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5 Best Content Monetization Platforms For Content Creators

Some say that it’s not totally easy for content Creators to reap the rewards of their hard work, which is not far from the truth but going through all the available monetization platforms usually feel like a second job. But if you pick the right one, believe me you are off to the race, same goes if you pick the wrong one you will be losing out your supposed rewards for hard work.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most popular and the best online monetization platforms available. We will go in details to break down the cost, explore the pros and cons and hopefully we will bring you the Gold you have been looking for.

Content Creators’ Guide To Making Money

Like the saying goes “true satisfaction comes from creating in and itself”. Content Creators perform so many valuable service, ranging from entertainment, to education, to bespoke art pieces.

You should understand that Choosing the best content creator monetization platform is highly personal.
There are a lot of options available to choose from, but each platform comes with its own flaws and benefits.

In Choosing the right platform for your content creating journey, depends mostly on your researching, knowing your business and experimenting.

From our own research, we suggest the following content monetization platforms.

1. Patreon

I think it will be interested, if we begin with content creation platform that revolutionized the content creation game.

Patreon was established in 2013. Upon it’s establishment, it has helpED so many content creators looking for new revenue streams. It is established that the platform is used by millions of content creators to monetize exclusive content.

Patreon allows all their content creators to accept donations from their fans. In addition to this feature, creative creators can monetize their creation with a monthly subscription fee.

The platform has recorded over 6 million patrons with over 200,000 creators that are followed by at least one patron.

It’s totally free to create account on the platform, however fees are charged as soon as you start earning money.

The fee is usually between 5 and 12 – percent of their monthly take home. And that is in addition to any applicable processing fee.

2. Ko-fi

This platform is loaded with Monetization features. This features can be used by content creators to:
Launch a crowdfunding campaign; Receive donations; Sell physical and digital products; Offer monthly memberships, and commissions.

The most interesting thing about the awesome platform is that it is free to use and charges no fees on donations. However the platform does charges transaction fees, coupled with few premium features which requires monthly subscription fee.

3. Podia

content creator
Already established creative creators can save a lot of processing platform fees by switching to podia.
Thanks to the platforms premium membership model. Instead of taking a percentage of what you make, podia choose a flat-rate monthly subscription fee.

With podia, members can accept donations from their fans, sell monthly memberships, digital downloads, and online course. Creators have two choice to make when it comes to membership package which is the one of $39 or $79. You should know that each of the package is subjected to standard payment processing.

4. Buy Me a Coffee

This platform allows its members to do memberships, donations and product sales. This service is an official partner of Paypal and Stripe, which allows content creators to link their account directly to their bank account and receive their cash immediately.

The advantage of this platform over others is that there is no monthly fees instead, the platform charges five-percent transaction fee in addition to the standard PayPal or stripe processing.

5. Facebook

It will interest you that Facebook also pays those content creators. Meta which is Facebook parent company is always surveying the Monetization market for new opportunities. It should be a Surprise that Facebook offers the same monetization opportunities as the ones we have discussed above. On Facebook, creative creators can monetize their videos with in – stream ad, partner with brands, or set up a monthly subscription button on their Facebook page. The sittings is not a tough one, it’s simple and we advise you check it out if your Facebook page generate enough traffic.

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