51 Daily Income Businesses In Nigeria [Very Profitable]

A daily income business is any business that brings sure profits to the owner on daily basis; that is, the owner is sure of counting some profits, every day that they run the business. One interesting thing about these kinds of businesses is that it motivates the owner, since they are sure to drop a certain amount of profit every single day. This would help them to make a good savings plan from the business.

Also, for a new business, if it’s a type that brings daily income, it’s going to help the owner to understand the nature of income flow in that business within a little period of time, and be able to define their fate, whether to continue in the business or to make a U-turn.

List Of Daily Income Businesses That Are Profitable

We are going to divide the businesses into two groups. That is, 25 offline businesses, and 25 online business, making a total of 50 business ideas in our list.

A. Offline Daily Income Businesses In Nigeria

Daily income business in Nigeria

Offline daily income businesses are those businesses that don’t necessarily require the use of the internet to run. They are those businesses that can be completely run in offline environment, though can still be supported by online means if need be. Some of them are:

1. Restaurant Business

This business involves cooking all sorts of desired meals for people that eat outside their homes. You may decide to focus on fast foods like preparing Indomie Noddles and the rest, or even combine many other menus like rice, beans, fufu, and many more.

Though it is always better and mature if you are able to get a shop for this business, but the interesting thing is that you can still do this business perfectly even if you don’t have a shop.

It is no doubt that this business can change your financial status if you are able to get a nice location for it. In this regard, restaurant business mostly do well in the cities or any type of busy places, where commercial activities are going on. Though food business is really very stressful, but must surely pay you off if situated in a favourable environment.

2. Transport Service

Transport service is no doubt a lucrative business that one can ever think of. The beauty of the business is that the owner is always sure that the business would always bring daily income on his table. It seems to be very easy to startup. Once you are able to get your medium of transportation, either a taxi, buss, tricycle (Ke-ke na Pepe) or even a motorcycle, then you are good to go.

One thing about this transport business is that many people neglect it a lot, many people think it’s a business for the less privileged or the uneducated ones, but the truth is that the business has changed many People’s lives even some graduates.

You should always know that some startup businesses are always a way of raising more capital for better businesses; so someone doing transport business may not really be planning to remain permanently in the business, as they can switch to their dream business at any time they are able to make up to the amount of capital they need.

To give you a surprise, I have interviewed many tricycle riders, and discovered that they make not less than N3,000 every day. So don’t you think such income would really be of help to raising capital for a better business?

I know of a graduate that was doing Okada work because he had no job, and no capital for any business. It was through the Okada that he raised capital for his electronics business which he is running successfully till today.

3. Car Wash Business

Car wash business may not require a lot of capital to startup. Once you are able to secure a good location, and get source of water supply; I guess your income would keep flowing every day.

One interesting thing about this business is that once set up, you keep making your money without having to spend on anything again, especially if you are making use of free/natural water that you don’t have to buy.

The only thing you may need to buy is just your detergent which you may even use to wash many cars before exhausting a particular volume of it.

Location also matters a lot in car was business, it can turn to be a very big business if situated in the city, where there are a lot of cars or car owners.

4. Barbing/salon Business

Salon business is another lucrative business that cannot be overemphasized. One interesting thing about this business is that it requires skills, no one can easily jump into the business without having to learn how to barb, though you can still employ a barber if you don’t have the skills.

This is one of the businesses that people always neglect without knowing that it’s a lucrative business that can change one’s financial status. Many serious minded barbers are making cool money from the business today. It may not really be a business of the less privileged as many people may think; many big guys are really doing well in the business, it just depends on your ability to add swag or value to your own barbing business.

5. Football Viewing Center

Any business targeted at the youths always do very well, and football viewing business is one of them. Though anyone can be a lover of sports, but the number of youths that are die-hard fans of sports are really overwhelming.

You may be surprised that one may decide to spend the last money in his hand, just to satisfy his passion for sports. More interestingly, there are now a lot of football clubs out there, of which there must be at least one football match everyday; and hope you know that there are fans that can never skip watching a football match in a day?

