10 Ways To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling Anything


Amazon is known to be the largest digital marketplace in the world, housing millions of active users. According to a publication by Amazon, it is estimated that there are about 310 million active users on the platform. 

This huge audience on amazon makes a nice place for people to sell their products and services and make money on the platform. 

But aside from selling on amazon, there are still other ways to make money on the platform, without necessarily having to sell anything. So, for those that may not have products or services to sell, there are still alternative ways to make money on amazon without selling anything; and that’s what we shall be revealing in this article.

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling For Free

How to make money on amazon without selling anything

There are numerous ways through which Amazon users can make money from the platform without selling. Some of the creative ways are outlined below:

1. Working As A Customer Support For Amazon

If you enjoy working remotely and you want to earn from Amazon, then working as an Amazon’s customer support team is a good option to consider.


Working as a customer support team at Amazon is quite simple and stress-free since you can work from your comfort zone. To become a customer support team at Amazon, you will need to:

  • Have excellent communication skills.
  • Be polite and listen to customer’s complaints.
  • Be ready to assist customers to fix issues relating to their purchases from Amazon.
  • Have to be patient when attending to customers.

So if you like working from home and you possess the above skills, then working as an Amazon’s customer support team is worth giving a try.

Fortunately, Amazon pays competitively for those working as their customer support team . According to a report by Glassdoor, Amazon pays averagely $19 per hour with other amazing benefits. You can earn when working as an Amazon support team without selling any product.

To apply for amazon customer support jobs, you can always check their job listing, to see when they have the job offer available. Application may not really be a big deal, you just have to click on apply and follow the process online. And remember, your location may not be a barrier in this job, as you can work from anywhere.

2. Work as a Virtual Assistant for an Amazon Seller

Amazon sellers usually need a virtual assistant since there are numerous tasks waiting to be executed. As a virtual assistant, you’ll help the Amazon seller to list new products on their storefronts, invent monitoring and also attend to customers who may need assistance.

In the simplest terms, a virtual assistant provides administrative support to Amazon sellers remotely. They help the seller to ensure the smooth running of the business. Amazing, you can work as a virtual assistant from your comfort zone.

To serve as a virtual assistant, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Good at multitasking,  and providing fast and reliable results.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to carry out research on the emerging business industry.
  • Understand the working principles of Amazon platforms and their policies.

Fortunately, if you don’t have these skills but you’re detail-oriented and you want to become a virtual assistant to an Amazon seller, then you can go to Youtube channels and learn the needed skills.

3. Create Video Content For Amazon Products

If you’re good at creating videos, you can use the medium to earn from Amazon without selling products. 

Amazon has a Video Review Program where they pay content creators a commission for making videos which review products they’ve already purchased on Amazon.

How it works is that if a buyer is searching for a review on that particular product, the video will appear on Amazon. If the buyer bought the product after going through your video review, then you stand a chance to earn a certain commission.

Video content creators make hundreds of dollars from Amazon Video Review Program monthly, you too can still be part of it. 

If you want to make money from Amazon Video Review Program, then you can try these useful tips:

  • Search for products that are highly sought after and give an honest review about it.
  • Before you start your review video, ensure that the said product is included on Amazon Video Review Program. Just go to product details and you will confirm it.
  • Make excellent videos about the products. Be honest about your review by giving reason(s) why the product is the best or why you don’t recommend it.
  • To ensure that the video receives visibility, make use of Google Trends to authenticate your product choice. Also optimize your video titles.


The more expensive a product is, the higher the commission you will get and vice-versa. The choice is yours to make.

4. Sign Up For Amazon Flex

Have you heard of Amazon Flex? Do you know how it works?

Amazon Flex is a special program that is designed to allow people to deliver products on Amazon’s behalf. With Amazon Flex, you’re going to earn a fortune without selling.

To become an Amazon Flex member, you just just sign up for Amazon Flex and choose the delivery hours that’s suitable for you. Once you sign up, Amazon will give you the needed equipment, and you can track your earnings via the app.

Benefits of joining Amazon Flex

  • You’ll choose the delivery time that is suitable for you.
  • You will also choose a location that’s close to you.
  • You will choose a schedule that’s suitable for you.

So, if you want to start making money from Amazon without  selling, then joining Amazon Flex is worth giving a try.

