High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home
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5 High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home & Make Cool Money

In today’s digital world, one no longer have to wake up early, dress up in cooperate wears and drive for hours before getting to his or her working place, and work their strength off from 8am to 6pm. Such hudles is beginning to fade away because of the increase in technology which fortunately favours the remote workers.

In this Age, a nursing mother, student, Aged parents, and even some other persons that founds joy in working remotely, can comfortably make a good living doing what they love.

Here are five Remote jobs that you can do as a Nigerian right from your home, and get paid heavily for it, some don’t even require special skill while some do require you to learn one or two things before you can perfect your skills.

high paying job from hom

1. Customer Service Representative

Your Responsibility as a Customer service representative of a company include answering customers questions via phone call or replying their text via email. This job involves answering those questions that is hunting down customers based on the product or services of the company, you are also saddled with the responsibility of providing solutions to their problem.

There is always a provision for working full-time time or part-time, responding to customers questions whenever you have free time.

  • Annualized projected income.
  • Average of $17 per hour, or approximately $35,934 per year¹.

2. Data Entry Specialist

As a data specialist, you deal with data, and you also work with data of any kind. Like I highlighted at the beginning that in some of these jobs, you would need to learn the skill. As a Data Analyst, your particular role involves strong keyboard skill and mastering, as you will be working mostly with spreadsheets.
In this role , you have to be careful while inputting the data wherever it’s needed, ensuring that it is correct and properly reported.

  • Annualized projected income.
  • Average Pay: $35,833 per year².

3. Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant job is just like the normal Traditional Administrative Assistants, but the difference is that instead of sitting at a desk in a big office space, you will be performing your tasks right from your home or comfort, with the help of your laptop, you camcorder etc.

Most of the day, your work will be to answer or reply emails, manage social media accounts, oversee calendars and scheduling, book travel and even conduct micro research.

Annualized projected income
Average Pay: $38,478 per year³.

4. Translator

As a translator, you can work with written documents, audio files, or films. Your primary duty is to translate the content from one language to another while maintaining same meaning as the original content.

In this job , you have the choice to work for a company that needs consistent translators or you can pick up a project from freelancing site as a freelancer.

  • Annualized projected income.
  • Average Pay: $32 per hour, or approximately $67,343 per year.

5. Social Media Specialist

Average Pay: $41,945 per year.

Your responsibility as social media specialist ranges from being in charge of managing and growing different social media accounts. You will be required to create and schedule posts designed to boost engagements, ensuring that the companies social media is as strong as their rivals, and you will also handle contents or ads as the case may be. You can also be brainstorming new contents for future social media venture.

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