5 Simple Ways To Make Money On Goldmiine

As the world goes more digital, making money online has seemed to be the way. This is why several online earning platforms like Goldmiine and others have seemed to be emerging on daily basis.

Goldmiineng.com is one these online earning Platforms which promises to pay users for performing simple tasks online. And in this article, I’m going to be showing you 5 ways you can make money on the platform.


Seeing that some people are still skeptical on whether Goldmine is legit or scam, I am also going to provide a review of the platform, to reveal if the platform is actually real or not.

Is goldmiine scam? Is goldmiine legit? Is goldmiine paying? Questions like these and even more are what I will also address in this article.
So without wasting of time, let us begin.

About Goldmine

How to make money on goldmiine

Launched on the 10th of January, 2022. Goldmine.com investment is an online platform that pays users for carrying out activities such as sharing of sponsored post, mining as well as performing other simple task.
It is not a “Get-paid-to-click” site even though you will earn money from the platform when you click the daily mining button.


How Goldmiine Works

Just as stated earlier, the goldmine investment platform is not an online platform that pays users just for clicking stuff. Goldmine users can start carrying out their tasks as soon as their goldmine registration is completed. Goldmiine investment platform also gifts the new user 500MB of any service platform just as Glo, Airtel and others immediately after their goldmine sign up.

How To Make Money On Goldmine

Along with the free 500MB given by goldmiineng.com, the online platform, goldmine has a lot of other opportunities whereby registered users can earn money from. Below are the five ways of making money on the goldmine platform:

1. Goldmine Sign Up Bonus

The platform, goldmine awards the sum of N1500 to every user for completing their goldmine registration. The goldmine sign up bonus is not earned as a result of completing any task on the platform, rather as a result of signing up on the goldmine earning platform. Along with the N1500, goldmine also provides a sign up bonus of 500MB which can be withdrawn anytime by the new goldmine user.

2. Goldmiine Daily Mining Bonus

Quite similar to a bonus gotten from daily visit, the goldmine daily mining bonus is gotten once and daily by the goldmine user. Every day, the goldmine user has to press the “mine” button to get their daily mining bonus of N200.

3. Sharing Of Sponsored Post

Goldmiineng.com also pays their users for sharing sponsored post from the goldmine app or website into their social media account. The platform pays N100 to each user for every sponsored post that they share.

4. Direct Goldmine Referral

For every single referral who register on goldmine through your referral link, goldmine pays you a sum of N2000. It is important to note that this referred user must register through your referral link or registered on goldmine with your referral code because that is the only way that goldmine can recognize that the person was referred by you.

5. Indirect Goldmine Referral

Goldmine earning platform also provides users to earn money through their indirect referrals. That is, they earn money from referrals made from their own referrals. For each person that someone they referred to the platform refers, the user get N200 as their goldmine indirect referral earnings.

Goldmine Sign Up

Completing your goldmine registration is important if you want to earn from the platform.
Below are the steps involved in carrying out your registration on the goldmine earning platform:

  1. Visit the official Goldmine website at www.goldmiineng.com
  2. Click on sign up
    An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Full name
    b) Username
    c) Email address
    d) Password
    e) Goldmine activation code
    f) Referral code
  3. Click on the “sign up” button

Although the referral code is optional, It is important to add it if you were referred by someone that already has an account on goldmine. In this way, the person gets a reward from goldmine. However, there are cases that the referral code is not used, and this is because you are registering directly through the persons referral link.

Goldmine Login

Just like the goldmine sign up, the goldmine login is also very simple. Below are the steps to help you perform your goldmine login:

  1. Visit the official Goldmine website at www.goldmiineng.com
  2. Click on sign in
    An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Username
    b) Password
  3. Click on the “sign in” button

Goldmiine Coupon Code

The goldmine activation code or the goldmine coupon code is very important and it is a code which is usually required from new members before they carry out their goldmine registration.

The cost of getting the goldmine coupon code is N3000. This is the cost of registering on the goldmine earning platform.

How To Get Goldmine Coupon Code

Below is a guide on how to get your goldmine activation code:

  1. Visit the official goldmine sign up page
  2. Click on “get activation code”.
    You will be taken to a page where you will see a list of the goldmine coupon code vendors.
    You can chat them up on WhatsApp.

Goldmine Withdrawal

On the goldmine investment platform, you can make your withdrawals into your local bank account or in the form of cryptocurrency (usually USDT).

Non referral users can cash out twice every month; 15th and 30th. However, a minimum of N12,000 must be earned by the non referral goldmine user in order for the withdrawal to be successful.

However, unlike the non referral goldmine user, the referral goldmine user can cash out any day and anytime that they want to. However, the minimum amount required for their goldmine withdrawal to be successful is N6,000

Goldmine Review

As you can see, goldmine earning platform is a very new platform and it has not been used by a lot of persons.
However, just like we stated earlier, its age makes it quite difficult for us to have a clear cut review of goldmine as it has not stayed long enough.

Nevertheless, the platform seems to be legit although we do not know the team behind the platform as well as it founder.
However, you can give the platform a try. I will love to get what you think about goldmine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goldmine Scam?

No, goldmine is not a scam. At least not now. Like I stated earlier, the goldmine earning platform is a very new platform. However, at the moment, there is no case that points the platform as a scam.

Is Goldmine Legit?

Goldmine is a considerably new platform. We can not tell if the platform is legit. However, there seem to be legit and worth trying out.

Is Goldmine Paying?

Yes, goldmine is currently paying its users. Although we have no idea of how long it will keep paying its users, but at the moment, the platform is paying users.

How Much Can I Make On Goldmine?

On goldmine, you can make as much money as possible. In fact, there are some classes held by some pro goldmine users to help newly registered goldmine users on how they can make a lot of money on goldmine.

When Will Goldmine Crash?

Currently, no one knows when goldmine will crash.

Who Is The Founded Of Goldmine?

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding who founded goldmine. Most often than not, this is usually a sign of danger as no one from the goldmine team is known and so, no one will be held responsible if anything on the goldmine investment platform decided to go sour.


As you can see, goldmiine is a really new platform and it seems to be performing quite well.
In this article, I have addressed a lot of issues regarding goldmine including how to earn money on goldmine and key information about goldmine.
However, if you have any questions regarding goldmine, let me know on the comment section.

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