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How To Get Moniepoint POS Machine (Fast Step)

Moniepoint is a Fintech company that provides an all-in-one payments and other Financial Services to businesses and individuals. They also offer POS machines for business transactions, and their POS machines have become one of the most popular today.

Whether you want to go into POS business or you need a POS machine for collecting payments from your customers, Moniepoint POS can really serve you well. And in this article, we’ll guide you on ow you can easily get it very fast without any stress.

How to Get Moniepoint POS Machine in Nigeria

Moniepoint POS
Moniepoint POS Machine

How do you get moniepoint POS Fast?
The fastest way to get a Moniepoint POS machine is by visiting their office, you can visit any of their offices close to you and tell them that you need their POS machine.

Alternatively, if there is no Moniepoint POS office near you, you can connect with any of their aggregators and get the POS. Their aggregators are their marketers who are in charge of selling POS machines to people. Some of them even move about advertising the the Moniepoint POS for sale.

If you don’t know how to connect with the aggregator, you can look around those people that are doing POS business, meet any of them that is using Moniepoint POS, tell them to connect you to the aggregator to get a POS machine. That’s very simple!

Whichever means you want to use, you must need to do some registration on their platform before they will finally release the POS machine to you.

Moniepoint POS Registration

To get enrolled on Moniepoint, you can sign up via their official website or mobile app.

  1. Visit the official site.
  2. Fill in your personal information. This will include your name, BVN, Email, address, Gender, phone and your password so that you can sign in next time.
  3. Provide the required documents. There are some documents you may need to submit during your Moniepoint POS registreation, some of them are:
    • A valid Identification Card (International Passport NIN, Voters’ Card, or Driver’s License) for identity verification.
    • Utility Bill (waste bill, electricity bill, land-use charge, water bill, or tenancy agreement) for proof of residence.
    • CAC documents (if it is a registered business brand)
    • BVN
    • A standard account number in any commercial bank.
    • After submitting the KYC document. You will be contacted that your account has been verified.
  4. Once you’ve filled everything correctly, the POS will be given to you instantly. But if you did visit them physically, they are going to contact you within 3 days or so.

Moniepoint POS Price;

How Much Is Moniepoint POS Machine? Moniepoint POS is one of the cheapest POS machines among others. As at the time of writing this post, the Traditional Moniepoint POS is selling from N25,000 and above. While the android Moniepoint POS is selling from N35,000 and above.

Moniepoint POS Daily Target

While there are some POS terminals that don’t have a daily transaction target, Moniepoint POS has a daily transaction target. The Moniepoint POS daily target is set at N80,000. This means that if you are using the Moniepoint POS, you are expected to make a transaction of up to N80,000 in a day, if not they may collect the POS machine from you.

You may say, “but I paid for the POS machine”. But know that despite paying for the Moniepoint POS machine, you don’t own it. They only gave to you on lease.

Moniepoint POS Customer Care Number

In case you want to reach out to Moniepoint POS customer care for a POS or any other issue, you contact them on their support handle or send an email message at:

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