6. Foodstuff Business

Foodstuffs refer to substances that can be consumed as food, or that can be used to prepare foods. These may include raw materials of foods before or after processing. These could range from raw foods like rice, beans, corn, groundnuts, cooking oils, cooking ingredients, and so on.

Foodstuff business is a very lucrative business; you can imagine that everybody eats at least two or three square meal everyday; no matter how dry your pocket may be, you must still have to buy foodstuffs to fill your stomach.

7. Football Betting

A large number of youths have put their whole hope on betting and gambling. While it may have done much harm to many youths, there are still some that have succeeded through betting. This is always giving hope to others, never to quit gambling, always hoping for a lucky day. This shows that no matter how risky betting may be, there will always be a large number of people that cannot do without it.

How To Start Football Betting Business In Nigeria

Almost on daily basis, different football betting companies has kept coming up. But the most popular betting companies these days seem to be: Bet9ja, Bet King, Naira Bet, 1×Bet, Bet Way, and so on.

So if you want to start football betting business, you would need to sign up as an agent with any of those betting companies listed above.

Example: if you want to go into betting business through Bet9ja, then you will have to sign up as an agent on Bet9ja Website

Other things you may need for this betting business include: a shop at a good location, sets of computers that have dual monitors, Big Generator, and some other things.

8. Phone Charging

Phone charging is another lucrative business that many people are yet to know about. We can never deny the fact about the nature of power supply in Nigeria; we actually know that there is very poor supply of power/electricity in some regions of the Country, some places may not even be connected to electricity at all.

Meanwhile, no matter how timid a region may be, whether they have electricity or not; people there already know the value of handset and would always like to keep their handsets powered.

This business will do extremely well if situated in a suitable environment; especially some campuses/school environments that don’t have steady power supply, because students would always love to charge their gadgets. All you need to set up this business is just a small shop and a generator, then your daily income will start flowing.

9. phone Repairs

This is another lucrative business that anyone can venture into and make their money. You can imagine the population that is using phones in the country.

One thing with this business is that it requires some skills; for you to go into phone repairs, you really need to bring out your time to learn how to repair all kinds of phones.

Though phone repairs is a very technical work, but it may not take a long time to learn the skills. The skills can easily be learnt by anybody, usually within the space of 4 to 6 months, depending on individual’s ability to learn.

Recently on December 2022, I decided to meet with some phone repairers and ask them how much they make from the work. I was very surprised to hear them say that some of them even go home everyday with up to N10,000 or above. That’s really a huge sum of income that many jobs cannot pay you!

One interesting thing about the business is that you may not be spending on anything. It’s only the one-time money you will spend to learn the skill; which could range from 50k or higher, depending on the person and location.

10. Music/Video/Game/App Download

This is another lucrative business that can never be undermined. The business involves downloading music, videos, games, application, and so on, on people’s phones.

I could remember the last time I went to download some music in my phone, whereby the person collected N50 per music; you could imagine how much he made from me by downloading 200 music for me. That was 10k at a spot!(N50 × 200 = N10,000).

One interesting thing about this business is that it doesn’t require much capital to set up, yet it’s a very lucrative business.

All you need is just your computer/laptop, Generator and a space which must not be a shop, it could even be under an umbrella. Once you have these downloadable files in your computer, you will keep downloading for people and making daily income without spending any extra money.

11. Provision Store

Provision business is another business that would never allow your pocket to go dry. The business involves selling a combination of household goods like: detergents, biscuits, tea, milk, bread, and many uncountable ones.

12. Cyber Cafe

This is a computer-oriented business where you would be running things like: photocopy, typing, printing, binding, online registrations, and so on. This kind of business have been known to thrive in a populated street especially in a Campus Environment.

13. POS Business

Once you get a very good center, I would say that POS business is really capable of giving you up to N5,000 Profit or above, on daily basis.

