 14 Days Free Trial.
Minimum withdrawal of ₦8,199.80

2. Learner

You pay N15,989.61each Year, and you will stand to earn ₦164.00 Per video you view.

You will get a chance to watch 4 Paid videos daily, which worth N655.98.
No Extra Referrals Income
Weekly Earnings – N4,591.
Monthly earnings of N19,679.52
Yearly earnings of N236,154.24

3. Standard

You pay N38,949.05 each year
You Earn ₦164.00 Per video you View.
You will get a chance to watch 10 Paid Videos daily, which worth – ₦1,639.96.
Extra ₦409.99 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦11,479.72
Monthly Earnings – ₦49,198.80
Yearly Earnings – ₦590,385.60

4. Premium

You pay ₦90,197.80 per Year, and will stand a chance earn ₦164.00 Per video you watch.
You will get 22 Paid Views
Daily -₦3,607.91
Extra ₦901.98 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦25,255.38
Monthly Earnings – ₦108,237.36
Yearly Earnings – ₦1,298,848.32

5. Premium Plus

You pay ₦184,495.50 per Year.
You Earn ₦245.99 Per video you View
Get 30 Paid Views
Daily – ₦7,379.82
Extra ₦1,844.96 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦51,658.74
Monthly Earnings – ₦221,394.60
Yearly Earnings – ₦2,656,735.20

6. Accelerator Plan

You pay N245,994.00 per Year
You Earn ₦245.99 Per video you View
Get 40 Paid Views
Daily – ₦9,839.76
Extra ₦2,459.94 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦68,878.32
Monthly Earnings – ₦295,192.80
Yearly Earnings – ₦3,542,313.60

7. Ultimate

You pay N348,491.50 per Year.
You earn ₦327.99 Per video you View
Get 44 Paid Views
Daily – ₦14,431.65
Extra ₦3,607.91 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦101,021.54
Monthly Earnings – ₦432,949.44
Yearly Earnings – ₦5,195,393.28

8. Business

You pay N491,988.00 per Year.
Earn ₦327.99 Per video you View
Get 62 Paid Views
Daily – ₦20,335.50
Extra ₦5,083.88 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦142,348.53
Monthly Earnings – ₦610,065.12
Yearly Earnings – ₦7,320,781.44

9. Professional

You pay N737,982.00 per Year.
Earn ₦327.99
Per video you view.
Get 93 Paid Views
Daily – ₦30,503.26
Extra ₦7,625.81 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦213,522.79
Monthly Earnings – ₦915,097.68
Yearly Earnings – ₦10,981,172.16

10. Platinum

You pay N983,976.00 per year.
You earn ₦327.99 per video you view
Get 125 paid views
Daily – ₦40,999.00
Extra ₦10,249.75 Daily Per Referral
Weekly Earnings – ₦286,993.00
Monthly Earnings – ₦1,229,970.00
Yearly Earnings – ₦14,759,640.00

5 Ways To Make Money On Tunegaga.com

There are basically five ways to earn on Tunegaga.com, and one of them is through Tunegaga referral. I will address each of them later, and you can even pick just one of them as your only way of earning in the Tunegaga app.

1. Watching Video Ads

Sometimes, watching video ads can be the coolest thing as they are usually short and full of fun. With Tunegaga.com, you can even watch video ads and get paid in dollars depending on the Tunegaga plan you subscribed to. The lowest amount you can earn on Tunegaga.com for watching ads is $0.40

2. Viewing Music

Everyday new music are produced. Musicians and DJ wants Tunegaga to promote them by having their music played to their users. Usually, they pay Tunegaga for helping promote them. So from the money paid to them buy musicians to promote their music, tunegaga now pays you as a user for viewing the music.

3. Liking Music

Just like others, Tunegaga rewards you for liking any music on the platform. So, if you loved a particular music, you can like it as you will also earn from it.

4. Liking Videos

Liking video ads shows your appreciation, which in turn promotes the music. Using Tunegaga, you get to make money from things you appreciate by just liking them.

5. Referrals

Everyone and anyone can earn on tunegaga.com; Tunegaga pays you $23 for every referral you make in the platform.

