How Long Is 7 – 10 Business Days? Check It Now!


A business day simply means a day in which businesses are open strictly for commercial or business activities. These could be private or Government -owned businesses. In a very simple and understandable term, business days are from Monday to Friday; excluding Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays.

How Do You Calculate Business Days?

To calculate Business days, simply count the number of days in a week – Monday to Friday; excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.  Assuming you are a government worker, and you work 5 days in a week. Your business days now is just 5.

Now, if you are told to count 7 business days forward, and the day is Monday, you will have to count from Tuesday to Friday, and continue from next Monday to Wednesday.

How Long Is 7 – 10 Business Days?

How long is 7 10 Business days

7 – 10 business days is within the range of 1 to 2 weeks. It means counting 7 to 10 days, that businesses are always open; which are usually Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Assuming that you are a government worker who practically works from Monday to Fridays. And on a Friday, you were asked to count 7 business days forward. The days are simply from Monday to Friday, and continues from the next Monday to Tuesday.


What Are Business Days For Shipping?

In shipping, business days are the same with official working days; which are counted from Monday to Friday. Basically, business days for shipping are days that the courier company chooses to operate shipping services.

Is Business Day Same As Working Day?

Yes, a business day is actually the same as a working day. The two are usually used interchangeably amongst business organizations.

Does A Business Day Vary?

Yes, business days may actually vary from one company to another. Most times, the business days for a hotel may be different from that of the Government or business organization as they have different clients or purposes.

Does Sunday Count As A Business Day?

This depends on the organization. Although a lot of organizations do not count Sunday as a business, probably because it’s weekend and there is a need for workers to have some rest.


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