14. Okirika Business

This is a very lucrative business if managed very well. The business involves buying and selling of London-used clothes. It’s really a very lucrative business because you can buy the clothes at very cheap prices and sell at any price you want.

15. Laundry

Laundry/Dry-cleaning service is a very nice business that doesn’t require much capital to set up. It involves washing and ironing people’s clothes, and getting paid for your service. the major thing you need to start this business is just a shop and a generator, and a few other things.

16. Photography

Photography is another lucrative business that would keep bringing cash in your pocket continuously without having to spend on your works. It does very well especially if you have a studio, but even if you don’t have, you can still do well in it. You would just have to look for event places or some places like amusement parks and so on.

17. Rental Service

If you have little capital with you, you may decide to buy some event materials like: chairs, canopies, tables, bridals stuff, and so on.

18. Hairdressing

If you are good in making fantastic female hair styles, then this would really be a very nice business you can venture into.

19. Bear Parlour

Bear Parlour business seems to be taking over the society today. The business involves having a cool joint where you sell things like bear, pepper soup, and so on. No single day passes in Nigeria without people drinking alcohols or eating pepper soup. It has really become a very lucrative business today because it is a business where people are always ready to spend money.

20. Pure Water Business

This is another lucrative business that needs not to be neglected. It involves selling/supplying of sachet water or bottle water. One interesting thing about this business is that people drink water everyday, and this shows that you are sure of torching money everyday.

21. Popcorn Business

Though some people neglect Popcorn business, but the truth is that people are making a living out of it.

22. Liquid Soap Production

Many households today prefer using liquid soap for washing, because of one reason or the other.
You can start making your daily income, producing and supplying liquid soap to households that may need them.

23. Charcoal Business

Do you know that many households prefer using Charcoal as their local means of cooking? You may be surprised at how much you would be making if you start selling or supplying charcoals in your area.

24. Spare Parts Business

This business is capable of changing your financial status. If you have ever being to mechanic sites to repair your car or motorcycle, then you would really understand what I’m saying. The number of people that use vehicle today may really be out of count.

25. Recharge Card Business

Both the rich and the poor cannot really do without recharging their phones, this suggest that the business remains one of the fastest-moving businesses you can ever think of. You can boost this business if you can strive to start printing the recharge cards yourself.

B. Online Daily Income Business In Nigeria

In this section, we are going to be discussing the online businesses that will keep bringing income to you everyday.

26. Write On Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub was launched in 2019, and since then, it has really changed the financial status of many writers.

If you are good in writing such articles like politics, society news, lifestyle, health, sports, entertainment, and so on; then you can leverage the opportunity on Opera News Hub.

Initially, the platform pays N360 per 10,000 clicks; but in their recent update, they now have many criteria to determine the payment of writers. The criteria may include: quality of article, reading time, account quality, and so on.

The truth is that there may not be limit of what you can earn monthly on Opera News Hub; all is required is just your hard work and dedication.

27. Write On Scooper

Scooper is another online platform where you can write and get paid daily, even from your comfort. It is a very similar platform like Opera News Hub. The same type of articles you write on Opera News are still what you may be writing on Scooper. But the difference between the two platforms is that Opera pays writers based on some criteria including clicks, reading time, account quality, and so on; but scooper pays $0.8 as a fixed amount for any published article.

To join scooper, you may need to fill out their registration form online, and also submit any of your written articles as a sample; this sample would usually determine whether you are qualified to be selected of not. A current update has it that Scooper is not currently accepting new writers. However, you can still try your luck to know if you will be accepted

28. Write On People’s Blogs

Seeing that blogging is a very lucrative business today, many bloggers that have made a lot of money from the business don’t usually have enough time to write on their blogs again. In this, they usually depend on other writers, and are always ready to hire interested writers on their blog, since blogs would always need to be frequently updated with posts.

So, you can reach out to those blogs that are looking for writers, and start making your daily income, while you write for them.

29. Manage Your Own Blog

Though blogging is always a very difficult job to venture in, but it remains one of the most lucrative businesses one can do online which will keep bringing income to you everyday.

