Videomine Registration: How To Get Videomine Coupon Code

It seems Videomine is no more paying, our findings so far show that the platform may be going into extinction. However, if you still want to know how to get their coupon code and register on the platform, then you can read further to find out.

Videomine was an online earning platform where members get paid to complete some tasks like watching videos, daily login, and so on. The platform also promises to pay new members N1,000 welcome bonus, and N1,400 referral commission for every new member they refer to the platform.

Registration on videomine costs a one-time fee of N2,000, and the fee is paid through a coupon code. The coupon code is their registration code which will give you access to register on the platform.

How To Register On Videomine

Registration on Videomine is very simple, and you can easily do that using your phone or computer, as long as you have your coupon code.

  1. Get The Videomine Coupon
  2. Sign Up On Videomine

1. How To Get Videomine Coupon Code

To register successfully on videomine, you will need to purchase their coupon code, which costs N2,000. Initially, Videomine had more than 10 verified coupon code vendours whom you can always contact from their website anytime you want to buy videomine coupon code. But now, it seems, they have only one Vendour listed on their suspected new website –

To get the Videomine coupon code, you may follow the steps below:👇

  1. Visit the official videomine website
  2. Click on “Purchase Coupon Code”, (you will see their verified vendour (s) with their WhatsApp number and bank account details).
  3. Message the vendour on WhatsApp and tell them you want to buy videomine coupon code.
  4. Make sure they reply your message before sending them money.
  5. Make sure you specify whether you are buying Coupon Code for Single Affiliate or MLM.
  6. Make payment of N2,000 to the Bank account of the vendour.
  7. Once the transaction is successful, send a screenshot of your debit alert to the vendour.
  8. Once he confirms your payment, they will send the coupon code to you immediately.

2. Signing Up Videomine

Now that you have successfully purchased your videomine coupon code, you can now proceed to register on the platform.

  • Visit the official videomine website and fill in the following:
    a) First name
    b) Last name
    c) Username
    d) Password
    e) Email address
    f) Phone number
    g) Residential address
    h) Videomine coupon code
  • Click on sign up
Videomine registration


According to our findings, there may be signals that Videomine is no more paying. You can check out our videomine review to see what we currently found out about the platform. However, if you still want to join the platform, there may be no issues with that, you can still try your luck. To register on the platfrom, you can visit their official website to buy their coupon code from their verified vendour. The coupon code costs N2,000, and it’s required before you can register successfully.

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