7 Simple Ways To Make Money on Starmil

If you’ve been surfing the web seemingly endlessly, scrolling through the internet in search of a way to make cool cash online, then your search is over as Starmil is here to help you level up your earn money online game.

In this article, I’ll show you 7 ways to make money on Starmil, the inside scoop on making money on Starmil, and an overview of the Starmil app. 

So, sit back and read on as we reveal all you need to know about making money on Starmil.

Starmil Overview: How Does it Work?

Make Money on Starmil

Starmil is an online platform, introduced in 2023 by a group of entrepreneurs who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with others as a way to meet the growing need for digital skills training, especially in the area of affiliate marketing.

Starmil provides access to a wide range of courses and training materials, as well as earning opportunities through network marketing and affiliate programs, allowing users to learn new skills and also earn sustainable income anywhere in the world.

Individuals that promote the skills courses, ebooks, and items on the Starmil marketplace can earn income and achieve financial independence.

Starmil has a very simple working model; it has two unique packages known as affiliate and MLM packages.

The Starmil affiliate package enables users to perform tasks, refer others, and earn, while the Starmil MLM package offers users the opportunity to create a team and earn more.

Starmil pays its members through advertising revenue from companies like Google AdSense and through sponsored content, enabling both affiliate and non-affiliated members to earn on the platform.

To get started on StarMil, you need to become a member by signing up with a one-time registration fee of $5 for the affiliate package and $3 for the MLM package.

After registration, you can begin earning on the StarMil platform by performing daily tasks, assigning tasks, and referring someone.

7 Ways to Make Money on Starmil

Starmil provides users with unique features that help them earn money on the platform in different ways, including tasks, affiliate marketing, MLM, playing games, promoting, and selling on the platform.

The following are 7 ways to make money on Starmil:

1. Gamer X Setup

You can earn money on Starmil through the Starmil Gamer X set up feature. This feature enables users on Starmil to earn money by playing games.

Every evening, two games are dropped for affiliate package members to participate in. The results of the game are displayed in the afternoon of the next day.

 You can play this game by funding your wallet with as little as $1 and earning or losing up to 50% of the amount you played with.

2. Star Swap

 You can cash out big time on Starmil through the Starmil star swap feature. This feature allows users to buy and hold decentralized and scarce starmil pairs, which are released once every three months.

Once these star pairs become available, users purchase, hold, and sell them to users who couldn’t buy them when they became scarce and gained value.

Even without getting a buyer for your star pairs, you can convert the star pairs back to cash and withdraw them to your bank account.

3. Upload and sales of e-books

 You can earn money on Starmil as an author by uploading, marketing, and selling your ebooks directly on Starmil Marketplace.

You can also earn up to 80% of the cost of ebooks by promoting and selling other people’s ebooks on Starmil Marketplace.

4. Upload and Sales on Virtual Marketplace

You can earn money on Starmil Marketplace by uploading and selling your products, services, or content to a wider audience on Starmil.

However, uploading on Starmil Marketplace requires a $10 payment, which can be paid using your daily task points on Starmil.

5.Starmil Affiliate Program

One of the surest ways to make money on Starmil is through the Starmil affiliate program. You earn a direct affiliate bonus of $4.2 for anyone you refer to register on the platform using your link.

You’ll also earn an indirect 1st generation affiliate commission of $0.3 whenever the person you refer to refers to another person.

Lastly, you earn a 2nd generation downline affiliate commission of $ 0.1 when your downline refers to another person.

6 Starmil Tasks

Another sure way to earn money as a Starmil user is by performing daily tasks, including daily login, watching short ad videos, or liking and commenting on a post. 

You’ll earn up to $1 for each task you perform, which can be withdrawn from your bank account.

7 Multi-level marketing (MLM)

With the Starmil MLM package, you can simply earn money by creating an active team of referrals.

 After signing up for the Starmil MLM package for $3, you’ll have to refer two people, and these two people will also refer another two each. 

Once you’re able to do this, you’ll get an instant cash reward of $15, which can be withdrawn from your bank account.

You’ll also earn incentives, which include phones, laptops, or a paid trip to a particular country for any cycle you complete.

How to register on Starmil

Registration on Starmil is simple and straightforward.

All you need is a one-time registration fee of $5 for the affiliate package or $3 for the MLM package, which you’ll get to pay for registration by purchasing a coupon code from Starmil-verified vendors.

After getting your coupon code, the vendor will send you a registration link, which you’ll use to register.

Click on the link, and you’ll be redirected to the sign-up page, where
You’ll be required to fill in some information about yourself on the sign-up page.

After filling in the information, click on “sign up” to register.

After successfully registering, login to the platform with your username and password and begin your earning journey.

Note that the one-time purchase of a coupon code makes for the registration fee; no extra fees are required.

Starmil Review: Is Starmil Legit or a Scam?

Starmil is a legit platform, as it has so far proven by paying its members, and there’s been no report or record of any fraudulent activity associated with the platform.

Starmil is also considered a safe platform to invest in as it is duly registered by CAC.

However, it’s important to do thorough research on the legitimacy of the platform before investing your time and money.

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