How To Make Up To $10 Daily Answering Questions On Metroopinion

MetroOpinion is a survey site that promises to pay their registered members to provide answers to survey questions about certain products, areas or everyday life. Normally, MetroOpinion pays in points, which can be converted to dollar ($). According to PixelDimes, these points can amount to $1 to $5 per survey.

However, we have discovered that some users do make some mistakes, especially during registration, which make them unable to earn very well on the platform. But you could actually be earning even up to $10 or higher, daily on Metroopinion; if you can do things the right way.

According to our findings, the two major factors that can affect earnings on metroopinion are: the niche and the location of a participant. If you choose a good niche/category and location during registration on metroopinion, you could actually be earning very well, as long as you are consistent.

How To Make Up To $10 Daily On

metroOpinion surveys

“There is only one way to make money on, and that is through answering survey questions. Normally, it may be very difficult to earn up to $10 on a survey site, but many participants are reportedly earning up to that on Metroopinion, according to And you may follow their strategy as explained below:”

1. Choose A Good Niche

When you register on Metroopinion, you would always get only the survey questions that align with the category you selected during the registration.

There are different niches/categories of surveys on metroOpinion, of which you will be required to chose one of them during your registration.

Some of these categories always have many surveys available to take, every day. While some categories may not always have much surveys to take.

If you choose a category that always have surveys to take, that means you will never lack surveys to take anytime you want to take surveys. This means you can always take as many surveys as possible, thereby making more money on the platform.

However, location may also affect the number of surveys that may be available for a participant. This is because some countries may have higher number of industries than others. And of course, the higher the number of industries and products, the higher number of survey questions.

2. Take At Least 2 – 10 Surveys Daily

Since MetroOpinion points amount to $1 – $5 per survey, then you may need to take at least 2 – 10 different surveys daily if you really want to make $10 in a day. (That is; 2 or 10 surveys × $5 or $1 = $10 in a day).

How To Withdraw Your Money On MetroOpinion

As said earlier, Metroopinion pays in points which can be converted to dollar. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of pints, you can simply redeem them to dollar, and withdraw it to your account, once it’s up to the withdrawal threshold.

The minimum withdrawal on metroopinion is $5. That is, you are eligible to request for withdrawal only when you have up to $5 in your account. And there are basically two withdrawal methods you can use for the withrawal, which are:

  • Paypal
  • G-Codes


Generally, online survey is not a get-rich-quick hustle, it may really take a lot of efforts to earn a reasonable income on online surveys. Nerdwallet reported that 3 of their staff spent more than 50 hours taking paid surveys on different survey sites, and they were able to earn only $90 all together. So, you may not always expect bundles of cash from survey sites. However, you can still make some bucks on metroopinion, as long as you apply the strategies discussed in this post. Choose a nice category during registration, and always take at least 2 – 10 surveys daily.

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