3 Easiest Ways To Make Money On Swagbucks


Ever heard of swagbucks?
Well, swagbucks is an online platform that gives you rewards whenever you answer surveys and complete other task using their mobile app or site.
Sites like this have proven that you can earn money online by doing a lot of tasks including online shopping, online surveys, and so on. With sites such as swagbucks, earning money online is a real thing and it is no more of an hard task.

What Is Swagbucks? is an online earning platform that rewards its registered users with cash backs, gift cards and PayPal cash whenever a user completes specific task on the platform.

Swagbucks has been around for a very long time and they usually pay their users with Swagbucks points which can easily be converted to PayPal cash, gift cards and also used during cash backs.

Since the platform was introduced years ago, it has paid out over $600 million to its registered members through cash, cash backs and gift cards.

The platform, Swagbucks has over 20 million active users and they also give out more than 7,000 gift cards everyday to its registered members.
The platform, Swagbucks is a subsidiary and a product of Prodege LLC. A company which was founded in the year 2005.


How Does Swagbucks Work?

Swagbucks is an online platform that provides earning money opportunities for their registered users. It works similar to most other online earning platform such as eToro, Mistplay, inbox Dollars and other earning sites that pay their users whenever they answer survey questions.

The platform rewards their users by giving them some swagbucks points depending on the type of tasks they completed. These swagbucks points can be redeemed for PayPal cash, gift cards or cash backs whenever the user wishes to redeem or withdraw them.

The swagbucks points is abbreviated as ‘SB’. Swagbucks is available on web and mobile app. The web is as good as the swagbucks app version.

3 Easiest Ways To Make Money On Swagbucks

There are quite a number of ways to earn some Swagbucks points, and of course, Swagbucks points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Below are the 3 easiest ways anyone can make money on Swagbucks:

1. Searching the web

With swagbucks, you get paid for using their app to search the web. Although this is the simplest, the earning is also very small. However, the earnings could be huge if you stay consistent by browsing or surfing the web through swagbucks.

2. Watching Videos

Swagbucks also pays their users whenever they watch videos. Most of the time, these videos are usually ads. Although some users may decide to watch movies and they will still get paid for watching the videos.
In a simple way, swagbucks reward their users even for entertaining themselves.

3. Answering Paid Surveys

Answering paid surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn money on swagbucks. Each swagbucks survey has its own unique swagbucks points that a user gets whenever the particular task is concluded. You can earn up to 500SB or 500 swagbucks point for every 20 minutes survey that you answer.

Swagbucks urges you to answer evert question honestly. So, it is not possible for you to answer questions without even looking at them. Answering survey questions on swagbucks without even looking at the questions being asked might even result in you getting disqualified.

Swagbucks tasks
Swagbucks tasks

Swagbucks Sign Up

You can sign up on Swagbucks through the web or through the official Swagbucks app. However, most Swagbucks users prefer using the web version and so, you might consider using it.

Also, anyone that is over the age of 13 and has a valid email address can create Swagbucks account and also earn from the platform.

Below is the process involved in signing up on Swagbucks.

  1. Go to or visit the swagbucks official website at . You can also use the swagbucks app.
    I have provided a guide on how you can download the swagbucks app from the Google play store for android devices or the apple play store for IOS devices.
  2. Provide a valid email address or simply click on either of this options, “create with mail account” or “create with Facebook account”.
    These two are the easiest options to create a swagbucks account, as they will have to collect your directly from Facebook or Google.

Swagbucks Login

As well as the swagbucks sign up, you can carry out your swagbucks login whenever you want via the swagbucks app or the swagbucks website. To login on swagbucks, you must have signed in to your email account.

Below are the steps involved in logging in on swagbucks:

  1. Visit the official swagbucks website at or use the swagbucks app.
  2. Click on sign in
  3. Click on either of this two ‘sign in on email’ or ‘sign in from Facebook’.
    Your means of signing in is based on how you created your swagbucks account.

Swagbucks App Download

The swagbucks app is available on the Google play store and the Apple play store.

Anyone that has an account on this app stores can easily download the swagbucks apps. However, you need to have enough phone storage to download the swagbucks app.

Below are the steps involved in downloading the swagbucks app.

  1. Go to App store for IOS devices or play store for android devices.
  2. Search for the swagbucks mobile app.
  3. Click on install.
    The installation will be completed as long as you have enough storage space.

Swagbucks Review

People always have diverse opinions of things no matter what it is. Based on our research on the platform swagbucks, we have found out that it is a legitimate platform and they actually pay their users through PayPal cash, gift cards or cash backs whenever they go shopping on any of the online marketplace that is a swagbucks partner.

The platform swagbucks, has an average rating of 3.7/5 on both play stores and app store. This of course is quite a good rating considering the fact that they are an international online company that also deals with financial transactions.

Swagbucks Withdrawal

Carrying out a swagbucks withdrawal is a relatively straight forward process and it is also simple task.
Swagbucks pay $1 for every 100SB or also known as 100 swagbucks points. That is, each swagbucks points or 1SB is equivalent to $0.01.

When you want to withdraw or redeem your swagbucks points, you will get $25 sent to your PayPal account for 2500SB or 2500 swagbucks points. You can also get a $10 Amazon gift card from just 1,000SB or swagbucks points.

According to, some users have been able to make $500 every month from the site. That is over 50,000 swagbucks points. However, most swagbucks users earn between $50 to $10. However, most of the top earners have been able to get themselves full time into the swagbucks business.

Swagbucks Payment methods
Swagbucks Payment methods

Swagbucks Vs eToro is not a site where their users can buy or sell bitcoins or other cryotocurrency. It is not a site where you can trade. However, that is what eToro is. Also, swagbucks offers a $75 cash back whenever you deposit into eToro. However, both provide an online earning opportunities.

Swagbucks vs Mistplay is a site that pays their users for playing games.
And Mistplay also pays their users for playing games. Both sides are similar.
However, swagbucks does not pay their users to test apps, which of course is an opportunity that allows Mistplay users to earn money online.

Swagbucks is older than Mistplay and although Mistplay is an upcoming platform, swagbucks has done better than it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Yes, Swagbucks is a legit platform.
Although a few number of people may make complains of not getting their gift cards or PayPal cash which they redeemed from the swagbucks points,
they were probably not rewarded based on certain rules which they might have broken.

In all, swagbucks is a very legit platform and they are indeed paying their users.

How Much Money is 7000 Swagbucks?

A 7000 swagbucks is $70.
Swagbucks have pegged the price of Swagbucks points to 100 swagbucks points to $1.

How Many Swagbucks is $1?

$1 is equal to 100 swagbucks points. For example you have 500 swagbucks points, you will get $5. Which is five times of $1.

Is Swagbucks In Nigeria?

Yes, Swagbucks is available in Nigeria. Not until 2019, Swagbucks was available only in a few countries which includes the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, Germany, France, Spain, and India. But the platform has released a global site that accepts more countries including Nigeria.


Swagbucks is not a site for lazy people. Along with all these benefits, swagbucks have offered a $5 promo for every new user that earns over 2500 swagbucks points on their new account in less than 2 months.
The platform, swagbucks provides a good opportunity for their users to make money online.


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