6 Ways To Make Money On

Cashkarma is a reward platform that promises to pay members to answer certain survey questions or perform other tasks on the platform. The platform pays basically in points, which can be converted to gift cards or cash and can be withdrawn through Paypal.

Cashkarma is not a get-rich-quick platform, their earning is some how low, but you can still accumulate good earning if you are consistent. For example, Cashkarma can pay up to 150 points for a 10-minute survey, and 100 karma points is equivalent to $0.074. Apart from surveys, there are still other task you can do to earn some bucks.

6 Ways To Make Money On

How to make money on cashKarma

Cashkarma is generally a reward platform, so surveys are not the only way to earn; there are other ways through which you can earn some bucks on the platform.

1. Surveys

You can earn up to 100 to 200 Cashkarma points for a single survey you complete on the platform. Usually, these surveys are usually a 1 – 10 minutes questions. Also, the platform has even made it simpler for you to earn money by giving each user 25 points for every survey which they got disqualified for. This means that even if you are disqualified on a survey you took, you still stand to be compensated with 25 points for your time.

2. Sign Up Bonus

Cashkarma gives a reward to users who are new to their platform. When you sign up on Cashkarma, you automatically get 500 Cashkarma points as a welcome bonus.

3. Daily Check In

For every time that you log in to your Cashkarma mobile app, you get 5 more points. There is a maximum of 50 check ins per day. That is, if you are able to complete the maximum number of check ins in a day, which is 50, you can get up to 250 points just for that.

4. Paid Offer

Cashkarma has “paid offers” or tasks that are made available for only users. Usually, these paid offers are region or location specific and they are also based on how long a member has been using the Cashkarma app. These offers might include testing mobile apps and a host of others. There is no fixed earnings or points for each Cashkarma paid offers. However, they are usually more that 400 points per task.

5. Watching App Trailers/ Videos

The platform pays 1 Cashkarma points for each 30 seconds long video you watch on the Cashkarma app.
You have a lot more videos in thousands to watch if you want to withdraw on Cashkarma, because the pay per task is usually small.

6. Referrals

You can also make money on Cashkarma through referrals. For every person that registers using your referral link, you get 300 Cashkarma points as well as a 30% bonus of their earnings.

Cashkarma Rewards And Gift cards

You are guaranteed to make at least $10 every week on Cashkarma only if you stay consistent. You need to earn at least $10 in order for you to redeem your Cashkarma rewards and gift cards; that is about 13,500 Cashkarma points. That is, with a minimum of 10 surveys everyday for 100 points each survey, it will take you 14 days to hit the Cashkarma minimum withdrawal threshold.

How To Withdraw Money From

To withdraw on Cashkarma, you need to have a minimum of 13,500 points on your Cashkarma wallet. You can withdraw as cash into your PayPal account or buy gift cards from Amazon, Google play store, Nintendo, PES or iTunes.

To withdraw on Cashkarma, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Click on withdraw.
  2. Choose your preferred method of withdrawal. You will have to choose between PayPal or gift card.
  3. Enter your details. The withdrawal will be processed in a few hours. You will get an email notifying you if the withdrawal was successful.

Cashkarma Review

Cashkarma has an average rating of 3.8 on Google play store, this is actually a good rating. However, most users feel like the payment on Cashkarma is too small. But It’s actually better the pay is small than not paying at all. So, I do not think there is anything wrong with Cashkarma apart from its poor payment system. Let us know if you have a different review of


As you might have seen, has a very low earning and for some people, it may not really worth the stress. However, it may be a good opportunity for people who want a side hustle to earn some extra income.

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