Top 10 Lucrative Businesses a Student Can Do to Make Money


Many students always think that being a student is a big excuse for not having money in their pockets. Some always think that being a student is an excuse for disturbing and begging money from people.

But there are many students out there that are sponsoring their education single handedly, and are still taking care of their parents, younger ones, and other family needs. So while you study, it may be wise to have some side hustle that fetches some money for you.

Why You Need a Side Hustle as a Student

  1. You Need A Business To Support Your Education

Nigeria is one of the countries where the cost of education is very high, meanwhile many Nigerian parents still struggle to send their children to school because of poor economy.

So as a student, why allowing the whole burden on your parents while you can just look for a lucrative business a student can do and make money for yourself, so that you can lessen the load for your parents.

  1. You Need To Live Well In School

Most times your financial status in school may really have great effects on so many things including your academics, social life, health, personality, and so on.


If you don’t have enough money with you as a student, chances are that you will never be concentrated, and may even be depressed, frustrated, and may not like to associate with reasonable people.

So, why not look for at least, one lucrative business a student can, and start making cool money for yourself so that you can live the kind of reasonable life you want in campus.

  1. So as not to be Frustrated after School

One bitter but important truth you really need to hear is that frustration after school in Nigeria is real. There are thousands of graduates being pushed out of several institutions in Nigeria, of which on very small percent of them usually get employed.

Many of the graduates are always frustrated after school because they don’t know where to start. This is because they were wholly depending on their parents or sponsors through out their school life.

But the mind-blowing fact is that, it is always very difficult to find a graduate who sponsored himself in school, to be frustrated.

I am always proud to say that I sponsored my education myself, and this gave the energy and idea to survive in the labour market even before I graduated.

So, I never felt frustrated after school, because I had been used to hustling on my own starting from my school days; it was no more a new thing to me to meet the labour market.

So, getting yourself lucrative business a student can do, can prepare you ahead to survive in the labour market without stress.

Top 10 Lucrative Businesses A Student Can Do

Just as I stressed earlier in this article, the list of lucrative business a student can do as presented here, are very workable and reliable; they are not just mere speculation.
So, let’s dive into the real issue:

1. Freelancing

Lucrative business a student can do

Freelancing is a part-time or side hustle which involves writing, designing, or doing other related works/services for a company or organization, usually for a pay.

But in this article, we will be focusing freelancing on the side of Writing. However, no matter the aspects you base your freelancing job, it remains a very lucrative business a student can do.

So, as a student, you can decide to write blog posts or articles for great bloggers or organizations. Writing is actually what you would be doing at your leisure time and be earning your cool money.

Recently, there are some popular companies that launched writing platforms for interested freelancers to earn unlimited amount of money for themselves, while writing for them. You can check some of them below:

a. Freelancing On Opera News Hub

Lucrative business a student can do

Opera News Hub is a writing platform that was launched in 2019, and since then, it has really empowered many young people in Nigeria, both graduates and undergraduates. Many people have started great business through the money they made from Opera news hub.

It may be mind blowing to tell you that in their earning of the Month of June, 2021, as posted by Opera; some writers made up to N500,000 in just a month. You could imagine such mind-blowing amount of money made just through writing. So, as a student, you can actually decide to start making money by writing on Opera News Hub.

You can watch the video below to know how you can create your account and start making money on opera:

Opera News Hub Registration

b. Freelancing On Scooper

Lucrative business a student can do

Scooper is another platform very similar to Opera News Hub, which pays their writers monthly for their freelancing jobs. Unlike opera news hub that pays writers per click, scooper pays writers $0.8 for any published article.

The video below can easily guide you on how to register on scooper and start making your money:

Scooper News Registration

c. Freelancing on Blogs

Apart from writing for companies, writing for people’s blogs is also a business a student can do and be making steady income.

You can connect with those people that are already making cool money from their personal blogs, they are always ready to hire writers to write for them so that they would always have enough contents on their blogs.

