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Is GoldNaira App Legit? Everything you Need To Know About GoldNaira App

As one who has used numerous loan apps, I believe that I have great knowledge which is enough to recommend a loan app to someone who is just starting out. I mean, loan apps with a low interest rate and loan apps that will not harass you by messaging your WhatsApp contacts and telling them that you are owing a so and so amount of money.

Anyways, welcome to my GoldNaira app review. In this article, I will be sharing with you, key information about GoldNaira app. I mean information such as “is GoldNaira scam?”, “GoldNaira interest rate “, “GoldNaira referral” and a lot of other information regarding GoldNaira.
So, without wasting of time, let us see what GoldNaira is.

What Is GoldNaira App?

GoldNaira Loan App Review

Although the GoldNaira app may not be used for knowing or checking gold price in Nigeria or the price of gold elsewhere, it is considered as one of the best loan apps that can be found on the play store which like you provides Nigerians with loans.

How Does GoldNaira App Work?

Basically, GoldNaira works similar to other loan apps whereby you will need to register or sign up before using them. In summary, the GoldNaira app is a loan app and works just like every other loan app. Like you may have expected, you have to download the app before using it. In the next section, I will be sharing with you, the steps involved in carrying out your GoldNaira app sign up

GoldNaira App Sign Up/Registration

Below are the steps involved in carrying out your GoldNaira app sign up:

  1. Download the GoldNaira app at the play store or download the GoldNaira apk version at
  2. Open the GoldNaira app
  3. Click on sign up
    An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Full name
    b) Email address
    c) Phone number
    d) Country
    e) State
    f) Local government area
    g) Password and lot of others
  4. Submit the electronic form

GoldNaira App Sign In/ Login

After carrying out your GoldNaira app registration, you will be asked to log in to your account.

Below are the steps required to perform your GoldNaira app account log in:

  1. Download the GoldNaira app (skip this step if you already have it)
  2. Open the GoldNaira app
  3. Click on sign in. An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details:
    a) Phone number
    b) Password
  4. Submit the details
    If the details which you submitted were correct, you will be taken to your account’s dashboard.

GoldNaira Interest Rate

Interest rate is one of the things that most loan collectors look out for and this is understandable because the interest determines how much you will pay back.

Below is GoldNaira interest rate:

A 20% interest rate for loans with a principal of N20,000. This is just for a duration of 3 months (90 days).

That is, the total amount that you will have to pay back to GoldNaira app is approximately N21,000 and if you are to pay monthly, you are to pay back approximately N7,000 each month till the payment is completed.

GoldNaira App Review

GoldNaira app is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria that I have seen. Although getting a loan app is a matter of individual taste, but I could recommend GoldNaira app for you. It has a really low interest rate as well as a great customer support team that you can easily call upon when facing any difficulty relating to the the app.
They have a visible office which you can easily visit.
The loan app is completely legit and free of scam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoldNaira App Legit?

Yes, GoldNaira app is legit. You can use the app to receive loans and feel safe because there are no hidden charges and they do not run away with your details.

Can I Contact GoldNaira Customer Care?

Yes, you can contact GoldNaira customer care by sending them an email at [email protected]

Where Is GoldNaira App Office Located?

GoldNaira app’s office is located at 20 Adeniyin Jones, Allen Avenue, Lagos.

Which Loan App Has The Lowest Interest Rate In Nigeria?

GoldNairs app is one of loan app that has the lowest interest rate.

Will I Be Allowed To Get Loan On GoldNaira App?

Of course, you or anyone can be allowed to get loans on the GoldNaira app if you have passed their requirements. One of such requirements involves being above the age of 18 and having a GoldNaira app account.

Who Is The Founder Of GoldNaira App?

Unfortunately, no one knows who owns GoldNaira App at the moment. However, this is not really a big thing as most loan platforms in Nigeria do not reveal their owner.

Which Country Is Eligible To Work On GoldNaira App?

Although the GoldNaira app is really popular in Nigeria for its loans, GoldNaira is supported in almost all the countries in the world. That is, users in countries such as Kenya, Mexico and lot of other countries, are eligible to use GoldNaira app.

Does GoldNaira App Offer Any Referral?

Unfortunately, GoldNaira app does not have any referral program.


As you can see, GoldNaira app is a legit loan app that has the interest of the customer at heart. This is why they have a customer support where customers can lay their complaints.

However, it is important to note that I am not affiliated with GoldNaira app in any way and I am not paid by GoldNaira app for this.
Nevertheless, do you have a bad or good experience of GoldNaira app?
Let me know via by commenting it below.

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