How To Easily Get 5 Million Impressions on X (Twitter) and Make Money

How To Get 5 Million Impressions on X (Twitter)

There was great joy among many creators on Twitter (now known as X) recently, when they woke up and saw a hand-full of cash credited to them by the platform. The money is regarded as twitter ad revenue share. 

To break this down, Twitter generates most of its revenue from the paid advertisements that businesses, brands or people run on the platform. According to BusinessOfApps, Twitter generated $4.4 billion revenue in 2022, of which· 90% of the revenue came from advertisements. 

So, as a way to encourage creators on the platform for keeping the platform lively, Twitter has decided to pay a share of the ad revenue to every creator that meets the earning requirements.

According to TheCable, Elon Musk (Twitter CEO) made out about $5 million to pay creators, in the first badge of payment. And a lot of creators were paid heavily in the recent first badge of the payment. According to TechCrunch, a writer known as Brian Krassenstein, who has about 750,000 followers on Twitter, claims that Twitter paid him $24,305

How much Twitter paid Brian Krassenstein for ad revenue share.

Other users like @innocenttugo, @TheCR7Formula also shared similar testimonies, to have received $12,600 and $220,300 respectively. A lot of creators shared their testimonies, but we won’t be looking into them all.

twitter ad revenue share
twitter ad revenue share

There are some requirements you need to meet to be eligible for X revenue share; one of such requirements is having good impressions on your posts. The impressions here means a total tally of all the times your posts have been seen by people, in a particular period of time. 

However, there is a minimum number of impressions you need to achieve, to be part of this ad revenue share.

How Many Impressions Do You Need to Make Money on Twitter?

For you to be eligible for X monetization earnings,you need to have had up to 5 million impressions on your posts in the past 3 months. That means your posts need to be getting at least 60 impressions or above, every day.

This was initially set at 15 million impressions for the past 3 months, but was later reduced to 5 million impressions, so that it would be easier for many creators. 

However, getting up to 5 million impressions within 3 months may not actually be an easy task, especially if you don’t have many followers and are not active on the platform. But his post will show you the strategies you can use to achieve even more than that.

How To Get 5 Million Impressions On X

Getting 5 million impressions on X may not be a big deal, but may actually be a big deal if you don’t work it out. Just like any kind of positive result one may wish to achieve, you would always need to put in the required efforts. These strategies would help you to get very high impressions on X, and you start cashing out from the platform, like others.

  1. Get More Followers

Your posts will definitely get to reach more people if you have many followers. To get more followers, you have to set up your profile to look standard, because people can easily follow a standard profile than “anyhow” profile. 

  • Your profile picture should be sharp, all necessary details about you should be added in your profile. 
  • Interact with other users on the platform. Follow other users and ask them to follow you back, react, comment and retweet other people’s posts. 
  • Share your @username to your friends and ask them to follow you on X. If you have any other big audience on any other platform, you can also share your @username to them to follow you.
  • Run a sponsored campaign to get more followers. There are some platforms where you can buy twitter followers (real human beings). One of such platforms is SproutGig. On SproutGig, you can use just a little money to get many followers. Not only followers, you can get even comments, shares, and any kind of engagements you may want. You just have to register on the platform, fund your account and post the job you want people to do on your twitter account.
  • You may also switch your X account to professional mode. This always has more features to set up your account to look great.

2. Post Very Frequently (Quality Posts)

You cannot be sleeping on your X account and expect it to blow hot. You have to keep it very busy by posting very frequently; if possible, post at least 1 post everyday. It is not just any kind of posts, you have to curate quality posts that will make people see your profile worthy of follow. If you post anyhow, you may even start losing some of your followers. 

3. Add Visuals on Your Posts

Twitter’s algorithm seems to favor posts that have visual contents like images, videos and the like; than just plain texts. In this, posts with nice visuals can easily be distributed by the platform, thereby getting better impressions. 

Aside from this, people also get attracted more easily by contents with pictures or videos, than plain texts. It’s only when people are attracted to read a post that they can likely engage (like, comment, share) with the post. This helps to boost the visibility of the post, thereby getting more impressions. So in your posts, try to always add pictures or videos to them.

4. Post Varieties of Contents

While it may be good to have a specific niche, you can still diversify your contents if you are good in many topics. If your specific niche is not doing too well, you can try not to limit yourself only in that area, you can explore different topics. This will bring more people of various interests to your profile.

5. Use Hash-tags (#) on Your Posts

Just like on Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms; HashTags (#) are used to find related posts about a particular topic. For example: as at the time of writing this post, “Benz” was one of the trending hashtags in my location, so if you create any post relating to Benz and add a hashtag as #benz, when people search for Benz on Twitter, your  post will be part of those that will show up. This will greatly help to increase your visibility and impressions.

5. Create Posts on Trending Topics

Another great strategy to getting high impressions on X, is creating posts around trending topics. Trending topics means that many people are currently talking about that topic, and many will be searching for the topic as well. 

From the example in number 5 above, if I check Twitter’s trend and see that Benz is trending very well in my location, I might just decide to create many topics/posts talking about Benz. As many people will be searching for the topic “Benz” to see what people are talking about, my posts will be part of those making impressions.

6. Engage in Other People’s Posts

To increase your visibility, you need to engage in other people’s posts. You want other people to like, comment and share your posts, right? Then you need to do the same to others first.This will help to create bonds with other users to always do the same to your posts.

Another idea here is to always comment on influencers posts. Look out to big influencers on X that have huge followers, always follow up their posts bumper-to-bumper. Always leave reasonable comments on their posts. By doing so, a lot of people reading comments on the posts will definitely be seeing your comments, thereby making impressions. Some that love your comments may even decide to follow you.


Getting 5 million impressions in 3 months is one of the major requirements for Twitter ad revenue share. To make up to 5 million impressions in 3 months, you need at least 60 impressions everyday for the 3 months. To achieve this, you need a whole lot of serious effort. Most importantly, you need to post regularly, use hashtags, create contents on trending topics, and engage with other people’s posts, especially big influencers. In all, know that growth is always a gradual process, so you may not expect this to happen over night.

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