Tunegaga Registration

Tunegaga sign up, tunegaga register.
Signing up on Tunegaga is not a tough task, as you can easily complete your tunegaga sign up using your phone or computer. Below are the following steps involved in Tunegaga registration.

Tunegaga login page
  • Visit their official website at www.tunegaga.com
  • Click on register. A form asking you to enter the following will be presented to for to fill.
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • After entering the above details, a One time password or a link will be sent to your email address.
  • You click on the verification link that was sent to your mail to complete the Tunegaga sign up.

Tunegaga Login

You can login to your Tunegaga account via the tunegaga website or Tunegaga app. Whichever way, you can still follow the same procedure.

  • Open the Tunegaga app or the Tunegaga website at www.Tunegaga.com
  • You be asked to enter the following details.
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Click on submit

To successfully login to T
tunegaga.com, you must ensure that the details you entered during your sign up is the same as the one you entered on the Tunegaga login page.

Tunegaga Withdrawal

Tunegaga Payment methods.
Just as I stated earlier, Tunegaga is an online platform that runs across over numerous countries. So, they have different payment methods. They pay via payoneer, crypto and perfect money.

You must have earned up to a Withdrawal threshold before you Wu be able to withdraw on tunegaga.com.

To withdraw on Tunegaga, the following steps are involved.

  • Tap on the withdraw button on the quick access links or on the β€œMy Money” tab and choose the payment processor you are comfortable with then proceed to withdraw.
  • Once you submit your withdrawal request you will receive a confirmation code via email which you will be asked to enter on the withdrawal page to confirm your withdrawal.
  • The Tunegaga finance team will process your withdrawal.

To be able to have a successful Tunegaga withdrawal, you must have a minimum of $20, and withdrawals are made on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tunegaga Withdrawal
Tunegaga Earning

Tunegaga Deposit

To be able to subscribe to any of the Tunegaga plans, you must have the required amount on your Tunegaga deposit balance.

To deposit money on your tunegaga account, you have to use any of the Tunegaga top up codes acquired or bought from a vendors registered by Tunegaga that is available for your country.

How To Recover An Expired Account On Tunegaga

Usually on Tunegaga, after creating a new account, you will automatically be on the Tunegaga.com free trial plan which is available for only two weeks. After this 14 days, the platform naturally shuts down you account if you fail to subscribe to any of the Tunegaga plans.

To recover an expired Tunegaga account, you have to go through the following steps.

  • Visit the Tunegaga login page.
  • Log in to your account, you then choose a Tunegaga plan or make use of the Tunegaga top up code you just bought from the vendor to subscribe to any plan depending on the amount of the top up code.
  • Buy the plan.

After activating the plan, your Tunegaga account is officially open and you can access it anytime you want.

Tunegaga Payment Proof

Usually, at the end of every payment period, Tunegaga releases a list of people it has paid as their payment proof. The tunegaga payment proof is usually meant to motivate the users to stay focused and committed to the platform.

Below is a screenshot of the recent tunegaga payment proof:πŸ‘‡

Tunegaga Payment proof
Tunegaga Payment proof

Tunegaga Review

Tunegaga is quite new and it seems to have passed a lot of test set by most people who are always into platform such as this. However, I will not recommend you to pay for any of the Tunegaga plans if you are not convinced of it.

Is Tunegaga Legit?

Though tunegaga.com is still a new platform, but based on our research so far, I would say that tunegaga is legit for now, as it is still paying. This is quite evident in the tunegaga payment proof which are usually released after every payment week.

When Was Tunegaga Launched?

Like I stated earlier, Tunegaga is a new platform. One of the best way to know the age of a platform and how credible it is, is through it online presence. Using the date of creation of Tunegaga’s domain, you can easily find out it age as well as it expiry date.

Tunegaga.com was set up on 16 July 2021. The domain name is set to expire next year, exactly 16 July 2022.
It remains to be seen whether the Tunegaga platform will extend it.


Tunegaga is a platform full of fun and their website is full of great music, videos. It is one of the best way to earn money online as a fan of videos and music. I hope this article has been able to throw more light on how you can make cool money on tunegaga.com. We promise to always update you if there is any new development on tunegaga.com, this is why you need to bookmark this page so you can always visit back for updates.


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