How to make money on owodaily

5 Easiest Ways To Make Money On Owodaily.con

Most people especially students have been looking for how to make money online without paying a dime due to the economic crisis in the country. Many online platforms have emerged over the years, with many turning out to be big-time scams. Owodaily is one of the recent ways you can make money online by doing simple things on Owodaily website.

I have written this article to explain the five (5) easiest ways you can make money on owodaily, while also stating many facts about In this review of Owodaily, I will explain all about owodaily, Is owodaily legit? Sites like owodaily and much more.

Can you even make money from Owodaily? There are various ways to make money online as a Nigerian, and what to do is to make sure you are not investing your money or time in a scam scheme.

How Do You Know If A Business Will Crash Soon?

If a business or online platform promises to give too much of money to users for doing nothing at all, like invest N5000 and get double in 24 hours, or invest 20,000 and get double after performing a few tasks for a few days or something that is too easy, then there is every tendency that the business may crash very fast because the owners cannot continue being at loss.

Let’s talk about review and how you can make money on Owodaily website.

What Is Owodaily?

Is Owodaily real? Owodaily is a digital platform that provides jobs to its users. Not necessarily jobs that require skills, Owo daily has saved many people the stress of looking for what to do to make money online. The money making platform gives tasks to users and pay them for completing the tasks.

How to make money on owodaily

Just like Viraltrend, Owodaily has clients that pay them for services. Owodaily executes these services using its registered users. The platform also doubles as a freelancing platform for people who have freelancing skills.

For every task executed on, users earn a stipulated amount. The price reward attached to each task differs, but all rewards range from N5 to N2000.

You will be able to see the money in your owodaily wallet when your task is verified and approved.

How Does Owodaily Work?

A very simple technique is actually what keeps owodaily running. The company has two categories of users on its platform. One category is the users and promoters, or the workers. The second is the business owners.

The business owners pay Owo Daily to advertise their business or social media handles, and Owodaily use their traffic to do just that. Hence, Owo Daily acts like a middleman.

Owodaily Promoters

People who need more followers on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts can pay Owodaily to help promote the pages. Youtubers who also want more subscribers pay owodaily to promote the channels. In other words, Owo daily is serving as a platform between workers and businesses, as you are working to earn on the platform without knowing who owns the businesses you are promoting. You promote campaigns and earn cash rewards.

Owodaily Sign Up

How To Register On Owodaily As A Promoter

To signup on owodaily as a promoter, go to the registration section on their website, and fill in your details for the category, Owodaily+.

You pay for full membership and get to advertise your social media handles and youtube channels. Register as a business. Select the promotion type you want, and proceed.

Generally, you can follow the steps below to register on owodaily:

  • Visit owodaily website at:
  • Locate and click the owodaily sign up page
  • Input your full name and type the username you wish to use.
  • Input your email address
  • Type in the password you wish to use.
  • Select your country and input your phone number.
  • Select your gender.
  • Select your country and input your date of birth.
  • Input the name of your state and select your bank name.
  • After these, input your account name which must match your full name.
  • Input your personal bank account or wallet number.
  • Click on the check box to agree to the terms and condition of Owodaily.

5 Easiest Ways To Make Money On Owodaily

1. App Reviews

Reviewing apps on Playstore is one of the task you can use to earn money on Owodaily. All you need to do is to give the app a five star rating and comment positive reviews on playstore. You get paid according to the price tag that is attached to that task.

2. Content Writing

Blog owners who want writers to provide content for their websites pay for the articles. If you have good writing skills, you can earn money by writing articles on owodaily. This is what you can earn much from on owodaily.

3. Facebook Promotion

Liking posts on facebook can also earn you amounts like N5. You can join groups on Facebook and like pages to earn on owodaily.

4. Instagram Promotion

Another method people use to earn money on Owodaily is by commenting and liking posts on Instagram. The social media tasks are quite easy compared to the content writing tasks. You get paid after a few minutes on Instagram liking posts or following accounts.

5. Youtube Promotion

Another task you can complete on Owo Daily is subscribing, liking and watching youtube videos. Most youtube channel owners want to save themselves the stress of reaching one thousand subscribers on Youtube, so they use platforms like Owodaily to achieve their goal.

When Can You Withdraw Your Money From Owodaily?

You can withdraw your earnings from owodaily when you reach your earning threshold. minimum withdrawal is N5000. You can withdraw your earning directly to your bank account, or giftcards, or cryptocurrency.

When Was Owodaily Launched?

Owodaily was launched in 2015 and claims to have helped Nigerians earn money online, having paid an estimate of 39 million naira to its users since its inception.

Is Owodaily Still Paying?

Is Owodaily legit? still pays its users for tasks completed once they hit the withdrawal threshold. This does not guarantee that this platform will keep paying people. They may eventually crash like others, but you can make sure to get the best of the platform before it may crash.

Sites Like Owodaily

There are many sites that can fill in as Owodaily alternatives. Examples are cashflow, viraltrend and many others.

Owodaily Login

To login to your owodaily dashboard:

  • Visit the owodaily website at:
  • Locat the owodaily login page
  • Input your username/email
  • Input your password
  • Click on sign in
Owodaily login page


The only disadvantage Owodaily has is that users can not continue completing tasks all day long. There is always a maximum amount of tasks that will be displayed on your dashboard. This article talks about the five easiest ways to make money from owodaily.

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