Bubble Cash game withdrawal

Bubble Cash Game Review: Is Bubble Cash App Legit? Check It Now!

The invent of mobile game apps has been one that has changed the entertainment industry for humanity.
And even the most mind blowing is when this mobile game apps actually pay you to play this games.

Bubble cash game is one of such mobile games whereby you get relaxed and play against opposition players and at the same time, win real money which can be withdrawn as cash.


Bubble cash game app is really a plain game that can give you a few bucks as a gamer.

In this article, I will be providing you with the bubble cash game review. Providing you with every information that you need to know about bubble cash app, how to get started with bubble cash, how to withdraw on bubble cash and lot of others.
So, without further ado, let us see what is the Bubbles cash app.

What Is Bubble Cash App?

Bubble Cash game Review

Bubble cash is a shooter game where users can compete in real life tournaments against other opponents and at the same time, make money from it.


The video game, Bubble cash app is a product of the Papaya Gaming Ltd. Papaya is game developing company that is based in Israel. The game developing company is widely known for developing lot of video games through which users can use to make money.

How Does Bubble Cash Work

Just as stated earlier, Bubble cash is a mobile game that was developed by Papaya Gaming limited. It let’s users make money by paying the highest scorer.

The game let’s two or more users to connect and fight for gems, cash and a lot of others, which most of them come in points which also, can be redeemed for cash.

Scores on Bubble cash game app can be calculated by clearing bubbles and the amount of time left if you happen to clear the game board.
The three players who have won the highest score in the game, are usually provided with rewards.

How To Get Started With Bubble Cash

Below are steps to get started with the Bubble cash app game –

  1. Open the Google play store or the App Store
  2. Open the Bubble cash app and create an account
  3. Start practising
  4. Take part in tournament and participate against other Bubble cash players

How To Play Bubble Cash

To play Bubble cash, you must have created your Bubble cash app account. This will include your name, username, password and a lot of others.

You can go ahead to play the free version and accumulate over 1200 gems to move over to the paid version.
Just like I had stated earlier, Bubble cash is just a shooting game and you will have to sign up and turn on your location to view available tournaments.

Bubble Cash Withdrawal

Bubble Cash game withdrawal

Players on Bubble cash can carry out their withdrawal at anytime they want.
Bubble cash allows players to make their withdrawals into their PayPal account and a withdrawal fee of $1 is charged. Bubble cash withdrawal takes between 3 days to about 14 days.

Any Bubble cash withdrawal that is longer than that period, you can contact their customer care.

Bubble Cash App

The Bubble cash app was developed by an Israel based game developing company known as Papaya gaming ltd. The bubble cash app game is available on the Google play store for android devices and the Apple app store for iOS devices. While the Bubble cash apk version is available on sites like www.apkpure.com

Bubble Cash Review

Just like I had stated earlier, Bubble cash is a mobile app that pays users for playing games. And just as stated, this gaming app only pays the highest winners. Payment are usually made as points which can then be redeemed for cash.

Bubble Cash has a good rating on the app stores and a lot of people have indeed been paid by the gaming app.
The Bubble Cash game is rated as one of the top ten games that pays on the play store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Bubble Cash Game Legit?

Yes, the Bubble cash game is legit. Players can play the bubble cash game and are sure that they will certainly be paid without stories.

Is Bubble Cash Legal?

Yes, Bubble cash is legal. However, this depends on county, as some countries in the world do not support gambling.

Ensure that your country supports this type of game before you go ahead to try it out, lest you get prosecuted for it.

However, countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France and a lot of other countries allow their users to play games like Bubble cash and earn money.

Is Bubble Cash Rigged?

No, Bubble cash is not rigged.

Is Bubble Cash A Safe App?

Yes, Bubble cash is a safe app. It does not phish on you. However, you need to go ahead to download a software that can verify this for you, lest you have been using a fake bubble cash app which has been actually spying on you.

Is Bubble Cash Gambling?

No, Bubble cash is not gambling. However, it involves some gambling elements such as adding money to your Bubble cash account.

Do You Really Win Money On Bubble Cash?

Yes, you can really win money on Bubble cash. However, to win this money, you must be the highest scorer on the game.

Do You Have To Pay To Play Bubble Cash?

No, you do not really need to pay to play Bubble cash. The game, Bubble cash app has the free and paid version. Using the free version, you can accumulate gems although you will be very limited.

Who Can Play Bubble Cash?

Due to some gambling elements in the Bubble cash game, the game can only be played by persons that are above the age of 17. However, this depends on your country as several countries in the world allows people from 18+ to take part in gambling activities.

How Much Can You Earn With Bubble Cash?

Earnings on Bubble Cash is not fixed. On Bubble cash, you can earn over $70 depending on how much is the entry fee of the game. However, earning using the bubble cash free mode might take a while as you will need over 1,200 gems as your entry fee. They offer a bonus of $7 of which $4 gets to first place, $2 gets to the second place and $1 for the first place.

Can I Lose Money Playing Bubble Cash?

Yes, you can lose money playing Bubble cash. Payments are made to first, second and the third runner up’s. This means that you can lose money if you are not among this top three winners.


Thank you for reading my
Bubble Cash Game review. In this article, I have addressed a lot of things as related to Bubble cash. Answering questions like; “what is bubble cash?”, “how does bubble cash work?”, “is bubble cash legit?” and a lot of others.

There are lot of gaming apps which you can make money from, and Bubble cash game app is one of them. Bubble cash allows you to earn cash by just playing games. Payment are made to the top three winners.

Have you ever made money playing games on apps like Bubble cash?
Let us know via the comment section.

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