Just search within yourself to know your passion, to Know your ability, what you can write well. Create your blog and start writing on that your niche; you may be surprised on the amount of money you would start generating from your blog within a few period of time, as long as you put the best of your efforts.

30. YouTube Videos

While you are still waiting, many people are already making bunch of passive income daily from Youtube videos. These videos could be any form of videos that can get the interest of people to watch them; it could be tutorial videos, coaching videos, talent show videos, comedy skits and so on. Just think about any type of video you can use to gain audience to watch your clips.

If all these Nigerian comedians and artists like Mark Angel, Davido etc…, should tell you how much they make from their YouTube channels on daily basis, then you may open your mouth and forget to close it.

Our research shows that a YouTube channel receives at least $18 per 1,000 ad views; meanwhile you only need just 1,000 subscribers in your YouTube channel to start earning from it.

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31. Become A Social Media Influencer

If you are very good in building audience on social media, then you can leverage this skill and make money for yourself on daily basis.

Your activeness and quality of posts you make on social media are the major ways to building strong audience that you can convert to money making machines in future. This could be through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Once you have quality followers on social media, you may be surprised that many brands would start reaching out to you for adverts on your page. You can start making daily income from these brands by advertising their products or service on your page.

You can even decide to market your own products on your page, since you already have quality audience that would always turn out for you. Even in the recent development, some social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, etc, has made it possible to monetize your contents, and make cool money daily.

32. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model whereby you help a company that sells products or services, to make sales, while you earn a certain commission for every sale you make for them.

Affiliate marketing is one of the businesses out there that does not require any capital to start up. All you have to do is just to connect with an affiliate marketing company and start helping them to sell their stuff, while you keep earning your commissions for every sale you make.

Some affiliate marketing companies you can try out are: Amazon, Konga, Jumia, VConnect, Payporte, and so on. With these, you can start making your daily income even while you sleep.

33. E-commerce Business

E-commerce is another business model that will keep bringing income to you on daily basis. It is an online business that involves buying and selling of products online. These products could range from clothes, shoes, and many other usable products.

It may be products that you produce yourself or products that you will have to buy from the companies. In each case, making cool money from e-commerce involves selling products online, cheaper than their normal prices. This means that you would always have to source for where to buy products very cheap so that you can sell them at cheaper rate on your e-commerce website.

To start this online business, all you need is just to create your e-commerce website, drive much traffic To it and start selling your products. You may reach out to us if you need a standard e-commerce website to get started.

34. App Development

Do you have technical knowledge of programing or coding? you’ve got enough skill to earn cool money daily.

With your programming skills, you can start making cool money, building/developing Android or desktop applications for people. You may even decide to develop your own application and put it on the Play Store. This can start generating passive daily income once people start downloading your app from the play store. You can be making money from your app by showing ads on your app or any other monetization means.

Even if you don’t have knowledge of programming, you can still build/develop your apps, as there are now some websites that can actually help you to do that for free.

35. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another online business that is making waves today. It is a kind of retail business where a seller connects and sells products to the customers through online, without having the products in their custody.

For Example, if you want to start selling shoes but you don’t have the products nor the space to keep them. All you have to do is just to meet the producer and negotiate with them. You will then set up your online store where you will put the shoes on sale. Whenever a customer orders those shoes through your online store, you will now get the products from the producer and ship them to the customer.

36. Online Teaching

Online teaching is another lucrative business that will help you to earn money daily, even from your comfort zone.

There are some platforms like UpWork, etc, where you can teach students some educational courses which you are good at. Also, you may decide to use your personal online platform like social media and run it, if you already have students. These could be courses like: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economic, and many more.

37. Online Coaching

If there are some professional skills you have, then you can actually turn this wealth of knowledge to a lucrative business. Example: If you are a good public speaker, you may set up online platform where you would be coaching people on public speaking skills, and be making your daily income.

38. Crypto Currency Business

Cryptocurrencies could include: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Etherium, Xrp, and so on. You can be making unbelievable amount of daily income daily through trading of Cryptocurrencies or through buying, storing, and selling them when the prices increase.

