How to make money on fundworld

3 Easiest Ways To Make Money On

Everyday, new platform are introduced with most of them operating fully online, some are both offline and online and the rest may be fully offline. Fundworld is probably one of those platforms that runs fully online, and in this article, I will be showing you how to make money on fundworld in just 2 simple ways.

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Just as stated earlier, there are so many platforms which claims to be genuine but end up ripping its users and even other people of their cash. The article will provide you with all your solutions to your questions regarding fundworld. Please do well to read without skipping any part (if you are reading this for the first time) or you can just go straight to what you want answers for. Without further wasting of time, let us delve into fundworld.


How to make money on fundworld

What Is Fundworld?

One of the biggest questions people usually ask is, “what is fundworld.xyx?” As the name implies, will they actually help fund me? This question may be for the humor and it may be the first question that crosses peoples mind whenever they hear the name

Well, fundworld is an online income platform that pays all its registered users for carrying out simple and basic tasks on the platform. These simple tasks include; sharing of sponsored post on social media platforms as well as referring other people to sign up on the platform. Most people call the latter, fundworld referrals. The fact is that you can earn greatly on the platform if you register using their biggest package. However, you may be ondering what the fundworld biggest package is? Don’t worry, you will understand that as you read through this article.


How Does Work?

Just as earlier stated, fundworld is an online income platform that pays all its users for carrying out simple tasks on the platform. The simple tasks include the daily login on the platform and others.

Fundworld Packages

Just as earlier stated, there are basically three packages or plans one has to choose from during their fundworld registration. These packages vary according to the price of the fundworld coupon code. Let us have a careful look at the plans.


This is the lowest plan available for anyone who wants to register on The price of the coupon code is very cheap as it is just N1000. However, it tends to have the lowest benefit in terms of earnings.


known as the plan of the average person, the Jombo plan is mostly preferred ahead of the Jolly plan and the jumbjol plan as it’s somewhere in the middle line between the two. It carries an average benefit too. It cost only N2000 to register for the Jumbo plan.


As the highest plan, Jumbojol tends to carry more benefit than the rest. The price of the plan is just N5000. You can contact any of their vendors on the fundworld website to get your fundworld coupon code depending on the plan you choose.

2 Ways To Make Money On Fundworld

There are basically two ways which you can make money on fundworld. And just as earlier stated, in each of these ways, the type of plan one chooses totally matters.

1. Daily Login

One of easiest ways to make money on is by loging to your fundworld account every day. The amont you make on daily login depends on the fundworld package or plan you registered:

  • Daily login on Jolly plan is N100
  • Daily login on Jombo plan is N200
  • Daily login on JumbJol plan is N500

2. Sharing Sponsored Posts

Another way to make money on Fundworld is by sharing sponsored posts. You simply share sponsored post on your facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram account and get paid depending on the packaged you subscribed for. The amount you earn by sharing sponsored posts depends on the fundworld package or plan you registered.

  • Jolly plan users will earn N400 for each sponsored post shared.
  • Jumjol plan users will earn N800 for each sponsored post shared.
  • Jombo plan users will earn N1000 for each sponsored post shared.

3. Through Referrals

Another easy way to make money on is by referring other people to register on the platform.

Your earnings for the referrals depend on the plan the person you referred actually subscribed for. The person needs to use your referral link or else there will be no way the fundworld platform will be able to know that it was you that actually referred the person and you also lose your bonus as well.

  • If the person you referred subscribes for a jolly plan,you earn N50.
  • If the person you referred subscribes for a jumbo plan, you earn N100.
  • If the person you referred subscribed for a jumbojol plan, you earn N3000.

Fundworld Registration

How to make money on fundworld

Registering on a platform has not been easier. But most importantly, before having a complete fundworld registration, you must have your fundworld coupon code available. Below are a few steps to register:

  1. Visit the official website of the fundworld platform at
  2. Purchase a coupon code from any of their vendors according to your desired plan.
  3. Navigate back to the official fundworld website.
  4. Enter the required details. This may include the following: (a)Name, (b) Username, (c) Address, (d) Email address, (e) Password, (f) fundworld coupon code, (5) Go ahead to click on register

Fundworld Login

You can login your fundworld account at anytime you want. Below are the steps involved in your fundworld login.

  1. Visit the official website at
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click on sign in

Fundworld Withdrawal

Like other platforms, you can’t carry out withdrawals until you reach a certain level. Often called “the minimum withdrawal amount”. Fundworld pays you within 24 hours into your local bank account. However, you must ensure that all the details you gave them are correct as they won’t be responsible for any error, if an error actually happens. Below are the minimum withdrawal limit for each fundworld plan.

(A). Jolly:

Activity earning – N1,000
Referral earning – N6,000

(B). Jumbo

Activity earning – N12,000
Referral earning – N1,000

(C). Jombjol

Activity earning – N21,000
Referral earning – N1,000

Fundworld Review

Fundworld is actually a new platform. So, we can not say if it is actually a scam as they have been no negative review about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions most newbies to Fundworld Or Old Fundworld users usually ask

Is Fundworld Legit?

Well, i do not know if it legit and how long it will stay legit. They may be paying, however i am not giving you an advice on whether to invest in it or not. I am only spreading this knowledge for educational purposes. Fundworld has to stay for a while before we can say it is legit.

Is Fundworld Paying?

Yes, at the moment, they are paying. But just because a certain business worked for person A does not mean it will work for you. Analyse your risk, check your psychology in case any thing in the platform goes south, you won’t be in great pain.

Who Is The Owner Of Fundworld?

Well, fundworld has not revealed who it owner or CEO is. This may be due to some reasons best known to them.

Why Did They Choose That Site Name?

Well, i don’t know. And it is quite rare. Most times such stuffs are usually product of scams. However, please note i am not calling them a scam. I am just saying that it doesn’t seem normal.


I hope this article has taught you how to make money on fundworld as well as other stuffs.
You can invest in them and try them out. Please let me know what you think of them.

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