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20 Best Selling Items On Vinted To Make More Money is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell different kinds of fashion accessories; both new and used ones. This means that on Vinted, you can also sell your old fashion items that you don’t want to use again, instead of throwing them away.

According to Latana, Vinted has over 45 million active users, and with over 15,000 new people joining the platform every single day. This has really made the platform a huge selling place for many sellers.

While many sellers may not be making enough sales on Vinted, there are still some experienced ones that are making a lot of sales even on daily basis. The secret is that those fast sellers understand how Vinted works, and always follow the trending items on the platform.

So, for you to sell faster and make more money on Vinted, you would have to understand the items that customers are always looking out for. If you always list these set of trending items, you will definitely join the fastest sellers on vinted to be cashing out big.

20 Best Selling Items On Vinted

There are quite a number of top selling items on Vinted, these are items that are mostly sought after by buyers on the platform.

1. Body Cream

Body cream is one of the top selling items on vinted. Most of the time, this body creams are usually homemade and also cheaper compared to the price in the normal market.

2. Face Powder

Vinted is a place where members can trade their face powder at a cheaper price. This price is way better than the price found in the normal market for a similar or the same product.

3. Sun Glasses

People need sun glasses for fashion or when they are not comfortable with the sun rays. Sunglasses is one of top wanted items that anyone can sell on Vinted.

4. Gowns

Ladies can sell their old gowns on Vinted. This is better than throwing them away. Gowns is one of the top things you can sell on the Vinted app.

5. Blouses

Blouses can be worn with skirts, and they are also tradable on the Vinted app.

6. Skirts

Along with blouses, skirts also sell very fast on Vinted. The price for skirt on Vinted differs and it’s based on what the seller sets.

7. Tops

Top can also be worn with skirts, and they are always on a high demand by a lot of buyers on the vinted. They are worth considering if you want to start selling on Vinted.

8. Polo

Whether male or female, polo is usually sought after by quite a number of persons. You can start listing them and make good sales.

9. Purse

Most women purchase their purses on Vinted, and it is what you should consider if you want to make great sales on the platform.

10. Trousers

Male and female Vinted users will have no problem buying your old trousers as long as it is in a good condition. Your old trousers can be of a high demand by someone else, and they always sell fast.

11. Perfume

Similar to body creams, they are usually homemade and at a cheaper price. They are easy to sell on Vinted.

12. Cover Shoes

Everyone wears cover shoes. You can sell your old cover shoes on Vinted. This cover shoes can be of the male or female gender.

13. Flip Flops

Flip flops are a type of footwears that are usually worn at home. It is usually comfortable to the legs and a lot of people can buy them on Vinted.

14. Children Toys

You can also sell old toys on Vinted. These are toys that were owned by your kids or younger ones and maybe, they grew above them.

15. Headphones

Headphones are one of the highly sold products on Vinted. They are sought after by people who are into music or for fashion.

16. Earpiece

Earpiece can serve as an alternative to headphone, and they are easy to sell on Vinted too.

17. Smart Watch

Your old smart watch can be put on sale at at a good price and people will still buy it.

18. Phone Case

Your old iPhone, Samsung or any phone case can be sold to someone else on Vinted.

19. Hair Cream

Along with body cream, there are a lot of buyers on Vinted who are willing to buy your hair cream. Most of these hair creams are usually home made or made by the seller.

20. Furniture

Your old furniture such as chairs, tables can be sold on a lower price on Vinted.

How To Sell On Vinted

It is important to note that Vinted does not charge anyone a dime to sell an item on their platform. However, buyers on Vinted have to part with a service of 5% of their order, plus a processing fee of about $0.70.

Below are the steps involved in carrying out a sale on

  1. List The Items

Like every other online marketplace, you have to list your items on vinted before it would be visible to buyers. Listing an item on Vinted simply involves the seller taking a picture of the item and then uploading it on their Vinted profile.

  1. Wait for buyers

After uploading your item on Vinted, you have to wait for buyers to fall in love with your products and then order for it. One of the things that can drive your sales on vinted to a high side is your profile. You need to build a real and quality Vinted profile.

  1. Shipping

To successfully ship an item on Vinted, you need to download the shipping label. You do not need to pay in any way for the shipping because the buyer has already paid for the shipping label. You can then drop off the package at any USPS center that is closest to you and keep a receipt of the transaction.

After the whole shipping is completed and the buyer confirms receipt of the package, you will receive payment into your Vinted wallet. The shipping must be completed in less than 5 days.

One of the best secrets of selling faster on vinted is having much followers. In this, we have prepared a complete guide on how you can easily gather enough followers on vinted, and sell faster than other sellers. You may check out the guide below: 👇


Vinted is an online platform where you can buy and sell your fashion items. The platform is secure for both buyers and sellers. To sell faster and make more money, you would have to always follow the trend, and list items that buyers are looking for.

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