How To Make Money Listening To Music On Spotify

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video platform where you can access millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world. Aside from entertaining yourself with your favourite songs on Spotify, you can also make money by listening to some promoted songs on the platform.

This is possible because some artists pay heavily to get especially their new tracks promoted. In this, some pay users on Spotify, anytime they stream their songs. And you know, the more people stream their songs, the more money the artists earn on Spotify, and the more popular their songs become. Aside from paying you to stream their songs, some artists will also pay you to add their songs on your playlist.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Make Money Listening To Music On Spotify

How to make money listening to music on Spotify

1. Create a Spotify Account

For you to get paid to listen to music on Spotify, you may need to have a Spotify account; you need to create an account with Spotify. This is because, for you to even use Spotify, the platform requires you to sign up first. Also, artists that will pay you, may not be able to find you if you don’t have a Spotify profile.

2. Grow Your Spotify Playlist

For you to make money listening to music on Spotify, you may need to grow your Spotify playlist to at least 400 followers or above. A smart way to do this is to add at least 100 to 200 songs on your playlist and play them often. Optimize your playlist with a good title, description, cover picture, etc. You may also need to update your playlist at least every month, and always share your playlist with your fans.

3. Connect With Popular Artists

You may need to make your contact details public so that artists can always reach out to you for deals. This could be your email, phone number, or social media handle.

Alternatively, you decide not to wait until they reach out to you; you can actually reach out to artists that you think can give you deals. Let them know you would love to promote or review their songs. You can charge the artists at any rate of you choice. E.g: PlaylistPush pays about $1 for every song review.

How Fast Before I Earn On Spotify?

It doesn’t take much before you earn on Spotify. The real focus should be how to get about 400+ Spotify followers who will be on the looks out for your Spotify playlist. This will put you in a better edge of being noticed easily by artist that will contact you for deals.

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