Does Walmart take Google Pay
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Does Walmart Take Google Pay? Find Out Now!

Over the last couple years, Google pay has grown to become a very popular payment method as what sets it out and therefore, makes it different from the other payment method, is that it is cashless and cardless. That is, it does not need your credit card or your debit card.

However, despite the popularity of Walmart, one of the biggest companies in the world, it is still not spared from adopting the new payment system which is actually cashless and cardless.  Most customers who shop at Walmart have been desiring to know, does Walmart take Google pay? If I make use of my Google pay, will Walmart accept the Google pay as a payment method?

I will be providing answers to the questions. And alongside all this, we will also show you everything that you need to know about Google pay and the Walmart payment methods.

Does Walmart Take Google Pay?

Does Walmart take Google Pay

No, unfortunately Walmart does not take Google pay. The company does not allow its users to make payment using Google pay and as such, they simply decline the payment, when a customer makes a purchase and then tries to use Google pay as their Walmart payment method. 

In the next few seconds, I will be showing you why Walmart does not take Google pay.

Why Does Walmart Not Take Google Pay?

As earlier said, Walmart does not accept Google pay or allow their customers to make their payment using Apple pay. The reason for this is simply that the company will lose some key and important data which is important for its type of business. If payment is made through Google pay, Walmart will not be able to get the users data except they pay for the data and which is of course something that they would want to avoid.

Aside from Google pay, Walmart does not also allow for the usage of Apple pay as payment methods on Walmart.

Where Is Google Pay Accepted?

Google Pay is accepted by major stores and a lot of companies. These companies have been able to adopt the new cardless and cashless type of payment of which their users can make use of to make transactions to them. Below are a few stores that Google pay is accepted.

What Do I Use On Walmart That Is Similar To Google Pay?

Knowing that making a cardless and a cashless type of transaction has become the trend now, Walmart does not intend to die out and it does not intend to miss out either. However, instead of using Google pay or Apple pay which is a third party payment system, Walmart has its own cardless and cashless payment tool of which it is similar to Google Pay and the users can make use of it to make payment.

In a few moments from now, I will be sharing with you some key details about Walmart pay, the cardless and cashless payment system of Walmart.

What Are Walmart Payment Methods?

Apart from Google pay, Walmart has a lot of payment methods of which it has no issues accepting. Using these Walmart accepted payment methods, the user can simply make payment for items in the Walmart store or online with stress. Below are Walmart payments methods.

What Is Walmart Pay?

Walmart pay is a mobile wallet developed by Walmart that can store your credit card and debit card information. It works similar to other cardless and cashless services. However, unlike Apple pay or Google pay, Walmart pay only requires a QR scan. With the Walmart pay, you can easily make payment for goods shopped at Walmart.

How To Use Walmart Pay?

As earlier said, the Walmart pay is a mobile pay is a mobile wallet that users can make use of to make payment at Walmart. And also, it makes use of QR scan technology.

Below are steps on how to use Walmart pay in making payment.

  • Open the Walmart mobile app, you can download from the Google play store for your android device or the Apple App store for your iOS device.
  • Launch the Walmart Pay wallet.
  • Enter your PIN or use your fingerprint ID to log in to the account.
  • Aim your mobile phones camera at the QR code on the PIN reader or self-checkout screen.
  • A sound or vibration made on your device should indicate when the QR code is scanned successfully.

Using this, you can make payment for items shopped at Walmart. Although this is basically done in the physical Walmart store.

Does Walmart Pay Work The Same As Google Pay?

Not exactly. Walmart pay does not work the same as Google pay although they are both cashless and cardless payment system. Unlike Google pay, Walmart pay makes use of a QR code.

Difference Between Google Pay And Walmart Pay?

There is not much difference between Google pay and Walmart pay. However, the difference between both is simply that Walmart pay makes use of a QR code and it is accepted as a Walmart payment method. 

What Happens If The Walmart Payment Methods Are Not Working?

If the Walmart payment method being used by you is not working, you can easily try the next one. 

There are a lot of Walmart payment methods available and you can keep trying all of them out till you see the one that works with you. However, if there is any issue, you can have the Walmart customer service to help you resolve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Shop At Walmart With Google Pay?

No, you can not shop at Walmart with Google pay. Walmart does not accept Google pay as a form of payment.

Does Walmart Take Google Pay In store?

No, Walmart does not take Google pay in it store. In the Walmart store, the customer will have to pick a payment method that is accepted by the company.

Does Walmart Online Take Google Pay?

No, you can not use Google pay to make payment on Walmart online. It is not accepted.

Does Walmart Accept Virtual Payment?

No, Walmart does not accept virtual payment. Virtual debit cards or credit cards are not accepted as a Walmart payment method because you will not be able to enter the card numbers.

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