2. Blogging

Lucrative business a student can do

Blogging is a very lucrative business a student can do on their leisure, and be making cool money for himself. Unlike freelancing which involves writing for other people, blogging involves writing for your personal blog.

3. Buying And Selling Of Domain Names

Selling of website domain names is another lucrative business a student can do, and be making cool money. I could remember when I wanted to launch a website for my client, the first domain name he chose was a very fantastic one because it reflected perfectly to his business, but unfortunately it was already taken by another person.

He even reached out to the owner of the registered domain name which he wanted to use, but the person said he was not selling it.

New businesses are coming up everyday, and most times these businesses would require a nice domain name that would tally with the business name.

So, if you are creative enough, you can be brainstorming some fantastic domain names; register the names if they are still available, and put it on sale at higher price for those that would seriously need it in future.

There are some companies where you can actually buy and sell your domains; such companies like: Harmonweb, Namecheap, and others.

4. YouTube Videos

Making YouTube videos is another lucrative business a student can do to make steady income. Once you are able to grow your YouTube subscribers to a reasonable number, then you can monetize your YouTube videos and start making cool cash for yourself.

These videos could be in any form; you may wish to be making tutorial videos on courses, skills, talents or other things you know how to do very well.

If you are funny enough, you may even decide to be making funny videos in form of comedies. You may be surprised on how your subscribers would grow over night, and you will start making your money.

5. Barbing

Lucrative business a student can do

With barbing, it may be very surprising that you may be raising your school fees yourself before the end of a session, without depending on your parents.

Then, if your parents pay your school fees, it means you would be saving all the money you are making from the barbing.

Once you know how to barb very well and you are able to set up your barber shop to be very appealing, then there is no way your fellow students will ever skip your shop.

6. Photography

If you have your Camera as a student, then you’ve got something to help yourself. With your digital camera, you can do exploit. with your your digital camera, you can make your cool money more than you can imagine.

Of course you know that campus students don’t joke with pictures; then imagine having a photo stand within the campus.🤷 Even on Matriculation day, if photographers should tell you the amount of money they make, you will be very surprised.

Not only this, there is always one event or the other within the week. Events like weddings, and so on. So if you can also provide wait-and-take photos, definitely you will never lack work, as you can always walk in to any event and make you money.

7. Laundry

Lucrative business a student can do

Laundry is another lucrative business you can do as a student, but many don’t really know that laundry service is capable of changing their financial status even as a student.

All you need is just a shop, electric iron and a generator; washing machine is really optionanl for those that have the money.

8. Transport Service

Transport service is one of the easiest but lucrative business one can do as a student. It could be Tricycle or Motorcycle riding; and any of them can really make you good money.

One interesting thing about transport business is that any time you go out, there must always be profit to account. But while running a transport business as a student, it may be important you manage it wisely so that it may not interfere with your academics, because transport business seems to have addictive spirit.

9. Cyber Cafe

If you can afford just few set of computers and a space within the campus, then you should consider going into cyber business. Even if you are not computer literate, you can still decide to employ a computer operator who will be managing the Cyber Cafe for you, and your money would be flowing.

There in the Cafe, you can be running all sorts of things like: photocopy, printing, typing, online registration, results checking, assignments, seminar, projects, and so on. Once your fellow students notice that you are the owner of that Cafe, definitely they would never skip your shop to any other one.

10. Farming Business

Farming is another nice business you can do while in school, but many have always neglected it because they want white kola jobs which are no where to be found.

If you can lay your hands on a piece of land, you can decide to farm various farm products like cassava, rice, yams, and so on.

No matter the economy, farm produce are always on demand; hence you will never struggle to sell out your farm products. I could remember one of my friends that sponsored himself in the University with cassava farming business.

During semester break, he would always use the time to cultivate the cassava himself, without even hiring any labourer. At the due time, his cassava would always be ready for sale; and it was surprising that this guy was even among the richest students in his department, despite that he had no sponsor.


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