How to make money on cashbounty

5 Easiest Ways To Make Money On

What have you heard about Or have you ever heard about the platform before? I mean, the platform that pays you in dollar when you perform some task using just your mobile phone? If yes, then don’t worry, I am about to give you everything you need to know about the platform and the easiest way to make money on the on it.

If No, well, you have probably missed out big time on an earning opportunity.
However, there is no need to worry, you can still start now to make out the best from the platform.

It is advisable that you do not skip any section if you want to understand everything about and how to make money on the platform. However, for readers who have a prior knowledge of you can go ahead to any section that addresses you question.

So, without further wasting of time, let us dive in and see how cashbounty works for ourself.


What Is Cashbounty?
According to Cashbounty website, “cashbounty is a member-only exclusive platform which pays users for completing task. These tasks are offered by our partner who depend on us for market research and consumer feedback. Our valued members are offered rewards and gift vouchers in exchange for taking surveys”.

What that means is, the platform, cashbounty actually pays their registered users in Us dollar ($) for signing up and completing some tasks available on cashbounty.

How to make money on cashbounty

Many people always get confused about the difference between and To clear this doubt, just understand that and are the same. If you visit any of the websites, you will still be redirected to the same place.

Knowing how cashbounty works is important if you want to earn on the platform, so in the next section, I’ll be showing you how the platform works.

How Does Cashbounty Work?

According to cashbounty, they actually get their funds from sponsors. These sponsors may be in need of people who will test apps for them, make reviews for them and a host of other things that are in the cashbounty task. The platform actually assigns you task based on the information you provided while setting up your cashbounty account.

5 Ways To Earn On

Just like other platforms that are solely online, there are several ways of earning on them. And cashbounty has its own unique ways.

There are several ways you can earn on, with its earning ways being totally different from the other, but I will be revealing the 5 easiest ways you can earn on the platform without any stress.

1. Cashbounty Sign Up

This is one of the unique differences between and other platforms. Cashbounty pays new users $25 just for completing their cashbounty registration.

This sign up bonus of $25 may not be immediately Withdrawable until you have earned up to the minimum Withdrawal amount. During your sign up, you can choose to either use the Cashbounty app or the website.

2. Installing Apps

Only a few platform will actually pay you for downloading apps, and this is what cashbounty does.

Usually, some app developers want to see and hear from people concerning how their app performs. Also positive reviews is very important for any company. So app developer can register as cashbounty sponsors and then the platform will put their apps into their list of the cashbounty tasks where registered members will earn money for testing the mobile application.

As a registered member on, you can earn $25 for testing any mobile application.

3. Taking Surveys

Every single day, top companies spend huge amount of US dollars trying to get opinion of people who are knowledgeable on their product. Most times this usually helps the companies to succeed as they tend to understand their target market better.

Spending huge amount of money just to make a survey is not really a new thing although it may be a lucrative task. However, Cashbounty pays very well for every survey their members carry out to completion. Cashbounty pays $15 for surveys and the fun part is, surveys usually do not take long.
Nice way to earn right?

4. Reviewing Products

What big company will not want to take reviews? Top companies hire people to review their products for them. The importance of taking reviews can not be stressed enough and that is why some Cashbounty sponsors need reviews of their products.

As a registered member on Cashbounty, you can earn $45 for every product you review. Yeah! That is the highest pay at Cashbounty, so you should see how big it is to them.

5. Cashbounty Referrals Commission

Referring people to a platform such as cashbounty can be a very tedious task. Which is why Cashbounty decided to always give rewards to registered members who actually make referrals as far as the person being referred makes use of your Cashbounty referral link during their cashbounty sign up.

Cashbounty.Org pays you $15 for every referral you make. You also earn 1% of any click on your referral line.

So, if you have a great luck referring people to platforms, this can be one of the big ways of making money for you on cashbounty.

Cashbounty Sign Up

How To Register On

Signing up on Cashbounty is not a tough task. It does not require any initial investment which usually comes in the form of promo code or a coupon code. To sign up on cashbounty, there are just a few steps you need. And they are:

  • Go to the Cashbounty bounty official website at or
  • Click on sign up
  • You will be asked to enter the following details:
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Then Click on submit
  • After entering your email address, you are then required to visit your mail to access a verification link from cashbounty to complete your sign up
  • Click on the verification link and then you can set up your cashbounty account by entering all other details that will be required.

This guide is practically for the web version. However, it is not quite different from the cashbounty app as they have a similar interface.

Cashbounty Login

Logging in on is as simple as the registration. With the correct details at the right places, you can access your cashbounty account anytime you want.
To login to your cashbounty dashboard, follow this steps:

  1. Visit the official Cashbounty website at
  2. Enter the following details:
    a. Email address
    b. Password
  3. Click login

Ensure that the login details you entered are the same as the ones you provided when you completed your cashbounty registration.

Cashbounty login page

Cashbounty Withdrawal

After accumulating up to the Withdrawal threshold certain on your Cashbounty account, you can now withdraw your earnings through any preferred Payment method.

There are several methods you can withdraw your Cashbounty earnings; Whatever the method employed, cashbounty withdrawals are usually relatively easy and a straight forward process.

They have different payment methods which you can choose from to complete your Cashbounty withdrawal. Below are the withdrawal methods on Cashbounty.

  1. Cashapp
  2. Bitcoin
  3. PayPal
  4. Bank transfer
  5. Gift cards

The interested thing is that there is no charge fee for cashbounty withdrawal, using most of the available Payment methods.

Requirements For Cashbounty Withdrawal

There are certain requirement you must meet before cashbounty will pays you your earnings. The requirements are:

  1. You must invite at least seven people to join cashbounty.
  2. You must complete a minimum of five task on Cashbounty.
  3. Submit at least six Cashbounty post on social media platforms.

Cashbounty Reviews

Cashbounty is not a really new platform. It has being around for quite a long time. However, there have been no negative reviews about the platform yet. If you have any negative review of cashbounty kindly let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cashbounty Paying?

Yes, is still paying. As long as you meet the Cashbounty Withdrawal requirements as mentioned previously, Cashbounty will definitely pay your earnings.

Is Cashbounty Legit? is very legit. The truth is, Cashbounty actually follows a similar platform called which turned out to be a scam after a while.

However, since there is no enough why we should really cast doubt on the credibility of the platform, just try them out and see if you could be among the lucky earners now that it is still paying, before it crashes just like did.

Is Cashbounty Scam

According to our research so far, is not Scam, it is a genuine platform for now.

Like I stated earlier, there have been no negative reviews about cashbounty and so, there is no reason for us to say that the platform is a scam.

Who Is The CEO Of Cashbounty?

Currently, there has been no information available that reveals even a thing about the CEO or owner of Cashbounty.

Conclusion and are actually the same thing and I used both interchangeable. So you do not have to be confused on it. is platform you should try out.

However, one of the key things you should not do is to risk the limited time you have by working on Cashbounty. Just in case the platform turns out to be scam just as, you will not be really frustrated. If you must try out the platform, invest only your spare time on the platform.

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