5. Become An Amazon Product Description Writer

If you’re a regular shopper at Amazon, you’ll agree with me that most of the Amazon’s products have a detailed description which is usually an integral part of their marketing since it contains all the necessary details that customers may need concerning a particular product.

Hence, if you can write comprehensive and precise product descriptions, then becoming an Amazon product description writer is an option to consider. It is very lucrative and highly demanded since not all the product sellers can write effectively or maybe they don’t have the time to do so.

To become an Amazon product description writer, you need to:

  • Be creative in crafting comprehensive product descriptions.
  • Be able to use the keywords to attract people’s interest.
  • Articulate the pros or cons of the said product.

6. Become An Amazon Graphic Designer

When it comes to product marketing, quality pictures play a crucial role in showcasing the products. To this end, most of the sellers on Amazon are always in need of experienced graphic designers who can use pictorial representation to showcase their products on Amazon storefronts.

Since online business is more of a virtual business, charming and attractive photos will definitely increase sales for Amazon sellers hence they always need services of graphic designers.

To start making money from becoming Amazon graphic designer, the following tips will be of help to you:

  • Create a concise portfolio of your work that will be visible to clients.
  • Ensure that you understand Amazon’s guidelines as concerns product images.
  • Be knowledgeable in how to use designs in marketing products.

With graphic design skills, you can earn from Amazon without selling.

7. Sign Up For Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Program

If you derive joy in writing, you can use it to earn some money from Amazon by ghostwriting ebooks. One good thing about ghostwriting is that once you write a high-quality eBook, there’ll be no need for you to start looking for buyers, just join Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program and you will start making your money.

Ghostwriting eBook on Amazon works on the principle of you writing a book and then handing it over to your customer who’ll in turn give some money for your write up. The customer may decide to publish the eBook or keep it for personal use. Amazingly, you’ll get your payment upfront for your ghostwriting.

To search for customers who need eBook ghostwriters on amazon, you can check Fiverr, Upwork or even social media platforms to see potential clients. Once you reach out, send to them your proposals and don’t forget to give your client good treatment for future business.

8. Offer Amazon Account Reinstatement Services

Since Amazon has millions of users, they have stringent rules which regulate their mode of operation to maintain sanity in the online marketplace.

Hence suspension of users  accounts by Amazon  is common because once any user violates Amazon’s policies, such users are liable to lose their accounts.

So when a seller’s Amazon account is suspended, they always opt for the services of people who can reinstate their Amazon account because they will lose their earning & access to their inventory will also be denied. And that’s when the services of Amazon reinstatement specialists are needed.

Some of the reasons while Amazon’s users account may be suspended include: 

  1. Selling substandard products.
  2. Selling unwholesome products.
  3. Selling contraband products.
  4. Creating dishonest reviews.
  5. Going contrary to Amazon’s listing policies.

Now, the services of a reinstatement specialist will come in to help the seller to reinstate their account by contacting Amazon on the seller’s behalf.

Though the reinstatement process may be tedious and time-consuming, if you’re able to convince Amazon to reinstate the account, you earn handsomely depending on what you agreed with the seller involved.

9. Refer People On How To Sign Up For Audible Free Trial

If you’re a fan of audiobooks, you can make money from Amazon by simply referring people to sign up for the Audible free trial.

Amazingly, Audible which is an Amazon company offers users a 30-day free trial where new users can choose free audiobooks of their choice.

However, after the 30-day free trial, members will pay a monthly subscription fee of $14.95 which they cancel at any given time.

How it works is that as an Audible affiliate, you’ll get a $15 commission for each person who signed up for the free trial  and completes it via your link.

With referring people to a 30-day free trial on audiobooks, you can make money from Amazon without selling.

 10 Join Amazon Mechanical Turk

By joining Amazon mechanical turk project you will earn some money while working remotely without selling products.

It is one of the easiest ways to make money from Amazon without selling, it involves participating in surveys, moderating and validating contents.

Although the pay may not be huge, you can make up to $15 per hour, hence with consistency and dedication you will be able to make extra money from this program. There’s not much skills required hence it is worth giving a trial if you want to earn money from Amazon without selling products.


From the foregoing, we’ve seen that there are numerous means through which we can earn money from Amazon without selling products. All you need to do is to be creative when exploring any of the options we outlined in this article, and in no distant time, you’ll join millions of people earning on Amazon.

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