5 Simple Ways To Make Money On ySense

In ySense Forum which I was part of less than a year ago, people who were probably newbies on ySense were quite curious and asking questions regarding what is ySense and how does it work. It was quite funny to me because how could you be in ySense forum without knowing what is ySense.

If someone could ask that in a forum that is strictly for ySense, how then of an information regarding ySense is available to the public?

So, I decide to share more information regarding ySense and how to make money on the platform. Along with that, I will also be providing my honest ySense review, whether Ysense is legit or not. So without wasting of time, let us discuss about ySense.

What Is ySense And How Does It Work?

ySense is a free money earning site. However, this may appear to be quite misleading as you actually have to put some amount of work to earn money on ySense. It is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that pays it users to do quite some simple tasks.

Ysense was formerly known as Clixsense between 2007 to 2019 until they decided to rebrand which included having a change of name. They were officially called ySense in 2019. This rebrand also made the company to purchase a new domain name. Their old domain name was, but the new domain name now is .

Like I stated earlier, the ySense site offers a lot of opportunities for users to make money. And of course, the ySense app is available too.

How To Get Money On ClickSense

Now known as ySense, there are a lot of ways you can make money on ySense. Below are the five simple ways to make money on the ySense app or the ySense website.

1. ySense Surveys

Ysense has been known to be one of the survey sites that pay cash. One key thing about ySense is that they are widely known for their surveys. Most of the time, people even forget that ySense provides lot of other money earning opportunities and they just focus on the ySense surveys.

With ySense surveys, you can make between $0.50 to $4 for every survey session that you complete. The payment depends on your country and the average time it should take to answer the survey. And with the maximum survey time on ySense being about about 10 minutes. In less than 50 minutes on ySense, you can earn over $20, which is quite better than most other sites.

2. ySense Paid Offers

Paid offers are a great way to make money on ySense. And the fun part is that, these are things that you might enjoy doing even for free. ySense paid offers ranges from watching of video ads to playing games and even getting cashbacks whenever you make purchases.

Although the amount that ySense pays for playing games and watching these video ads is quite low, it is quite a great place to start making money on ySense. However, for cashbacks, ySense users can earn as high as $10 depending on what they did.
In summary, making money from ySense “paid offers” is a great thing.

3. ySense Micro Online Task

As a registered ySense user, you can make money on ySense micro online task. These are tasks such as downloading and installing apps to test them on your phone. Payment for most of the ySense micro online tasks are quite low. But nevertheless, it is great way to make money on ySense and it is one of the simple too.

4. ySense referrals

Like most other Get Paid To (GPT) sites, ySense allows users to earn money on every referrals they bring. Payment and benefits attached for every referrals is awesome. You get an instant payment of $0.20 to $0.50 into your ySense account depending on the location of the referred person. Along with that, you also get a 25% to 30% earnings of the referred person for every survey that they answer. As you can see, making money through referrals on ySense is quite simple.

5. ySense Daily Checklist Bonus

Although not quite a cool way to make money on ySense, it is still a great way after all. As someone who chooses to make money on ySense bonus, you need to understand the fact that it is just a bonus and that most times, you may not even qualify for it. However, you can earn as high as $50 on the ySense daily checklist bonus.

ySense Sign Up

ySense is quite open to new users who wants to make money from it. It is important to sign up on ySense if you want to make money from it.
Below are the steps and requirements in carrying out your ySense sign up.

  1. Visit the official ySense site at or simply use the official ySense app.
  2. Click on sign up
  3. An electronic form will be shown on your screen asking you to provide the following details.
    a) Your Email address
    b) Your password
  4. Click on sign up.
    Ensure that all your details are correct because they will be required during your ySense login.
Ysense sign up page Login

After you created a ySense account, you will be asked to carry out your ySense login.
Below are the steps involved in carrying out your ySense login.

  1. Visit the official ySense site at or simply use the official ySense app.
  2. Click on sign in
  3. An electronic form will be shown on your screen. Asking you to provide the following details –
    a) Email address
    b) Password
  4. Click on sign in
    Ensure all the details that you entered in the ySense login form are the same with the ones you entered on the ySense sign up form.

ySense App

The ySense app is available for download on the app stores. You can carry out your ySense app download on your iOS devices from the apple app store. And the Google play store for your android devices. And along with that, you can download the ySense apk version and install into your android phone from website like

ySense Payment Methods

There are lot of ySense payment methods to choose from. Below are the 4 payment methods on ySense:

  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Tango

These are the four payment methods on ySense and so it is necessary to have an account with them if you want to receive your ySense payment.

ySense Survey Review

ySense is a very credible site. They are owned by an American consumer company known as Prodege. This speaks volume regarding how legit the platform is. Contrary to what most people may be thinking, Prodege does not have any issues in payment. And number of surveys are based on the the users location.

Users of ySense have left a great review on sites like TrustPilot, Google play store and apple app store.
This means that from the most review of most people like myself, ySense is real and legit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ySense is totally legal. Its parent company, Prodegee LLC is a registered company in California, United States.

Is ySense A Scam?

No, ySense is not a scam.
However, quite a number of people who have used ySense before might have several issues in getting surveys on ySense and they decided to label ySense as a scam. The truth is, ySense is not a scam.

Is ySense Legit?

Yes, ySense is 100% legit. Even its previous name which was “clixsense” was a legit platform. And besides, they are a product of the popular Prodege LLC which is based at California, United States.

Is ySense Real Or Fake?

ySense is real. The company that owns ySense, the Prodege LLC is also behind survey junkie, inboxDollars and other free money earning site. And like you might have already known, those free money earning sites are real. This should speak enough volume regarding how real ySense actually is.

Who Owns ySense?

ySense is owned by an American online marketing, polling and consumer research company known as Prodege. They were formally known as Prodege LLC until they changed their name some time ago

Does ySense Really Pay?

Yes, ySense really pays its users whenever they request for payments and have choosen a payment method supported by ySense. You deserve to be paid for every legit hustle that you do and ySense is doing just that. ySense pays its users.

How Does ySense Make Money?

Most times, sites like ySense make their money from paying less for surveys. What I mean by this is that, a company may pay $0.50 for a 3 minutes survey but ySense will pay $0.30 thereby making a $0.20 gain.

How Do I Cancel My ySense Account?

Unfortunately, there is no much information about how to cancel a ySense account. However, you can contact the ySense customer support and have them guide you on how to cancel your ySense account.


As you can see, ySense is a very legit platform. They are owned by Prodege, which is an American company.
Making up to $200 monthly on ySense is quite possible if you are disciplined and have applied these five simple ways to make money on ySense.

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