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How To Find And Connect With Your Business Mentor

We can’t dispute the fact that an aspiring entrepreneur should have a business mentor that they can learn the ethics of a business they want to venture into.

Now that we have established the fact the young entrepreneurs need to have a well experienced successful business mentor, how then can they choose the right ones?

Well in this article we will be presenting to you the possible way to find a business mentor that is ready to guide you through the success track. With that said, let’s look at how to find great mentors.

1. Check Your Network Circle.

Do you have professionals in your network circle, oops, you may think that this particular tips is not too necessary, but the truth is that to be a professional you must have network of people in your business area.

Well, if you don’t have a network, there is still time to build your network.

Your circle of professionals might be helpful when finding business mentors, as your friends on Facebook might know some business gurus looking for a mentee.

That is just a whole purpose of building a network of professionals around you.

So first thing you should do is to pick up your phone and call your friends if they know any one looking for a business mentee, at times social media do help but you have to take some cautions.

But the truth remains that the chance of finding a suitable business mentor is very small without already built Network.

Don’t panic yet as there are plenty of other means to achieve this goal.

2. Look For Business Mentors Online

We can’t deny the power of the internet. With the availability and popularity of the internet, one can almost find anything they need online.

Some online services do help to connect a mentee with business mentors online. While some offer premium service, others might be free. Maybe you might think that this method is more distant, well you might find a mentor in your area looking for a business mentee.

We believe that this method is more diverse and flexible. We say this because of the high volume of options when looking for a business mentor.

We suggest you to try Linkedln if you are finding it difficult to find a business mentor from other services.

Why we suggest LinkedIn is because it’s a social media platforms for professionals, so naturally, mentors use the platform the most for business related purposes.

If you can’t use LinkedIn, any of the top social media platforms can work just fine.

The most important thing is to work on your online presence and start actively looking for business mentors.

3. Plan To Attend Networking Events

When you attend networking events, you are bound to achieve two things:  it will help you to find a mentor and also help in expanding your network. This approach remains the best method to finding a business mentor.

You will not just get in touch with the professionals, you can meet people that might know someone to solve your problem.

Networking events are diverse. They range from a less formal in – person meetups or a big blockbuster events attended by hundreds to thousands of people.

You should look for a professional that can kick-start your business dream, searching for a business mentors in a hot spots gives you a higher chance of finding the right person for the job.

Some Necessary Things You Should Have While Looking For A Business Mentor

Even with those tips we have discussed above, getting a mentor to guide you is impossible if you are not making yourself look attractive to them. So before you go out to look for a business mentor, do the following first:

  • You have known why you need a mentor; Have a clear objectives.
  • Define your expectations.
  • Work on your CV and your business plan.
  • Create an emotional story and present it.


The most important thing you have to do once you find a suitable mentor is to try your best to maintain a cordial relationship with your mentor. You will need to focus on your mentor a month into the mentorship. Make sure to keep your communication open, be honest, and actively get to know your mentor to strengthen the relationship.

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