Business you can start without capital in Nigeria

5 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start Without Capital In Nigeria

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In this article, we are going to analyze some lucrative businesses you can start without capital in Nigeria without any capital. So at the end of this analysis, we would be able to believe that there are actually some businesses one can start here in Nigeria without any capital.

I could remember one of those days in the University; one of our lecturers on Entrepreneurship Studies, came to teach us how to run a successful business in Nigeria.
Of course an average Nigerian would always wish to have a business, but the capital is always the setback. This was actually what motivated one of our course mates to ask the lecturer about any business one can run successfully in Nigeria without a capital.

Though the lecturer thought the question was actually simple to answer until he tried attending to the question, that was when he noticed that giving an answer the question was actually not easy.

This means that getting a successful business without any capital may not actually be easy, but through the little analysis we have made, I can say that it is possible to start a successful business in Nigeria without a capital.

Though it may seem impossible to many people, but I would love to tell you that if you can open your mind for business, then the ideas I will share here will really be of a great help. So thinking of how to start life in Nigeria without any capital, then read through as I share with you 5 businesses you can start without capital in Nigeria.

There are actually some online businesses that you can easily start here in Nigeria without any capital, but on the course of this article, we shall be concentrating only on offline businesses you can start without capital.

Talent-oriented Businesses

I know one may be confused as what could be the meaning of talent-oriented business, or what are talent-oriented businesses.

So if you are stuck or confused about what this could mean, then lean closer and read with keen eyes.
Talent-oriented businesses are those businesses which one can easily do as a result of his natural talent. This means that there are talents you have which you can easily turn to a lucrative business without spending a dime as capital.
So if you have a good talent, you can easily turn it into a lucrative business without having to look for capital as a beginner.

I know one may actually believe with me that talents can be turned to a business, but the problem may now be, “how do I know if I have any saleable talent?”
Even right from our childhood, it would always be hard for many people to know or discover the talent they have. But through proper guides, mentoring, and carefully studying ones life; one can easily discover the talent he has.

I believe at this age, one may not still be struggling to know the talent he has, but even if you don’t know yet; you can still get to figure it out as long as you are interested to know.

To know your talent, look within yourself to know that special attributes that that you have; that peculiar thing which you know how to do very well without being taught by anybody. That peculiar thing you do perfectly which people are always amazed at.
The truth is that you can turn these talents to a business business in Nigeria without any capital.

Let me seize this opportunity to give you an example:
One of my friends always love talking, he can joke very well; in fact you can never stay with him without cracking your ribs in laughter. Even if you don’t want to laugh, once you are with him, you must surely be forced to laugh uncontrollably.

At a point, I began to think that this friend of mine is wasting his talent without generating any income with it.
Then I suggested to him that he think of turning this wonderful talent of his to a business. The truth is that he never knew that his ability to make people laugh was a nice talent, neither did he know that the talent could put food on his table.

But after the insight, he resolved to go into MC (Master Of Ceremony) work.
It was really like a child’s play when he started, but the testimony today is that, today, he may not be willing to do any salary work, as his MC work has already cleared the way for him.
Almost all the events around his area including wedding ceremonies, and so on, are being controlled by him.
Even as he is being paid well for every program he attends, the money he makes from guest in a program is never to be compared to what he charges for a program.

So what am I saying? Your talent can actually be a nice option to starting a business without a capital.
Everybody must not be an MC, so look within you to know the natural gift or talent you can turn into a lucrative business without capital in Nigeria.

Keke Hire-purchase

Business you can start without capital in Nigeria

This is a business which some people may actually know very well. It’s a business strategy whereby one gets a tricycle (keke-napepe) from the owner at a cost higher than the normal sale price of the tricycle; with the intention of paying up the cost in installments, before being the actual owner of the tricycle.

To make this more understandable, a brand new tricycle (Keke Napepe) was sold at N700,000. This price may really be hard for a beginner to get. So, as a beginner, you may negotiate with anybody that has the money to buy the tricycle for you, knowing that you are to pay up two times (double) the price the tricycle was bought. So since the tricycle was bought for N700,000, you may be expected to pay N140,000 within an agreed period of time; let’s say within one or two years, depending on agreement.

This may actually sound odd to many people, but the truth is that it is actually a realistic business one can do in Nigeria without a capital.
Many people have started good life through this business. A guy that got his tricycle at the hire-purchase cost of N140,000 was paying his boss N20,000 per week. Meanwhile he was making at least N7,000 in a week. This means that he was still able to save N22,000 in a week after paying or settling his boss with his 20k weekly payment.

This guy was able to pay up the 700k which was the whole cost of the hire purchase, within a year, and became the real owner of the tricycle.
The interesting thing is that the tricycle was still very new until he paid up the cost. It was through the money he made from this tricycle that he started life, and he is doing well today.

Scrap Business

This business involves buying and selling of used or condemned items like irons, rubbers, chairs, and so on.
Some people regard this as a dirty business, but it may interest me to let you know that it’s actually a very lucrative business you can start in Nigeria, even without capital.

Then how can you do this as a beginner without capital?

Look out there, there may be some established ones doing the business with their money already; meet and liaise with any of them. He will be the one to be giving you money to buy scraps for him. You can buy these scrabs at very cheap rate from households or sites, since they are condemned materials. Though your boss was the one that gave you the money to buy them, he would always buy these scraps from you at a very higher price.

Many people neglect this business because they see it as a dirty business that doesn’t have swag. But everything is all about packaging, making a difference from the usual.

I could remember a graduate that was staying in the same street with me. He said he was not ready to start looking for jobs, and he ventured into this scrap business. He packaged his business very well and was even using his little cube motorcycle to move around the street to buy scraps at a very cheap rate from households, machine sites, motor sites, and so on.
It was really surprising to many people, the day he said he started the business without any capital, but was making at least 50k monthly. He started it without any capital because he liaised with the buyer who always give him money to get the scraps for him, and then buys the scrap from him at a higher price.

Remember that these scrap dealers are always looking for those they would give money to get scraps for them, so that’s the nature of the business. It is actually a lucrative business a beginner can start in Nigeria without capital.

Home Tutoring

Home Tutoring is of course a lucrative business one can start in Nigeria without any capital.
Just think about the subject you know very well, advertise it around your street. If you are good in mathematics, you can print many paper adverts and paste them around every corner in your area.
You can write something like: “A mathematics teacher is living here, call him for your mathematics lessons.”
You know how Nigerians value education, you may not imagine the kind of patronage you may be getting from students and even parents as a home teacher, especially if you are living within a city or more developed area.

Land Agent Business

This is one of the businesses I have discovered that one can start in Nigeria without any capital.
It involves getting information about any land for sale, and getting interested buyers to buy the land. In some parts of Nigeria, 5% or 10% of any land sale is always given to the agent that got the buyer as his commission.
Let’s say you are able to get a buyer that bought a land of N2 million, this means that 5% or 10% of N2 million will be given to you as your commission. 5% of N2 million is N100,000; you can imagine making such amount of money without any capital.

Though this kind of business always needs a legal backup, but in some places, any person can still do this business as long as he is smart.


The businesses listed in this article may really appear unsatisfactory to some people that believe most in “white kola job”, but the truth is that they are capable of making a great way for a beginner that has no hope of capital to start a good life. It would even be wise to always have it in mind that the so-called white kola jobs no more exist in Nigeria. That is why it’s important you think of helping yourself through any possible means.
So, thinking about lucrative businesses one can start in Nigeria without capital, it may really be very hard to figure out, but the 5 businesses discussed in this article can greatly answer the question.
Wishing you all the best!

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