13 Legit Daily Earning Websites Without Investment

It feels good when you can foot your bills with ease, and one of the ways through which you can  do that is by earning daily. So, if you’re tired of asking people for financial help to foot your bills, then it is important that you know websites where you can earn money on a daily basis without any form of investment.

There are many legit websites where you can earn money daily at no cost during your leisure time. And guess what? There are no special skills/techniques required and you can work remotely from any part of the world. 

Making money from most of these daily earning websites is pretty easy because you will only need to perform some simple tasks like reviewing products, filling out surveys or other minor tasks. 

Daily Earning Websites that Pays Without Investment

Legit Daily Earning Website Without Investment

There are numerous trusted online websites where you can earn money on a daily basis. The websites are outlined below: 

1. SproutGig

SproutGig is a microjob platform where you can earn in dollars by doing some microjobs such as following social media pages, liking or commenting on social media posts, reading blog posts, clicking on ads, watching Youtube videos, etc.

Tasks on SproutGig don’t always take time; they are mostly tasks that can be completed within just a few minutes. And you can earn between a few cents and $2 per task. You may even be able to complete up to 10 tasks or more in a day, which will really give you a good income.

Aside from doing microtasks, you can also advertise your freelance skills on SproutGig and get hired by interested employers for your services. For example, if you are a graphic designer, website designer, writer, etc., you can create gigs there to advertise your service, and you get hired by interested parties.

SproutGig is not yet on the Play Store; their app is still on the apk version. However, you can still access the platform through their website.

2. Freecash.Com

When it comes to a daily earning website that pays legitimately, is among the top players. Since the launch of the website in 2020, they have provided a medium for their users to make money online on a daily basis. 

For you to earn money from, you will need to perform some tasks like playing games, filling out surveys, sign-ups or completing minor other tasks. This daily earning platform has a large community of active users globally. This platform offers instant cash when you reach the minimum threshold. 

There are numerous withdrawal options that you can use to withdraw your money such as PayPal, gift cards or even with crypto, depending on the option that is suitable for you. Meanwhile, the minimum amount that you can withdraw with PayPal is $5.00 while the threshold for crypto withdrawal is $0.50. This site claims that users of the platform have earned an aggregated amount that is more than $28,000,000.

3. Appen

If you’re knowledgeable enough in data collection and social media evaluation, you can earn extra money from Appen website. This website pays users for performing Artificial Intelligence (AI)  related tasks like social media evaluation, data collection, search relevance rating etc. 

Appen pays their users handsomely. With the Appen website, you can earn up to $15 per hour. You can work from any part of the world and payments are made through direct deposit or PayPal.

Additionally, there are other tasks like language translation, data annotation, transcription that you can still perform and get paid on Appen. This website is idle for those who wish to earn money remotely.

4. Market Force

This is another amazing website where you can earn money daily. This site is a mystery shopping website that allows people to visit businesses anonymously and provide valid feedback on their experience and get paid for their valuable feedback. 

As an anonymous shopper, you can decide to pay a visit to a restaurant, bank, retail store etc, and submit your comprehensive observations with regards to your experience. For each assignment that you completed successfully, you will get paid with the amount of money ranging from $5 – $20.

5. TryMyUI

TryMyUI is another leading website that pays daily. This website works on the principle of paying their users to test website user interfaces and mobile apps. To earn from this website, you will need to sign up as a tester and complete a simple test. If you pass the test, you will be rewarded for testing jobs. This website pays about $10 for each test, and completing  a task may take about 20 minutes.

6. Funds for Writers

If you have writing skills and you’re passionate about it, then you can turn your skill to instant cash with Funds for Writers website. This website pays you for writing an article for them. This website pays $60 per article. All you need to do is to write an article with an average word count of 500 to 600 words. To get started, just sign up to Funds for Writers websites and apply for writing jobs. If accepted, you will start earning daily for writing articles.

7. Trymata

If you want to earn daily for participating in market research studies and completing surveys, then Trymata website may be an idle option for you. With Trymata, you can earn money for participating in market research studies and completing surveys. This platform is designed such that users can share their feedback and opinions on various products and services. 

Trymata rewards their users in the form of cash or gift cards, hence making it an idle means to earn extra money during your leisure time. So, if you wish to have extra money to boost your income, Trymata is worth giving a try.

8. MaxBounty

If you are knowledgeable on how affiliate marketing works, then you can consider the MaxBounty website. This website is among the leading affiliate marketing networks that link advertisers to affiliates who are interested in promoting their services. 

As an affiliate from MaxBounty, you can earn commissions for promoting different offers like e-commerce sales, lead generation, mobile app installs and lots more. This website is among the top platforms that pays well and instantly too. 

As an affiliate, MaxBounty will pay you through ACH, wire transfer or PayPal. The website is user-oriented because they will guide their users on how to succeed in the platform by giving them useful resources like analytics, tracking software and even guidance from experienced affiliate managers. 

However, to achieve huge success at MaxBounty platform, you’ll need to have good numbers of active followers on different social media platforms where you can promote different offers from MaxBounty.

9. miPic

Another website where you can earn money daily is miPic. This website allows users to convert their digital photos into amazing products like tote bags, phone cases, and lots more. miPic rewards creativity by allowing you to sell your design to interested individuals in the platform. 

Apart from the fact that the platform allows you to sell your own design, you can also buy good designs from other artists by browsing the miPic website. This platform is idle for graphic designers or photographers who want to make extra money with their creativity.

10. Prolific

This platform links researchers to participants for academic studies. Registration on this site is free. After creating an account, you can scroll through the website to search for jobs that interest you and apply for them. With Prolific, you can earn up to $100 monthly and the payment is through PayPal.

11. Handy

Just as the name implies, Handy is a website/app that offers different kinds of jobs like repairing, delivery or cleaning to their users. It is a website that offers jobs to both skilled and unskilled workers. To get started on the Handy platform, you have to create an excellent profile that will contain the skills that you can offer and your abilities, so that people who need your service  can hire you in their various homes. Unlike other websites, Handy pays on a weekly basis through direct deposit. 

12. Field Agent

Field Agent is another amazing app that pays users for completing different tasks like checking prices of goods, filling out surveys, and taking photos of products in stores. With Field Agent, you can earn up to $12 for each task completed. The website pays you through Dwolla or PayPay.

13. Slice the Pie

This website pays users for carrying out different tasks like writing reviews for fashion, music and other related products.  To get started, you will need to create an account with the platform, after that you then listen to music or view different fashion items and then write a valuable review to earn money. The platform pays every week through PayPal. You can earn up to 15 cents for each review.  


We have seen that there are numerous legit websites where you can earn money on a daily basis with ease. So, it is left for you to choose the one that aligns with your interest and start making your money. However, we strongly recommend that you understand the mode of operation and policies guiding the website that you want to start earning from, so that you will be able to maximize the benefits that the website comes with. Best of luck!

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