Crown27 Review Review: Is Crown27 Legit? Check It Now!

Reading a review such as this review is important before you decide to go in to investing your money, time and energy in any online earning platform.

Anyway, welcome to my Review. In this article, I will be answering important and pestering questions about
I mean, questions like; “is legit or scam?”, “who is the founder of”, “how does work” and all other information that you will need to know about So, without wasting of time, let us her started.


About What Is is an online and newly launched platform that claims to allow its users to earn money through betting on sport activities.

Crown27 Review

How Does Work?

Just like I stated earlier, is an online platform that claims to pay it users for betting on sporting activities as well as referrals.


This are the two major ways of making money on the platform.
And there are:

1. Betting On Sport Activities

By betting on sport activities, the platform, actually pays users. Although this is betting, it is also more of gambling as the platform also has other ways it pays. allows users up to 100 rands on their trial funds account.

2. Referral Program

Also, platform allows users to earn money on their platform by making referrals. However, most importantly, these people being referred by you to the platform must register on the platform using your referral link. The referral link is a unique link which is available to all people who have completed their sign up.

You must also ensure that this people being referred make use of your referral link because that will be the only way that the platform, will be able to know that the platform was actually referred by you. Sign Up/ How To Create An Account On

Carrying out your registration is important if you want to make money on the platform. Below are the steps involved in carrying out your sign up:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click on “Sign Up”
  3. Click on “Sign up with Facebook”
  4. Log in to your Facebook account. If your account is already logged in, click on “Continue as (your Facebook account) will be able to get your data from Facebook without really asking you. The data will include your name, address and even age.
  5. Confirm the details
  6. Click on submit
    Verify your account Login/ How To Sign In On

Similar to the registration, carrying out your is a simple process. Below is a guide on how to percorm your accoung log in:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click on ” Log in”
    You will be asked to enter the following details –
    a) Email address or phone number
    b) Password
  3. Click on submit Withdrawal/ How To Get Paid On

Just like every earning platform including the platform, after earning, you will want to place a withdrawal. Below is a guide on how to carry out your withdrawal. That is, how to get paid on

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the wallet icon on the dashboard
  3. Click on “Withdraw”
  4. Choose your payment method
  5. Fill in the your details depending on the payment method which you chose

The earning platform, takes about 10% as it fee for processing the transaction. Review

One of the disadvantages of is that it only allows users to place their bet on European teams. That is, you can not bet on Asian leagues, African league and a lot of others.
While this may not be a big issue, it is actually a no good sign for some people.

And also, we do not know and we can not really tell if is an ideal platform for you, that is, if it is a scam or not and this is because the platform is considerably new and would need some time before we can tell if it is legit or not. However, you can get started by using the 100 rands trail fund on to get started on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legit Or Scam?

We do not know if is actually legit or a scam. And this is because the earning platform, is actually newly launched.

Is Worth My Time?

Actually, we cannot really tell if is worth your time. However, we have heard several reports of payments made by which will probably, serve as payment proofs.

Can I Earn From Referral?

Yes, you can earn from the referral program. This referral program is also an earning alternative on the platform.

Who Is The Owner Or Founder Of

No one actually knows who the founder or owner of is.
However, this is quite common amongst new platforms such as and while it is important for some people, I do not really believe it is something to panic about.

Who Is Allowed To Play Games?

Anyone is allowed to play games or make their betting on .
However, you must be an adult. That is, you must be over the age of 18.


Thank you for reading my review. As you can see, is actually new platform and we can not really tell if the platform is legit or not.
Nevertheless, we hope we had provided you with good and adequate knowledge about

How has your experience on been?

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