How long to wait after submitting job application online
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How Long To Wait After Submitting A Job Application Online; Find Out Now!

Have you ever applied for a remote job or an online job and it feels like the hiring process seems to be taking eternity? Or a coding or any freelance job and it seems the hiring manager will not even give a call back?

Well, it is not only you. It has happened to almost all of us. One way or the other. And most times, they usually have a very enticing offer and at times, we get frustrated and get another job only to be called back to start work. Well, since I have been there before, so I know how frustrating this might get. And I would not want you to repeat the same mistake I did and also, you would not even want to repeat your mistake as well. 

This is why  my team and I will be telling you in this article, how long to wait after submitting job application online. This will help improve your patience and guide you on how long to wait after submitting a job application online. And along with all this, I will also be giving you some tips on these online jobs and how to get them. 

After submitting a job application, There is an ideal length of time to wait, and if you didn’t hear from the employer, you will know there is a very low probability of being called again. That’s all we shall be discussing in this article.

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From Online Application?

How long to wait after submitting job application online

Usually, it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to hear back from the employer, after submitting an online job application. However, this is not fixed; the length of time may vary, depending on the company/organization and the circumstances surrounding the employment. 

Usually, at top companies like Amazon, Google, eBay and a lot of others, it might take about 2 weeks to 1 month to get a feedback, after submitting the online job application. 

Why Does It Take So Long To Hear Back From a Job Application?

Most organizations usually take a very long time before you can hear back from them after you have submitted your application online. 

However, most of the time, the reason for this is usually due to the fact that the employers have a very long list of online job applications submitted to them and they probably have not gotten to your turn yet. Most times, these employers do not spend their time and stay all day attending to their job applications and this often are the key reasons it takes so long to hear back from a job application.

What To Do If You Apply For A Job And Don’t Hear Back?

Unfortunately, you cannot do much in a situation where you applied for a job and you did not hear back, as this is usually the decision of the hiring manager and the company.  As such, you really cannot influence it. 

However, you can only do these few things if you applied for a job and you do not hear back.

  • Sit patiently and wait for them.
  • Check yourself for possible reasons you were not hired, fix those lapses.
  • Move on and submit applications at other companies hoping for a good catch

What Does Job Application In Process Mean?

Quite a really common word that most employees and employers use, the “Job Application in Process” most often means that the Job applicant has gone through the necessary steps instructed by the recruiter. Most of the time, this is used after an interview has been done and it is only left for the interviewer to decide.

Tips To Get Fast Replies After Submitting A Job Application

When one knows the tips to get fast replies after submitting a job application, you really might not even bother about how long to wait after submitting a job application online, because you will always be on the lucky side. Below are a few tips to get fast replies after submitting a job application.

  • Have a brief and concise job application.
  • Have a rich CV.
  • Be nice to the interviewer.
  • Research about the company.
  • Do not sound desperate during the job application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Call After Applying For A Job Online?

No, after applying for a job online, it is not right to call. Most employers will see it as neediness and as an act of desperation. And you would not want to appear this way to your potential superior or boss.

Should you Call After Having A Job Interview Online?

Not necessarily. Although most experienced persons that I have met and discussed this with have recommended calling, as it shows courtesy even if that is not what the employers might look at. However, this calling is not to ask them a question but only to thank them for granting you an interview.

I Applied For A Job And I Haven’t Heard Back, What Should I Do?

Unfortunately, you cannot really do much if the organisation or the employer does not call you back. You can go ahead and apply for other jobs or kindly wait for them to get back to you.

Should I Apply For Another Job 3 Weeks After Job Application?

Yes you can. Most organizations usually take about a week to two weeks with 3 weeks being the maximum to get back to their potential employees. However, you can apply for another job 3 weeks after job application if you want to.

Is It Normal To Not Hear Back From A Job Application?

Yes, it is normal to not hear back from a job application. Most times, this is because you didn’t make it in the list of selected employees, as decided by the organisation or employer.

Should I Write A Follow Up Email To The Hiring Manager?

Yes, you can also write a follow up mail to the hiring manager if you choose to. This might be just thanking them for offering you a job interview or to remind them that you are still patiently waiting for their feedback.

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