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AMCON reappointes Capt. Sanusi As Managing Director

Capt. Ado Sanusi’s reappointment as the new managing director of Aero contractors has been confirmed by Asset management corporation of Nigeria (AMCON).

AMCON Made this know by it’s media consultant, who said that company reappointed Sanusi to Aero contractors due to their inability to obtain the required Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the Nigeria Civil Aviation Agency (NCAA) for it’s new Air line, NG Eagle.

Sanusi’s reappointment was confirmed last week and he was scheduled to resume work on Monday.

AMCO first appointed Sanusi as the Chief executive officer (CEO) of Aero contractors in March 2027 but was redeployed to NG Eagle as it’s first managing director on January last year.

Sanusi was replaced at Aero by Capt. Abdullahi Mahmood that was serving as the Chief pilot officer at Arik Air. Before his appointment in 2017, sanusi was serving as the Vice President at Arik Air.

AMCON, regretted that the cooperation was unable to start-up the new airline because of the problem in securing AOC and the failure of the airline to take off.

The statement explained that Aero contractors has been in under the governance of AMCON since 2016 and it is undergoing restructuring with an expectation of returning to schedule service as soon as possible.

Reacting to the reappointment, Sanusi responded that he was very happy and pleased to come back to Aero contractors to continue the job of rebranding the airline.

Sanusi stressed that the new management have to put alot of hard work to make the airline, which has suspended flight operation about 3 months ago to be stronger.

He praised Capt. Mahmood who has returned to his former position at Arik Air for a great Job he has done while he was serving in the office.

“Some things need to be done to make this airline stronger than before to be able to face future challenge.
He was also looking forward to the support of the staff and the entire Management of the Airline, including other stakeholders to make the airline great again.


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