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Aboki.africa review: is Aboki Africa legit or scam? Check It Now

Welcome to my Aboki Africa review. With Aboki Africa, users can send money to Africa, as well as carry out any transaction which involves conversion of a foreign currencies to their local African currencies. On aboki.africa, users can convert many foreign currencies including the American dollar, European Euro, the British pound, the Chinese Yuan, the Korean Won and lot of other currencies and even the south African rand.

Receiving foreign payments has always being a big problem in many African countries. Most times, even when people succeed to receive foreign payments directly into their local bank account, the bank will slash down the whole fund in the name of exchange rate, which is not always friendly.

This was possibly one of the reasons that inspired the emergence of aboki.africa, to reduce the difficulty in receiving foreign payments in Africa and to boycott the high exchange rate of local banks.

Prior to the emergence of Aboki Africa, it has been believed that users will always enjoy a good exchange rate.

However, due to the increasing popularity of Aboki Africa or Aboki express, many people have started wondering if the platform is legit or scam, so they won’t lose their funds.

So this is why I have decided to do a little Aboki Africa review, to address several concerns about the company. In this Aboki review, I will try to answer several questions like “Is Aboki Africa legit”, ” Is Aboki Africa scam”, “What do people think of Aboki Africa” and as a bonus, I will guide you on how to create account on Aboki.africa.

These are the core questions I will be addressing, but prior to that, I think knowing what is Aboki.africa will be a great starting point. So, without wasting of time, let us see what Aboki.africa is all about.

What Is Aboki Africa?

Aboki Africa is a platform that provides users with a solution to send money to Africa as well as to send money from Africa to other continents.

Aboki africa

Aboki Africa is a company that provides businesses, brands and individuals with a virtual account details which will allow them to receive money instantly from clients, companies or individuals who are living or based in a foreign country.

When Was Aboki Africa Launched?

Aboki FX was launched in June 2020, and since then, has grown greatly and it offers one of the best foreign exchange rate (FX rate).

Who Founded Aboki.africa?

Aboki.africa was founded by Idoreyin Obong and Femi Aghedo.

How Does Aboki Africa Work?

Aboki Africa allows users to get an International bank account number (IBAN), create a foreign bank account and have money transfer from anywhere in the world into their Aboki Africa account and then transfer the money into their local bank when they sign up.

Although Aboki Africa will charge some fees for their burden of being the middle man in the transaction, this fees are quite substantial considering the benefit you would get.

How To Create An Account On Aboki Africa

Creating an account on Aboki Africa requires no stress and it is completely free. Below are the processes involved in carrying out your Aboki Africa sign up:

  1. Visit the Aboki Africa website at www.aboki.africa or download the Aboki Africa app
  2. Click on “Get started”
  3. An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) First name
    b) Last name
    c) Phone number
    d) Email address
    e) Password
  4. Click on create account.

By clicking on create account, it means that you have accepted the terms and conditions laid down by Aboki Africa. It is important to ensure that all the details you entered during the Aboki Africa sign up process are correct.

Aboki Africa Sign In

After signing up on Aboki Africa, you will need to carry out your Aboki Africa sign in.
Below are the processes involved in carrying out your Aboki Africa sign in:

  1. Visit the Aboki Africa website at www.aboki.africa or download the Aboki Africa app.
  2. Click on sign in
  3. An electronic form will be shown on your screen, asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  4. Click on sign in.

Ensure that the details you submitted during your Aboki Africa sign in is the same as those you submitted in your Aboki Africa sign up form.

Aboki Africa Review

With Aboki Africa, you can recieve your payment without losing your sleep and in the fear that Aboki Africa is not real or it is not legit.

Aboki Africa is very credible and you should give it a trial. It is not a scam as they are regulated and backed by the Nigerian government.

They provide a better alternative to the Aboki Foreign exchange (FX) rate (the black market exchange rate) which has proven to fluctuate a lot. Besides this, Aboki Africa has a great customer care which will provide you support and help you solve any of your problems related to Aboki Africa.
From my experience, these are signs of a credible FX provider.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Aboki Africa Scam?

No, Aboki Africa is not a scam. It is very real platform and this

How Legit Is Aboki Africa?

Aboki Africa is very legit. They offer a very legit foreign exchange rate and they are registered under the Central Bank. This speaks a lot of volume regarding how legit Aboki Africa is.

Aboki Exchange Rate Today In Lagos

According to Aboki FX and as at the time this article was written, the following are the Aboki exchange rate today in Lagos:

  • ZAR / NGN – N26.7
  • SGD / NGN – N306
  • BIF / NGN – N0.21
  • BOB / NGN – N60
  • BRL / NGN – N77.5
  • CNY / NGN – N65.4
  • DKK / NGN – N62.3
  • GBP / NGN – N558
  • AUD / NGN – N462
  • USD / NGN – N290
  • CAD / NGN – N325
  • USD / NGN – N414
  • NZD / NGN – N271


Thank you for reading my Aboki review. As you can see, Aboki FX serves you with an alternative to send money to Africa, converting the money from a foreign currency into the local currency and then get the money straight into your bank account.
The platform, Aboki Africa is completely legit, free of scam and they offer the best FX rate.

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  1. They block, restrict peoples accounts without prior notice and they term it as the activities of their fraud detection system. Locking in funds for weeks.

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