39. Social Media Management

If you are good at handling social media, then you can leverage this skill and make money for yourself everyday. There are many companies out there that don’t have time to manage their social media accounts, you can collect deals from some of these companies and be getting paid for managing their social media accounts.

40. Sell Social Media Pages

If you are good at building social media accounts, growing quality followers/audience; then you can start making cool money, building and selling social media accounts to business persons and brands.

All you have to do is to start creating social media pages on any niche, grow quality audience and see how people would be eager to buy from you. You may decide to be creating social media pages on different types of niches, like: fashion, education, lifestyle, and so on.

41. Online Ads Agent

If you are good in marketing, then this is another online business that you can consider. You may decide to reach a deal with some business owners and start advertising their business online for them; and get paid for doing so.

42. Sell Your Photos Online

If you are very photogenic, then you can start making money daily, selling your pictures online. You can sell your photos on many websites, like: Alarmy, 500px, SmugMug pro, Shutter stock, istock, and so on. You may even decide to create your own website and start selling your photos.

43. Buying and Selling Of Domains

This is another lucrative business but many people don’t know about. If you are creative enough, you can start creating and registering fantastic domain names, and putting them on sale at higher price. You may be surprised on how people would keep contacting you on daily basis, to buy your domains.

44. Website Design

Once you have acquired the website design skills, you may not really need to spend money again, while you continue making your cool money, designing websites for individuals, Companies, and Organizations.

45. Selling Of Digital Goods

Another business that is making the wave today is sales of digital products. Digital products include things like: eBooks, templates, wallpapers, music, videos, and so on. You may decide to start creating any of these products and make your cool money everyday, selling them online.

46. SEO Service

SEO service has remained one of the booming online businesses today. This is because there are countless number of competitive blogs and business websites today on the internet, of which many of them take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serious to stand out.

47. Copywriting

This is a kind of professional writing that is used to promote products or services. It is always persuasive in nature so as convince customers to patronize a product or service.

48. Proofreading

Proofreading involves reviewing a written work, to correct spelling and grammatical errors. There are countless number of websites where you can earn daily income, doing your proofreading work; such websites like: Fiverr, UpWork, and so on.

49. Graphics Design

If you are a good Graphics designer, then there is no need searching again, as you can start making cool money doing what you already know how to do. You can start designing works for individuals and companies and making cool money. This could be Logo designs, event banners, and so on. You can advertise your Graphics skills and get clients on websites like: Fiverr or even you Facebook page.

50. Publish on Amazon KDP

Amazon is one of the platforms that has really provided a great opportunity for online business in Nigeria. If you have any relevant skills or knowledge, then you may start publishing your eBooks and selling them on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

This is a very lucrative business as you would keep selling and earning from a single eBook once published.

51. Online Investments

There are some online investment platforms where you can invest some money and earn some interest on daily, monthly or yearly basis. Remember, this is totally different from “MMM” type of investment, or “Bring 2 people” type of investment. The investment we are talking about here is a legit investment, which all the platforms are licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

For someone that may not have enough time to run a business online, online investments may be a good option, as it doesn’t require any time. Once you invest your money their, you will go and do other things, while you watch your money grow.

We have taken our time to select some of these investment platforms, where you can invest your money safely, without a fear of anything. You can check the article below to go through them.

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  2. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back
    to your webpage? My blog is in the exact same niche
    as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit
    from a lot of the information you provide here.

    Please let me know if this okay with you. Appreciate it!

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  4. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting
    my own weblog and was wondering what all is required to get set up?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?

    I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100% sure.
    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  5. My relatives every time say that I am killing my time here
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  6. My relatives every time say that I am killing my time here
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  7. This is a very extensive list. Thank you. Do you have resources on KDP? I’ve searched on your page, but I can’t find one.

  8. This is a very extensive list. Thank you. Do you have resources on KDP? I’ve searched on your page, but I can’t find one.

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