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3 Simple Ways To Make Money On PennyMine App

Just like some online earning websites, there are also mobile apps you can make money from and the PennyMine mobile app is one of such apps.

In this article, not only will I be telling you about the PennyMine app, I will also be telling you how to earn money on the PennyMine app as well as reviewing the PennyMine app, to know if pennyMine app is legit or scam.


You see, the PennyMine app is considerably a new earning platform and chances are, you did not stumble on this by accident but rather, as a result of a curious search for information about this new paying app. So, without wasting of time, let us see what is the PennyMine app.

What Is PennyMine App?

PennyMine app

PennyMine is an online earning platform or mobile that pays it’s users to carry out simple tasks on their platform using phones. Basically, this platform pays users to watch video ads on their mobile apps, and other simple tasks.


How Does PennyMine Work?

PennyMine app let’s users who have registered on the platform to earn money. The platform works like an advertising company where it pays a certain commission to registered users who view this ads.

How To Earn On The PennyMine App

Knowing how to earn money on PennyMine app is crucial if you intend to have the mobile app serve as one or your chief earning source(s). Below are the three ways you can earn money on PennyMine app –

1. PennyMine Sign Up Bonus

PennyMine allows users to make money on their platform by just signing up. Although this is not really a great way to make money on PennyMine, it at least helps to get you on your feet. Though PennyMine sign up bonus of $5 is non withdrawable, it can help to make you reach the PennyMine withdrawal threshold faster.

2. Watching Video Ads

Apart from the pennyMine sign up bonus, another key way to earn money on PennyMine app is through watching videos. PennyMine app pays users for watching a maximum of one video in an hour. All other videos are not paid task. PennyMine payment for watching videos depends on the timeframe of the video. In most cases, they pays below $2 for videos watched on their platform.

3. PennyMine Referral System

Just like every other earning system, PennyMine also pays users to refer other people to the platform. It is important to note that this people referred by you must sign up on PennyMine using your PennyMine referral link. In that, PennyMine can keep track and know that the person was actually referred by you.

PennyMine Sign Up/ Registration

Just like every other platform, carrying out your PennyMine sign up or registration is a very simple process. Below are the steps involved in signing up on PennyMine app:

  1. Download the official PennyMine app on the play store.
    On Google play store, the PennyMine app is made by Codemag.
  2. Open the PennyMine app
  3. Click on create account
    An electronic form will be shown on your mobile device, asking you to enter the following details –
    a) Email address
    b) Username
    c) Full name
    d) Password
  4. Click on Create account
    Verify the registration through your email account.

PennyMine App Sign In/ Login

Just like the PennyMine app sign up or registration process, signing in to your PennyMine app account is a very simple process. Below are the steps involved in signing in to your PennyMine account:

  1. Open the PennyMine app (If you already have the mobile app installed on your phone)
  2. Click on login
    Similar to the registration process, an electronic form will be shown on the screen of your device, asking you to enter the following details –
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  3. Click on login

PennyMine Withdrawal

To carry out a successful withdrawal on PennyMine app, you must have reached the minimum pennyMine withdrawal limit of $100 and have placed for your withdrawal.

PennyMine Payment Methods

While applying for pennyMine withdrawal, there are few payment options you can choose from. The following are the payment methods supported by the earning platform, PennyMine app:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. PayPal
  3. Western Union
  4. Cheque
  5. Money Gram

PennyMine Review

As you can see, PennyMine app seems to be a great platform to earn money from. However, while some people have claimed that they have gotten paid by the platform, we still can not tell for certain if they were really paid or not.

But from my experience, the platform seems to be very real and could be your extra money source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PennyMine Legit Or Scam?

Just like I stated earlier, the app, PennyMine was launched last year and most platforms like this are really hard to tell if they are legit or just another scam platform. Nevertheless, I think PennyMine is quite legit and this is because of their low payment which makes it look quite real. However, i promise to keep you updated if I find any information as to if PennyMine is legit or a scam.

Is PennyMine Worldwide?

Yes, of course PennyMine is worldwide. They are supported in a lot of countries in the world including Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Canada, Brazil and lot of other countries in the world.

Who Is The Founder Of The PennyMine App?

At the moment, no one knows who the founder of PennyMine is. However, I promise to keep you updated if I find any information regarding who the founder if the platform is.


As you can see, there are quite a number of ways to earn money on the PennyMine platform. Although, one sad thing is that there is no clear cut answer as to if this platform is actually worth your time or not.

However, we will recommend that you give it a shot and try any of the PennyMine earning methods listed above. Do let us know about your experience on the platform if you have any.

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